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                                                                          The Newsletter of the
                                                                 Cornish Association of New South Wales
                                       Newsletter No. 326               Circulation 125   ISSN 1321-3199         April-May, 2010

          PROGRAMME 2010                                                                       Pasty & Music Day
              Next Members Functiions
              Next Members Funct ons
  19TH Australian Celtic Festival                                                                   Saturday 20 June
                                 Glen Innes NSW                                                           11am – 4pm
                     The Year of the Manx                                             Betty Bevins invites members and friends to join her at
      Friday 30 Apr – Sunday 2 May 2010                                               her home for this social and cultural gathering.
                                                                                      John Coombs will assist us with music and we will be
                                                                                      singing some well known Cornish songs. Be prepared
                                                                                      to talk about your personal association with Cornwall,
                                                                                      which could include showing off a memento!
                                                                                      Cost of $5 for adults, will include a Pasty for lunch and
Cornish members should note the following activities:                                 tea/coffee. Please bring a plate for lunch and/or
    Friday: Official Opening 3pm – Town Hall                                          afternoon tea, and drinks.
      Possible meal 6pm – contact 0409 393 059
                                                                                               134 Narrabeen Park Parade,
     Manx Concert 7:30pm Town Hall, $20 ea
 Saturday: Cornish flag raising ceremony – all                                                        Warriewood
         please come, assemble at front of the Club                                           Ring Betty on 9999.4106 or 0412 342 065
               Hotel, Grey Street, at 8:50am                                              for directions, to discuss what to bring, or a chat.
 Cornish group in Parade – 9.30 (all welcome)
Festival activities at the Standing Stones Saturday
       and Sunday – admission $40 ea (weekend)
Sunday: Cornish Stone Ceremony – after Manx
   ceremony, all assemble at the ‘Cornish stone’ at                                                     Maids of Cornwall Pasties
    9.50am, and process to the Gorsedd stone, for                                     During that week it is Golowen Festival time in Penzance
              a short Cornish ceremony                                                and Mazey Day. The midsummer Feast of John the Baptist
   (Followed by Gorsedd Stone Welsh ceremony)                                         (Gol – Jowan ) is an important day in Penzance's calendar
                                                                                      as St John is the town's Patron Saint - the festivities were
For details of Accommodation, programme & bookings contact                            revived in 1991. Mazey Day comes from the Cornish
the Glen Innes Visitor Information Centre - Tel: 02 6732 2397                         dialect word ‘mazed’ or mad – hence ‘mazed as a curlew’.
Fax: 02 6732 6090.                                          We doubt that Penglaz the Penzance 'Obby 'Oss will
Programme and on-line bookings also at:                                               appear or that bonfires will be lit at Warriewood, but it                                              should be a good day, with proper home-made pasties
                                                                                      eaten (sensibly, not madly) for lunch.
           4th Berry Celtic Festival
                   Saturday 22 May 2010
Held at the David Berry Showground, Berry NSW                                                 Medieval Christmas
Massed Bands, Celtic Singers, Irish Dancers, Colonial
Dancers, Caber Tossing/Haggis Hurling, Celtic
societies, and Clans (9.30am - 4.30pm)
The Southern Sons of Cornwall will have a stall, so join                                         Sunday 28 November
them for a good day out, through lovely countryside.                                                  Camden
Festival Enq: Col Hanbridge                                       Jennifer Meston invites members and friends to join her
or Contact 02 4234 1346. For SSOC 02 4421 8187                                         at her home for a back to medieval times Christmas.
   (Note – Celtic Cultural Experience not on this year)

