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           China Engineering Construction Project - Tendering & Bidding Guide
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Tendering and bidding is a common method and a key step in the field of construction engineering projects. Many legal
issues are commented on with particular emphasis given to those who tender and bid, as they often face legal risks
during the course of the tendering and bidding process. This product includes legal experts’ commentaries on laws and
regulations, and provides useful and practical suggestions and guidance to its readers, which can assist those who are
tendering and bidding in China, to resolve problems and avoid legal risks successfully

1. Authoritative authors: Written by top legal experts in the field of construction engineering projects who maintain
good relations with the construction administration department
2. Comprehensive content: Describing in detail all of the steps and procedures for tendering and bidding to help
readers understand more about laws, regulations and policies in China
3. Typical case and analysis: Providing real cases and analysis with a framework of key words, case introduction,
judgment and analysis

Contents Includes:
• Commentaries on laws, regulations and rules about tendering and bidding on construction engineering projects in
• Knowledge about government’s supervisory measures on the process of tendering and bidding
• Knowledge about all steps and procedures for tendering and bidding, including invitation to bid, bidding, bid
   opening, bid evaluation, bid-winning and contract execution
• Special issues about tendering and bidding of supervision, construction, materials and equipment procurement,
   general contractor for EPC projects and in concession
• Keynotes for common issues in the practice of tendering and bidding and useful suggestions for resolving problems
   from the aspect of avoiding legal risks
• Comparing legal systems of tendering and bidding for international projects related to China’s legal system, and
   giving special clues and advice
• Summary of common legal risks, describing possible situations which may cause risks and providing measures
   which may avoid risks
• Summary of common disputes about tendering and bidding, introducing all kinds of solutions to resolve disputes
• Typical cases and practical analysis
• Product Includes: One loose leaf volume book with four updates per year

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