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					                Peachcroft Christian Centre
                      Members Tithe Proposal
Please complete the information below to make a proposal for a charity that the
church could support with its tithe giving, either from the Building Project tithe of
from its regular income tithe. Please pass the completed form and any supporting
documentation to the Minister, Treasurer or Secretary of the Church Council.

Name of proposer
Name of charity
Address of Charity

Contact number for charity
Location of operation of the

Description of the work /
purpose of the charity

Do you have a personal
connection or experience of
the charity? If so please
provide details.
Is there a specific appeal the charity is
running that it is proposed to support?
If so, please specify.
Please provide a brief
justification for supporting
this proposal. Continue on
addition sheets if necessary.

Do you have a suggested amount in mind to support
the charity. If so, how much and over what period:

Would you like to speak to the CC in support of this proposal?

Information provided on this form will be reviewed by the Church Council and where
deemed appropriate, taken forward to the Church for discussion or decision.

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