   No. 326: April - May, 2010
                               Newsletter of the Cornish Association of NSW - No. 326 - April / May 2010
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                                                                  Sonia Reuter is Events Co-ordinator,
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Due from 7th March 2010 A Renewal Form was
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included with the last Newsletter. Note the due date on
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so far!
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                                                                    Vice President - Jennifer Meston
         EVENTS STILL IN PLANNING                                      Camden (02 4655 1064)
     (more details in next newsletter – your ideas welcome)         Other Committee members:
August – Members meeting, RELC                                      Ruth Cocks (02 9639 5365)
September - Social outing                                           Baulkham Hills (+ Committee Minutes Secretary)
September – Clans on the Coast, Nelson Bay                
October – Members meeting, RELC –                                   Eddie Lyon (+ Celtic Council & Library)
      ‘Cornish Stories’ (oral history)                              Maroubra (02 9349 1491)
December 18 – Byng Christmas Carols                                 Frank & Lorraine Beard
January 26, 2011 – Celtic Australia Day                             Erina (02 4365 2887)
March 5 – Annual General Meeting                          
April – Family Outing - Symbio Wildlife Park                        Del Clinton
(they will have white tigers and red pandas by then)                Camden (02 4658 1925)
                  WIDER COMING EVENTS                               Betty Bevins (+ Hospitality)
                                                                    Warriewood (02 9999 4106)
          KERNEWEK LOWENDER                               
              10 to 15 May, 2011                                    Maxine Gray (+ Family History contact)
World’s largest Cornish Festival, South Australia.                  Moss Vale (02 4869 4958)
               Plan your trip now!                        
 Some members are interested in a group to fly                      Other Celtic Council Ex Officio members:
and hire a car, and accommodation. Expressions                      Roger & Sue Thomas (02 6558 4132)
    of interest will be called next newsletter.                     Note - some of the members of the Committee will be
  Web address:                             un-contactable overseas over the spring months.
                                                                         Thanks to other vital volunteers:
Local info at:
                                                                  John Symonds – Webmaster, Surnames &
                                                                  Cadia/Cobar projects (02 9523 2247
                                                                  Eileen Lyon – Library (02 9349 1491)
                                                                  Geoff Ford – Newsletter Mailing List & Labels
         Southern Sons of Cornwall Inc
         Berry Celtic Festival - 22 May                           CANSW bank a/c balance at 30/03/10 was $6,830.20
           Christmas in July – 4 July
             DVD Day – 22 August                                  The new Committee had its first meeting, a working
     Picnic Day, Sussex Inlet – 24 October                        lunch, on Sunday 11 April. Members are reminded
       Christmas function - 5 December                            they are welcome to attend and have input. Among
CANSW members welcome                                             other things the meeting looked at our program for

Page 2
                               Newsletter of the Cornish Association of NSW - No. 326 - April / May 2010
the next year and progressed some events and                      Book Reviews:
options. A definite for Christmas will be a party with a
Medieval theme, thanks to Jennifer Meston.                        ‘Rule Britannia’, by Daphne Du Maurier
Discussion are being held with Graham & Stella                    Living at Menabilly gave the writer an enviable setting
Aubrey of the Institute of Celtic Studies to have a               for this book. Page by page it becomes clear that the
members meeting late in October where some                        bay she overlooked figured prominently in the story.
Cornish born can talk about their early lives in                  Place names are altered suitably but since I lived
Cornwall and the migration experience; and they                   nearby I could see the action clearly and enjoyed
record those willing, as oral history for posterity.              every chapter. Review: Russell Cocks
                                                                  This book is Catalogue No. 453 is our Library
Following the strong support shown at the AGM for
use of a data projector, arrangements for one to be               ‘Winds of Fortune’, by E.V.Thompson
available for Association use from July are in train -            Another winner by E.V.Thompson, made all the more
more next newsletter. Maxine Gray has kindly offered              interesting by using Cornwall for location of much of
a portable screen. A donation from Don & Nell                     the action. St Michael’s Mount and Falmouth being
Berriman towards such costs is acknowledged.                      well known to most of us. Review: Russell Cocks
                                                                  This book is not in our library. If you would like to do a
Arrangements for the CANSW banner in Cornwall to
                                                                  book review then please send it to the Editor, or bring it
be kept with the other 2 banners (Vic & SA) with Peter            to read at our next members meeting.
& Dawn Williams at Ponsanooth, for use by members
when visiting, was confirmed.                                     A joke, for no real reason
Appointments were made of Editor and Minutes                      A kangaroo walks into a bar. He orders a beer. The
Secretary (as per rules), and other roles confirmed.              bartender says, "That'll be $10 … You know, we don't
                                                                  get many kangaroos coming in here!" The kangaroo
           Next Committee Meeting –
                                                                  says, "At $10 a beer, it's not hard to understand."
11.30am for working lunch on Sunday 30 May at
  Cock’s, 5/76 Jenner Street, Baulkham Hills –
                ph 02 9639 5365                                   PAST EVENTS
   All members welcome (rsvp) – bring a plate                     St Piran’s Day and 35 year Lunch
         Your ideas are always welcome                            Forty five members of the Cornish Association of
                                                                  NSW and Celtic guests met at West Ryde, on
Remember - Maxine Gray volunteered to be our
                                                                  Saturday 6th March, 2010 at a lunch for Perrantide,
contact for Family History enquiries – 14 Janice
                                                                  to honour Saint Piran, and to celebrate the
Crescent, Moss Vale, 2577 (02 4869 4958)
                                                                  Association’s 35th year.
Maxine would love to have your enqueries.

