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									 Proposal to establish an educational
outreach center at the LIGO Livingston
                     Mark Coles
                    Jan. 22, 2003

Coles                                    1
             LIGO Livingston Partners

• LIGO staff
• Caltech
    – Jill Andrews, Asst to the Provost for Educational Outreach
• Southern University – Baton Rouge (SUBR)
    – Mildred Smalley, Vice Chancellor for Research, as co-PI
• Louisiana Systemic Initiative
    – Kerry Davidson, Louisiana Board of Regents as co-PI
• Exploratorium, San Francisco
    – Rob Semper, Assoc. Dir. Is point of contact
• LLO Local Educators Network
    – Educators/administrators representing state, district, local
      and private schools in LA and Miss., and Delta RSI
Coles                                                                2
            Our concept is innovative:

   We propose creation of a science
   center, in association with a scientific
   research facility, that partners with
   formal educators to emphasize
   fundamental physical science concepts

Coles                                         3
                    What we plan to do

• Construct a 10,000 square foot center, parking,
  and access road on the LIGO site
• Furnish the site with 5000 square feet of exhibit
  space, a classroom, teacher work room, and other
  support facilities.
• Install approximately 40 hands-on exhibits,
  developed by the Exploratorium, which reinforce
  basic science concepts essential to LIGO and
  emphasized in the Louisiana State Science
Coles                                                 4
              What we plan to do (ctd.)

• In collaboration with the Exploratorium’s Center for
  Teaching and Learning, SUBR faculty will adapt
  Exploratorium programs in museum-based interactive
  learning to teach pre-service and in-service teachers in the
• Through SUBR, create training programs and supports for
  prospective science teachers to serve as docents within the
  proposed center.
• With LIGO and SUBR partners, create in-service programs
  for high school teachers to promote inquiry-based learning
  and collaborative research activities within their
  classrooms and on-site.
Coles                                                            5
              What we plan to do (ctd.)

• Partner with LA GEAR UP to enable teachers and
  students in rural, low income communities to
  participate in the programs of the proposed center.

Coles                                                   6
       We propose a sustainable program
      producing lasting, measurable results

• Better prepared prospective teachers:
    – Provide pre-service teachers with superior training in
      physical science (exposure to research-based best
      practices), as evidenced through measurable assessments
      of teacher knowledge.
    – Strengthened science education curricula at SUBR,
      consistent with the redesign of teacher education programs
      in the State of Louisiana,
    – Upgraded science laboratory in the College of Education to
      support pre-service teacher preparation and in-service

Coles                                                              7
                    Expected results (ctd)

• Higher quality classroom teaching:
    – Provide in-service teachers with exhibit-based teaching skills
      and inquiry-based activities in the classroom to teach
      research skills to students,
    – Development of science master teachers to facilitate school-
      based science learning communities,
    – Creation of formal collaborative programs with LaSIP LA
      GEAR UP science component to build scientific literacy in
      underserved populations,
    – Creation and dissemination of digital products such as virtual
      field trips, laboratory activities and hands-on exercises,
    – Science tool kits complimentary to LIGO science exhibits,
Coles                                                                  8
                    Expected results (ctd)

• Better prepared students:
    – Creation of a program to train science content leaders in
      introducing research methodology into the classroom and
      provide assistance to train their peers in structured learning
      communities; This will result in collaborative research
      between students, teachers, and LIGO scientists.
    – Strengthen technical skills in K-12 students with
      differentiated emphasis on Pk-5, 6-8, 9-12

Coles                                                                  9
           LIGO’s Unique Contribution

• LIGO scientific staff, supported by outreach center
  funds, work directly with SUBR educators, teachers,
  and students
    – Creation of programs to show in-service teachers what
      scientists do, and implement collaborative research activities
      in the classroom
    – Work directly with students, as part of collaborative research
      activities and on-site programs at the outreach center, to
      strengthen students’ pre-college technical preparation
    – Provide scientific support to pre-service teachers working as
      docents in the outreach center to reinforce their
      implementation of exhibit based teaching methods
    – Create distance learning materials and teacher “tool-kits”
      relating to LIGO and goals of the center.
Coles                                                                  10
                    Tentative work plan

• Year 1
    – Staff training with Exploratorium
    – Delivery of 12 exhibits to temporary outreach
      space at LLO
    – Curriculum development for pre-service and in-
      service training
    – Docent training
    – Upgrade SUBR teaching labs
    – Land acquisition and civil design

Coles                                                  11
                    Work plan (ctd)

• Year 2
    – Beta test of pre-service and in-service
      programs, curriculum innovations,
      materials, and research activities involving
      teachers and students
    – Civil construction
    – Procurement of 26 additional exhibits (38

Coles                                                12
                    Work plan (ctd)

• Year 3
    – Initial operation of the center
    – Full implementation of in-service and pre-
      service programs
    – Full engagement with GEAR UP schools

Coles                                              13
                    Management Plan

• Directorate consists of PI and co-PI’s
• Executive Committee of Site Heads,
  Dean of College of Education at SUBR,
  and Jill Andrews at Caltech
• Use LIGO/Caltech resources for
  accounting, purchasing, and other
  administrative support

Coles                                      14
              Budget – LIGO LLO Only

•Building                $1.3 M
•Road                    $ 0.5 M
•Exhibits                $ 750K
•Exploratorium training $ 50 K
•Labor                   $ TBD
                TOTAL $ 2.6 M + Labor
Additional costs for SUBR and LaSIP
Coles                                   15
     In kind LIGO contributions during
           start-up and operation
• LIGO labor supported from Operations
  budget – 1 FTE + additional small
  support from existing LLO staff
• Center infrastructure supported from
  LIGO Ops budget (HVAC, electrical,
  maintenance, etc.) ~ $40K/yr
• RET and REU programs to support

Coles                                    16
        Not to be shown at the meeting
• We have had a lot of discussion about the value of a mobile
     – Initial costs and operating costs are high
     – How to sustain – labor and vehicle costs
•   How should the Exploratorium be represented on the proposal? Is it
    considered a sole source procurement if not a partner to the proposal?
•   Are the $2 M of civil construction costs supportable?
•   Overall program size is now $2.6M (LIGO) + $3M (SUBR) + $300K
•   LaSIP costs are mostly transportation, and extend past year 3. Can we
    expend some funds beyond year 3?
•   SUBR is exploring possibility to provide transportation of students and
    teachers to site – need to confirm what is possible.
•   We would like to assess a modest charge to visitors (~$2 per student)
    to defray some operating costs. Is this acceptable?
Coles                                                                         17

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