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					                                                                                                                                    Defense Installations Strategic Plan 2006 Timeline

                            Action                                 Jan                 Feb                      Mar                       Apr                        May                     Jun                      Jul                      Aug                     Sep
                                                              20         27   3   10         17   24   3   10         17   24   7    14         21   28   5     12         19   26   2   9    16   23   30   7   14         21   28   4   11         18   25   1   8    15   22   29

Risk Assessment/Risk Management
        Development of Draft Issue Paper
        Report to ECOS Commissioners                                                                                  u
        Distribution of Draft Issue Paper to entire RA/RM                                                                                            u
        Vetting of Draft Issue Papers
        Conference Call to Finalize Draft Issue Papers                                                                                                                          u
     Present Issue Papers to Work Group and finalize                                                                                                                                         u
        Development of Action Plan for June-August                                                                                                                                           u
        Action Plan Implementation--TBD
        ECOS Annual Meeting                                                                                                                                                                                                                               u

State Survey Team
Finalize Beta Survey Text
Develop Online Survey Site
Report on Status of Survey to ECOS Commissioners                                                                      u
Release of Beta version to AK,AL,A,NV                                                                                                           u
Surveys out for Beta test
Last date for Beta Survey submissions                                                                                                                                      u
Review of Survey Responses and revisions to survey

Present Beta Test results to Work Group                                                                                                                                                      u
Identification of appropriate state recipients other than commissioners
Make any changes to survey decided upon at June Meeting
Release Survey in Hardcopy to Commissioners at Annual Meeting                                                                                                                                                                                             u
Surveys out in Electronic Form to State recipients

Follow-up with recipients
Survey responses due
Review of Survey Responses and development of report
Posting of final survey results on ECOS website
Report to ECOS Sustainability Work Group on Results

Risk Communication
Finalize Risk Communication Challenges Issue Paper
Report to ECOS Commissioners                                                                                          u
Compile Existing Resources (Fact sheets & Organizations)
Finalize Compilation of Existing Resources (Fact sheets & Organizations)                                                                             u
Draft Issue Papers

Draft Issue Papers Sent to RC Team for Review                                                                                                             u
Vetting Draft Issue Papers
Conference Call to Finalize Issue Papers                                                                                                                                             u
Distribute Work Products (Compilation of Existing Resources & Issue Papers) to EC Work Group                                                                                                 u
Report to ECOS Commissioners on Results                                                                                                                                                                                                                   u

Pollution Prevention
Finalization of P2 Issue Paper
Report on Status of P2 Team to ECOS Commissioners                                                                     u
Coordination with Sustainability Task Group on P2 Forum
Update to EC Task Group on P2 activities                                                                                                                                                     u
Report on Status of P2 Team to ECOS Commissioners                                                                                                                                                                                                         u

                                                                                                                                                              Working Document
Name                    Organization                                Email
Gary Moran              MA DEP                            
Dan Waddill             NAVFAC EFD South                  
Yvonne Walker           NEHC                              
William Cibulas         ATSDR                             
Bruce Fowler            ATSDR                             
Tricia Underwood        DON/NAVFAC SW                     
Kim P. Brown            NAVFACHQ                          
Paul Yarochak           Battelle - supporting OSD         
Willam Corl (ED)        NAVFAC - Atlantic                 
Josh Barber             EPA/OCWER/FFRRO                   
Malcolm Garg            Army/HQDA - ODEP                  
Jim Woolford            USEPA/OCWER/FFRRO                 
                        CalEPA - State Water Resources
Lisa Babcock            Conference Board                  
Dawn Sudmeyer           Headquarters Marine Corps         
Anita Meyer             US Army Corps                     
Lia Gaizick             US Army Environmental Center      
Neil Sass               Alabama Department of Public Health
                        Alabama Department of Environmental
W. Gerald Hardy         Management                        
                        Army Southern Regional Environmental
Marshall Williams       Office                            
Janis Hulla             US Army Corps of Engineers        
Monsoor Rashid          National Guard                    
                        Alaska Department of Environmental
Jennifer Roberts        Conservation                      
                        Department of Defense             
Heidi Maupin
David Bell              Air Force Institute of Operational Health
                        Department of Defense -Cleanup
John E. Tesner                                            
                        Air Force WREO
Baha Zarah                                                

                        Minnesota Department of Health -
Patricia Bloomgren                                        
Elizabeth Southerland
Wynne Miller                                              
Philip Oshida                                             
Jake Hegeman            Stateside Associates              
Kathy Hart              USEPA                             
David Carillo           Air Force                         
Pete Johansen           Idaho Dept of Environmental Quality
                        CalEPA - State Water Resources
Lisa Babcock            Conference Board                  
Michael Dette         US Army Environmental Center  
Park Haney            Army Environmental Center WREO

                     US Army Environmental Center--
Bob Boonstoppel      Northern Regional Environmental Office
Dawn Sudmeyer        Headquarters Marine Corps      
Yvette Selby-MonameduUSEPA                          
Steven Strausbauch   AF Institute of Operational Health
Bob Mueller          New Jersey DEP and ITRC        
Mark Navarre         Ohio EPA                       
Guy Tomassoni        USEPA                          
                     US Army Environmental Center--Central
Stanley Rasmussen    Regional Environmental Office  
                     EPA, Congressional &
Denise Ney           Intergovernmental Office       
Jon Sandoval         Idaho Dept of Environmental Quality
Rick Brausch         Cal-EPA                        
                     Nevada Division of Environmental
Eric Noack           Protection                     
                     Office of the Assistant Deputy Under
Shannon Cunniff      Secretary for Defense (ESOH)   
Alex Beehler         Department of Defense/OSD      
Janice Larkin        Department of Defense          
Jeff Edson           Colorado DPHE                  
Phone                     BREAKOUT
(508) 946-2712              RA/RM
(843) 820-5616              RA/RM
(757) 953-0941              RA/RM
(404) 498-0778              RA/RM
(770) 488-7250              RA/RM
(619) 532-1978              RA/RM
(202) 685-0096              RA/RM
(703) 604-0641              RA/RM
(757) 322-4768              RA/RM
(703) 603-0265              RA/RM
(703) 601-1513              RA/RM
(703) 603-9089              RA/RM

(916) 341-5689             RA/RM
(703) 695-8302             RA/RM
(402) 697-2585             RA/RM
(410) 436-1516             RA/RM
(334) 216-5873             RA/RM

(334) 271-7732             RA/RM

(404) 524-5061 ext. 273    RA/RM
(916) 557-7561             RA/RM
(703) 607-1976

(907) 269-7553              RC

(757) 953-0947              RC


(703) 607-7199; DSN 327     RC

(415) 977-8843              RC

(651) 201-4569              RC
(703) 603-8855

(202) 564-4887              RC

(202) 564-6594              RC
(703) 525-7466              PP
(208) 373-0148              PP

(916) 341-5689               PP

(410) 436-1275   PP
(703) 695-8302   PP
(703) 308-8622   SS

(816) 983-3448   SS

(208) 373-0240   ALL
(916) 445-3131   ALL

(775) 687-9393   ALL

(703) 604-1529   ALL
(703) 697-8080   ALL
(703) 604-1890   ALL
303-692-3388     ALL

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