Our Lending & Research Library
Our wonderful Library is a tremendous source of
information for research and entertainment - which
members should take the opportunity at meetings to
have a good look. As have 465+ items (6 boxes) we can
only bring 2-3 boxes to each of our Association
members meetings, and other main events.
However, a book can be posted out to far flung or invalid
members and posted back in. A particular book/video or
box category can be taken to an event, if you contact our
librarians in the 2 weeks prior to the next meeting.
Contact Eddie and Eileen on 02 9349 1491 Email:
A full listing can be posted to you on                            Celtic Council Convenor Margaret Sharpe, of the Manx Society of
request, and is also available to view and                               NSW, (L) cuts the 35 yr cake (with Jennifer Meston)
/ or download in both catalogue Id and
alphabetical order on the members web site                        Every year there is a theme set by the table
at:                                                               decorations. One year Cornish Lighthouses, another                        Cornish Woods, The Isles of Scilly, and this year each
erlib5.htm                                                        table had decorations of the wonderful returning
or short link                           Cornish Choughs on the Cornish cliffs. A big thank
                Eddie Lyon, Librarian                             you to Jennifer Meston, again!
Page 3
                               Newsletter of the Cornish Association of NSW - No. 326 - April / May 2010
As well as the fine buffet everyone enjoyed Celtic
music, and singing in English and Cornish. Grace in               Thanks to those who contributed to our members
                                                                  meetings during the year, thanks to all members of the
Cornish, toasts to St Piran and the Cornish and to
                                                                  Committee for their support and friendship, and for
Australia, singing of Cornish songs, not to mention               hosting meetings.
good Cornish and Celtic company, made for a great
day.                                                              It was very sad to hear of so many of our wonderful
                                                                  members dying during the year; they will all be missed
Thanks or praise, were received from a number of                  greatly. Though I was overseas for most of these I was
members, and our guests. Stella & Graham Aubrey                   back in Australia and attended that of John Schubert on
wrote specially to say .. “First of all thank you for a           Christmas eve. I also attended the funeral of Ron Sharpe,
really lovely luncheon and afternoon. Graham and I                husband of Margaret of the Manx and Celtic Council.
really enjoyed ourselves. It was really worth the long
train journey and drive before and afterwards. The                We need ideas for our future activities so please let the
luncheon was delicious and excellently chosen as well             new Committee know. Please also consider standing for
                                                                  the Committee or volunteering to assist in some way.
as well as produced and served by the club.
For the first time for many years we were free for this
                                                                  Secretary’s Report
important day having had our St David's day
                                                                  The year has been another enjoyable one for me as
performance the previous Sunday and our St                        Secretary and as a member. We again tried to move our
Piran's day one yesterday. It was great to catch up               Committee meetings around and minimise the number of
with so many old friends. “                                       them – in order to focus more on planning and the larger
One member, Ursula Knight, wrote and had this to                  items rather than routine matters. Members are welcome
say – ‘Just to say thank you for a wonderful 35                   to attend.
anniversary lunch … The Committee certainly did a
magnificent job creating the tables so decoratively for           We need to think about our future activities as we have
                                                                  fallen in membership from (a peak of) 185 households 15
us to enjoy. I know it was a special year but always
                                                                  years ago to only 95 households, & 37 are outside Sydney,
under the guidance of Jennifer it is always lovely. So            plus we are ageing/less active – this can’t continue for too
