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					                         Risk Management Quiz
This quiz is administered by the Student Activities Office for Monitors and Officers
 of student organizations sponsoring an event where there will be alcohol served.
 This quiz is to serve as an educational exercise to insure that students understand
University policy as well as the responsibilities that come with hosting an event with

   1. Under Florida Statute, what actions are prohibited, therefore in violation of
      University policy? (circle all that apply)
      a. any person under the age of 21 from possession or consumption of alcoholic
      b. the selling, giving, or serving of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age
      of 21 by any person or organization
      c. any person from misrepresenting or misstating his/her age,
      d. open containers of alcohol

   2. All events must have a licensed third party vendor properly licensed by
      appropriate local and state authorities with a ____________________ insurance
          a. 1 million
          b. $250,000
          c. $20,000
          d. $5,000
   3. All events must take place in a location _________________________________
      for the distribution and consumption of alcohol.
      a. within 5 miles of a fire station
      b. within the city limits of Tampa
      c. properly zoned
      d. within walking distance
   4. What kinds of “common source containers” are prohibited at an event (circle all
      that apply):
          a. kegs
          b. punch bowls
          c. 12 oz. Cups of beer
          d. party balls

   5. T or F Money collected as cost of admission or from ticket sales, student
      organization funds, money generated from student activity fees, or money
      collected from individual members of the organization may be used for the
      purchase of alcohol.

   6. What is NOT prohibited from taking place at an organization event?
          a. drinking contests
          b. costume contests
          c. drink specials
          d. alcohol as prizes for winners of contests
   7. T or F Open parties, meaning those with unrestricted access by non-members of
      the sponsoring organization without specific invitation are prohibited unless they
      are open only to UT students and the organization has a full list of all UT students
      as a guest list.
   8. What must an organization’s designated driver program include?
          a. provisions for commuting students to return home after the event
          b. chartered buses
          c. use of city transit (bus or cabs)
          d. private vehicles

   9. No organization may co-sponsor an event with alcohol with the following:
   (circle all that apply):
           a. alcohol distributor
           b. another student organization at UT
           c. charitable organization
           d. tavern (business generating more than 50% of annual gross sales from

   10. Which of the following are times/events where alcohol is not allowable under any
           a. 48 hours preceding final examination period
           b. Recruitment events
           c. Inductions and/or initiations
           d. Campus Rec Events
           e. NCAA events
           f. Monday – Thursday
           g. All of the Above

Thank you for participating in the Student Activities Risk Management Quiz. Please
submit to the Assistant Dean of Students and Director of the Vaughn Center for review.
Thank you for making your event a safe and enjoyable aspect of the University

                   Good luck with the rest of your event planning!

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