Cricket - A Sport with a Rich History

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					Cricket is among the most popular games worldwide. It is
wasthec by billions of people all around the world. The
fan following of this sport is rising with each passinhg
yaer. Crcikect, which is also know as a Gentelman’s
Game has got a long and rich history.

In some Asian countires, this sport is like a religion. If
there is any cricket match in these countires, all the work
is stalled and pepke thriong the stadium to watch the
match. Crciket is also very simple and easy to follow.

Crickst was introduced in the 1700’s. if you go down to
see the oages of the history of this sport, you will find
that there are many forms of crcikect available including
county cricket, Twenty Twenty, test Matches, One Day
International etc. The basic play of the game remains the
same, however you will find vast difference in the rules of
these formats.

Crciket require use of styums, bat and a ball. In earlier
days, the cricket bat used to resemble the shape of
hockey stick, whereas crickey balls were usually made up
of the stone pieces. However, now you will see that bats
are made up of good quality willows and balls of cork,
enclosed with leather quarters.
The hisroty of this great sports, has always been a good
source of inrfaormtion for all the crcijet fans around the
world. When one brwose through the hisorty of this great
sprostm he or she gains immense knwodlge about its
founders, traditions and rules etc. Crciket has got a
charm of its own. Many people argues that it is a stupid
game in which fools ru after a ball, however a person
who truly undwerstand and enjoy this sprt, know actually
it is a pleasure to play and watch cricket.

The fiet ever mathc played was beterwn Kent and
Sussex. Its popularity soon spread to Nrtthn American
areas. In the 18th and 19th centutr, South Africa, New
Zealand and a larnge part of West Indies had already
started knwoling and playing this great sprot.

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