thank you all again for the entertainment, regards,               long without change.
Thanks too to Geoff Ford for him taking on the MC                 We have to come up with some new ideas for getting
role for us again.                                                membership – personal contact is best; but we must also
                                                                  enlarge our net and fishing technique – the sea has more
AGM                                                               fish. We need to refresh the type of activities or functions
(extracts of some reports for those unable to attend)             we have. The proposed data projector is one idea – a good
President’s Report                                                use of our funds and it would help us have more
Thank you for the honour of being President for the past          interesting members meetings, and more flexibility of
year (my third). Some highlights have been representing           venues and content. Victoria has refocussed on Family
the Association at Glen Innes in May and continuing               History with success; do we have people to take that back
Guardian of the Standing Stones; then at the Kernewek             on?
Lowender in South Australia also in May.
                                                                  Six (6) newsletters were again issued during the year on a
A particular highlight was attending the 15 North   th            (roughly) bi-monthly basis. Feedback remains positive,
American Cornish Cousins in Grass Valley/Nevada City,             especially in regard to news & interest items – the internet
California, in July as your President. I won a pasty              helps but lots of input from members would be even
throwing contest, was naturalised as a Cornish North              better. Our Printing provider is still at a good price and
American, met lots of lovely people (many who know                good turn-around time. Thanks to Geoff Ford for
Betty, surprise!) and enjoyed warm hospitality. I also            maintaining the label process.
attended my first Open Gorsedd at Saltash in September.
                                                                  Continued contact with fellow Cornish Associations in
Thank you to Betty Bevins for inviting us into your home          Australia, worldwide, and other groups has again been a
during the year, meeting Susan Pellowe in June. Thank             boon to our Association, helped the newsletter, and been a
you to Jennifer Meston & Dell Clinton and others for the          personal joy. I am very proud to have been nominated and
warm welcome Peter Goss and crew got when they arrived            awarded by the Gorsedh a “Paul Smales Medal’ for 2009
in the Spirit of Mystery into Sydney harbour, and hospitality     for services to the Cornish overseas. John Symonds has
provided afterwards.                                              continued to act as webmaster and deal with many
                                                                  enquiries despite issues with his eyesight. We are looking
A big thanks also to Jennifer Meston, and her team, for           at the future of our web presence. Thanks go to Eddie
organising tables at our St Piran’s lunch last year. Thanks       and Eileen our Librarians
to Carl Myriad and David Wilks in providing entertainment.
Thanks again to Jen, plus Russell and many others for the         We are always open to new ideas – to suggestions for
success of the Byng Celebration Concert, and I am sorry I         activities or functions. Please don’t leave the Committee to
couldn’t be there.                                                come up with everything!
Page 4
                               Newsletter of the Cornish Association of NSW - No. 326 - April / May 2010
                                                                  Well done to the Cornish Association of Victoria, and
WELCOME BACK COUSIN JACK                                          the Cornish Association of Bendigo & District for their
                                                                  wonderful event. The Bendigo Association ensures
The biennial Cornish gathering in Victoria this year              pride in the Cornish foundation of their city by
was at Eaglehawk, Greater Bendigo - a Welcome                     plaques and monuments – one was unveiled to local
Back Cousin Jack program, as part of the larger                   VC winner in WW1 - Lt William J Symons VC
Dahlia Festival. About 7 CANSW members, and
others from the SSOC made the long trip down.
From 18th to 21st March it was great to mix with old
Cornish friends from across Australia and meet new
people - the welcome from the hosts always warm,
and even better, ‘not to be organising anything’!

There was lots to buy and see in the Display hall,
various talks on the Cornish heritage of Bendigo, a
cemetery tour, walking tour, and a bus tour. One of
the highlights was the big street parade (Don
Graham, Del Clinton, and Paul Bevins’ kilt can be
seen below)

                                                                  A large dinner was held at the Bendigo RSL club on
                                                                  Saturday night. On Sunday a church service in a
                                                                  packed Eaglehawk Uniting Church was another

                                                                  The Cornish dance group from the SSOC, Cara y’n
                                                                  Donsya led by Julie Wheeler taught the students at
                                                                  Eaglehawk Primary School Cornish dances, which
                                                                  they performed during the weekend, and the group
                                                                  itself entertained at the Meet the Cornish evening.

                                                                  Photos in this article courtesy of Arthur Coates of
Then 23 Bards of the Cornish Gorsedd in Australia                 Ballarat. Extensive photos of the weekend may be
gathered at Canterbury Gardens, Eaglehawk, Victoria,              viewed at:
on Saturday afternoon, and Peter Williams a visiting    
Bard from Cornwall).
                                                                  ST COLUMB MAJOR

                                                                  The parish of St. Columb Major consists of 1,215
                                                                  households and 3,855 residents. The Cornish namr is
                                                                  Sen Kolomm Veur, and often simply called St
                                                                  Columb despite its ‘minor’ village neighbour. It is a
                                                                  town to the south west of Wadebridge and east of
                                                                  Newquay. It has a large church dedicated to Saint
The leader was Mab an Gwylvos (Peter Trevorrow)                   Columba, and featuring a four-tier tower and a wide
from Victoria.     Bards Joy, Chris, and Betty                    through-arch.
represented NSW, with Paul Bevin the Cornish kilted               Five (5) miles (8 km) inland from the North Coast of
banner bearer for CANSW.                                          Cornwall the parish covers an area of 12,884 acres
Page 5
                               Newsletter of the Cornish Association of NSW - No. 326 - April / May 2010
(52.14 km2) or 20.1 square miles (52 km2). Its                    John Kennall, at St. Columb, where he was still
highest point, at 709 ft (216m), is Castle an Dinas,              holding Mass with Cornish used as late as 1590.
the site of an iron-age hill fort about 2 miles (3.2 km)
east of St Columb. Much of the land in the parish is              In 1645 during the English Civil War, Sir Thomas
used for farming (both arable and pastoral), with                 Fairfax's troops were advancing from Bodmin towards
small areas of woodland. There is also some                       Truro; on the 7th of March the army held a
moorland in the generally slightly higher northern and            rendezvous, and halted one night, four miles (6 km)
eastern parts of the parish, notably part of the Goss             beyond Bodmin. The King's forces were quartered at
Moor in the southeast, Castle Downs below Castle an               this time near St. Columb, where a smart skirmish
Dinas (east) and an area of moorland adjoining                    took place between the Prince's regiment and a
Rosenannon Downs (northeast). The Vale of                         detachment of the Parliamentary army under Colonel
Lanherne, the valley of the River Menalhyl is famed for           Rich, in which the latter was victorious.
its beauty and occupies the area to the west of the
town, connecting St Columb and St Mawgan

Twice a year the town plays host to "hurling", a
medieval game once common throughout Cornwall
but now only played in St. Columb and St. Ives. It is
played at Shrovetide - on Shrove Tuesday and then
again on the Saturday eleven days later. In 2011
Shrove Tuesday will be 8 March as it moves with
Easter. The game involves two teams of several
hundred people (the 'townsmen' and the
'countrymen') who endeavour to carry a silver ball
made of apple wood to goals set two miles (3 km)
apart, making the parish the largest pitch for a ball
game anywhere in the world.

                                                                              The parish church of St Columba

                                                                  In the year 1676, the greatest part of the church of
                                                                  St. Columb was casually blown up with gunpowder by
                                                                  three youths of the town.
                                                                  St Columb occupies a plateau at about 300 ft (90m)
                                                                  elevation. The north part of the town (known as
                                                                  'Bridge') descends in to the Vale of Lanherne, having
                                                                  a minimum elevation of approximately 165 ft (50m).
                                                                  It was originally a linear settlement built on the main
                                                                  road running north-east to south-west, but modern
                                                                  estates have since been built, extending the town to
                                                                  the south and east.
 A Glebe House     -   Some of the early town still exists        The A39 main road runs north to south through the
In 1333 Edward III granted a market in St Columb                  parish. Until the late 1970s it went through the town,
Major to Sir John Arundell. This was as a reward for              but a bypass was at that point built to the east of St.
supplying troops to fight the Scottish at the Battle of           Columb. The A30 dual carriageway also runs through
Halidon Hill near Berwick-on-Tweed.                               the southeastern part of the parish, over the Goss
Following the Prayer Book Rebellion of 1549, William
Mayow the Mayor of St. Columb was hanged by                       The town’s attractions include The Recreation
Provost Marshal, Anthony Kingston outside a tavern                Ground (sports, and in 2009 a large fair and Celtic
in St Columb as a punishment leading an uprising in               concert). St Columb Major is also an area well know
Cornwall. The link between the Cornish language and               for Cornish Wrasslin (see photo below), pubs & clubs.
Catholicism was also exhibited in the activities of

Page 6
                                Newsletter of the Cornish Association of NSW - No. 326 - April / May 2010
                                                                   are all in the picture below taken at the traditional
                                                                   ‘calling up’ of the ball beside the Church Steps where
                                                                   it had all started some three and half hours earlier.

RETURN OF THE NATIVE                                               The two wins takes young Sean’s total wins to five, all
.. an occasion article by Colin Roberts
                                                                   for the Town. The 2010 Shrove Tuesday win was his
                                                                   first to goal, all the other wins having been gained by
                                                                   the grueling run over the Parish boundaries at Crossy
                                                                   Ann (St Wenn), Whitewater (St Mawgan), Criftoe (St
                                                                   Wenn) and Nanskivell (St Mawgan). The two 2010
                                                                   wins also take him past the efforts of his Father, Sean
                                                                   Johns Senior, who has triumphed with the Silver Ball
                                                                   three times, once for the Country and twice for the
                                                                   Town; twice taking the ball over the St Mawgan
                                                                   boundary at Whitewater (1999 and 2003) and once at
                                                                   Nanskivell (1990).

                                                                   The Shrove Tuesday hurl was fought in good spirits
                                                                   with the ball travelling up and down the town over
                                                                   and over again before young Ben Scott broke to the
                                                                   town goal and dealt the ball to Johnsy who reached
                                                                   the goal unopposed.

Colin Roberts returned to his native village of St Columb          The Saturday week after was a very different picture
Major in 2008, after many decades living in Victoria,              with vicious scrums in the middle of the Town and
Australia. Made a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedh for his              less free running. At the start of the game Town Crier,
support for Cornish Wrestling in Australia, he now works as        Colin Roberts, warned hurlers against any foul play
the Gorsedh Administrator, is the St Columb Major Town             and encouraged a good and fair contest. When the
Cryer (see above), loves his home town pursuits of wrasslin        ball broke down Union Hill just after an hour of it
and hurling, and coordinates Bewnans Kernow, a new
                                                                   being thrown up everyone thought that was the end
cultural organisation. With many friends in Australia
he still thinks of us & will pen an occasional article for us.     but, unexpectedly, the ball was doubled back and
                                                                   brought back through the Town.
3 /4 for ‘Johnsy’ in the St Columb Hurling
Hurling or Hurling the Silver Ball (Cornish: Hyrlîan), is
an outdoor team sport of Celtic origin played only in
Cornwall. It is played with a small silver ball. It is not
to be confused with the Irish game of the same name
which allows the use of sticks. Once played widely in
Cornwall, the game has similarities to other traditional
inter parish 'mob' games.
Sean Johns Junior backed up his Shrove Tuesday
2009 win by winning the Silver Ball in both hurls in St            Then the hurlers made for the Town goal, but again
Columb this year. His parents and younger brother                  the ball was taken out towards Halveor and off the
                                                                   Nanskivell across the St Mawgan Parish Boundary.
Page 7
                               Newsletter of the Cornish Association of NSW - No. 326 - April / May 2010
                                                                    We think of those who are unwell (let us know
                                                                      please), or with long term chronic illness
                                                                  New members – Welcome!
                                                                  •    Angeline Emery of North Ryde (former a member
                                                                       of London Cornish) – Interests: “All things
                                                                  •    Norman and Edna Burton, and James &
                                                                       Stephen, of Randwick – “Cornish activities in
                                                                  •    Sandra Mills, of Penrith – Harris of Launceston
                                                                       Cornwall, & Ireland, Harrison of Yorkshire,
                                                                       Robinson of Lancashire, Curtis of Oxford.
                                                                  It was remiss of the editor to leave out the 80th
                                                                  birthday earlier in the year for Russell Cocks(who had
At eight o’clock precisely the ball was ‘called up’ by            a family surprise party). Best wishes to Roger
the winner and the youngsters of the Town enjoyed                 Thomas for his 70th birthday this month. Many others
‘’Silver Cocoa’ poured from a gallon can with the ball            are reaching significant milestones.
dropped in. Later the hurlers enjoyed ‘Silver Beer’ in a              Good to hear from Don & Nell Berriman, in New
similar style throughout the pubs and clubs in the                  Lambton, who among other things wrote with their
Town.                                                               renewal .. ‘My thanks to Eddie & Eileen for the work
                                                                    they do for the library – they sent me a DVD on the
And so, another year’s hurling behind us in the Parish
                                                                      church at Byng which was very interesting and I
and another two Johns’s names to be added to the
                                                                       enjoyed the choirs singing. I miss going to the
winners’ board in the Town Hall – Well done Johnsey!
                                                                   Cornish meetings and talking to others on our similar
Note: There is no definitive size or weight, as the ball            interests, and speakers … My wife’s health prevents
is hand-made, but generally the weight is about 19 to             us from attending meetings .. the newsletter keeps us
21 ounce and is equal in size to a cricket ball.                          in touch … ” Our best wishes to Nell!

                                                                  CANSW Public & Members Web Pages:
                                                                  (This is the public face of the Association – Thanks to
CORNISH GORSEDH                                                   John Symonds, our hard working Webmaster).
It was announced during a robed Proclamation                      Other members resources are available here:
ceremony at the Malakoff, St Ives, on Saturday 17       
April that the 2010 Open Gorsedh will be held at St.              it is a members’ only site – short URL above – or
Ives in Penwith on Saturday 4 September.                
                                                                  (Access to members ‘stuff’ – membership form,
WESTMINSTER ELECTIONS – 6 May                                     sample newsletters, many talks & articles, list of sales
Every British citizen who has been registered to vote             items and library listing, etc.
in the UK within the last 15 years is eligible to vote in
the UK general election on Thursday 6 May
2010. More details:
There are now 6 Cornish UK parliamentary
                                                                  Editorial note: The content of this newsletter does not
electorates: St Ives and the Isles of Scilly, Camborne,           necessarily reflect official views of the CANSW, but rather
Redruth & Hayle, Truro & Falmouth, Newquay & St                   of the various contributors and sources! If someone is sick
Austell, North Cornwall, South East Cornwall. The 5               then please let me know for a get-well message, or other
existing seats are held by Liberal Democrats. Mebyon              news please!
Kernow – the Party for Cornwall is standing in all 6.             The next Newsletter is June / July, 2010 Deadline is 9th
We will bring you the results in the next newsletter.             June. Items (emailed, or on disk, or even typed for
                                                                  scanning) very welcome!
Celtic Studies Foundation – Lunchtime lectures –                  Nr. 326 LYTHER NOWODHOW
free - all welcome – Woolley Building (near Parra. Rd             Editor: Chris Dunkerley 21 Cliff Rd Epping 2121
footbridge) On the Last Friday of the month – 1pm.                (02) 9876.2893 *, Fax 02 9876 2618
Next: 30 April, then 28 May. More details from our                (*An ‘Answer phone’ may be on)
Secretary or Contact Suzanne Jamieson on 02 9351                  Email:
2081 or

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