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									 Volleyball Tournament
   October 30th – 31st 2009

Dulwich College Shanghai

     Information Package

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                   This paper provides information about the ACAMIS Invitational High School Netball
                   Tournament which is scheduled for Friday October 30 and Saturday Octobr 31, 2009.

    General                                        General Information

                   Dulwich College Shanghai
                   262 LanAn Road, Pudong 201206
                   5899 9910 (Phone)

  Tournament       Tournament Dates
    Dates          30-31 October 2009
                   Due to being a new tournament, students may arrive Thursday evening at the discretion of
                   their school. It is anticipated that 2 full days of netball be played on Friday and Saturday.
                   Please note, the schedule is HIGHLY entry dependent.
 Invitation List
                   Invitation List
                   This tournament is open for all ACAMIS High School members schools. Each school may
                   enter a Girls Varsity team. Please indicate whether you would like to enter a JV team as well.
                   Schools with netball teams include Dulwich College Shanghai, Dulwich College Beijing,
                   BISS Pudong, BISS Puxi – more welcome…
                   Tournament Contact Information
                   Tournament Director
                   Greg Dean
                   Mobile: 13701700914

Pre Tournament
   Invitation      Please consider the information in this booklet a DETAILED INVITATION to this
                   tournament. Please indicate immediately whether you anticipate coming to the tournament,
                   with confirmation by September 30 required for planning shirts, etc.

  Tournament       Tournament Structure
   Structure       We have two courts available to us – 1 court in the UPPER GYM and 1 court in the LOWER
                   GYM. The tournament schedule will be dependent on tournament entry, with a round robin
                   format (potentially pool play) before heading into a finals series. A guaranteed number of
                   playing minutes similar to an ACAMIS basketball tournament will be offered.
Team Information
                   Team Information
                   Each team is limited to ten players. An ACAMIS Squad form will be required to be completed
                   by each team entering. Each team must be accompanied by at least 1 adult/coach. (please let
                   me know if AD or another school rep will be in attendance on the roster forms). Each team
                   must have a coach willing to umpire neutral games.
                   Please be vigilant in letting us know which of your athletes has dietary requirements or
                   medical issues that we should be aware of.
                   Trophies will be given to the top three placed teams. . An All Tournament Team will also be
                   awarded according to the ACAMIS handbook (3 nominations for first, 2 for second and third
                   and one for subsequent placed teams.
 Team uniform
                   Team Uniform
                   Each team should be appropriately dressed with 2 sts of bibs in case of colour clash.
  Hair/Nails/      Hair/Nails/Jewelry
   Jewelry         Long hair must be tied back, fingernails short (gloves are permitted) and no jewelry is to be
Team Photo’s for
    booklett       Team Photos for Booklet
                   Each Team needs to send in a Digital photo suitable for printing quality.

Accommodation      Accommodation/Hosting
                   Dulwich College Shanghai is not offering homestay.
    Hosting        There are various places to accommodate your teams – one close and reputable place is
                   DIAMOND COURT APARTMENTS.
                   1168 Biyun Road
                   Shanghai 5032 3232

                   Pudong Ramada is also close by – if you have any other questions, please email me and I will
                   help you out.

                                                   During Tournament
                   Coaches Meeting
Coaches Meeting    A brief coaches meeting will be held on Friday the 30th of October in the office space next to
                   the UPPER GYM. Our goal is to have as much of this information as possible sent out prior to
                   the tournament, but reconfirming details I am sure prove helpful.

                   For ease of administration, please pay your fees upon arrival (fapioas will be impossible to
                   obtain on Saturday). 350RMB per player per day is 700RMB total.

                   Welcome Packs
                   Student and coach packs which contain t-shirts, badges, booklets, meal tickets, etc. will be
 Welcome Pack      issued from the WEIGHTS ROOM near the UPPER GYM. Locker keys will also be issued for
                   teams upon request.

                   Boundary Areas
                   During the tournament all tournament participants are be expected to stay within the
Boundary Areas
                   tournament boundaries, which include the gymnasiums. Our schools are fully operational on
                   the Friday. There is plenty of space in the upper gym on the bleachers.

    Curfew         10.00pm is the recognized curfew for ACAMIS tournaments. Each school is responsible for
                   monitoring the curfew call for their own team.

                   Coaches dinner
                   Friday evening we intend to have a Coaches dinner at:
Coaches Dinner
                   THE FLYING FOX
                   225 Hongfeng Road
                   It is just an informal dinner walking distance from both Ramada and Diamond Court.

     Meals         A snack will be provided for upon arrival. Lunch on both days is also provided, as well as a
                   the Awards Dinner on Saturday night. Our snack bars will be open throughout the

 Transportation    Transportation
                   Transportation to and from Airports, and Train Stations will be arranged by DCS and included
                   in the tournament costs. Please advise us of your travel plans at the earliest.
                   Emergency Service Details
  Emergency        We have a nurse onsite at all times of the tournament. We also have an emergency vehicle
Services Details   available to transport injured students to:
                   PARKWAY CLINIC
                   51 Hongfeng Road

                   Campus Security
                   Tournament participants will be issued an identification badge that should be carried with
Campus security    them at all times while on the DCS campus. Athletes may be required to show this
                   identification badge in order to enter the campus. Participants are not permitted to leave the
                   DCS campus during tournament hours.

                   Temperature Checks
                   Current policy at Dulwich College Shanghai is to check the temperature of every person
 Temperature       entering the campus. Should your temperature be higher than 37.5 you will be denied entry to
                   the campus. Schools will be responsible for monitoring stuents not allowed on campus.

                   Please remain in the bleachers of the Upper Gym. Movement and sitting behind the goals is
                   not permitted, particularly when play is in the vicinity. Viewing areas are limited in the lower
                   gym. Please be respectful of games in play at all times, allowing for players, coaches and
                   referees to be able to participate effectively in games.

                   Code of Conduct
                   All players, coaches, spectators, administrators, parents and officials are bound behave in
Code of Conduct    accordance within an accepted ‘Code of Conduct’ for sports activities. Copies will be
                   forwarded upon request.

                   Gym Footwear
Gym Footwear       Participants need to bring a pair of non-marking shoes that they will only use in the gym.

    Post                                             Post Tournament
                   Let us know what you think! This can be done during the tournament at any time. We would
                   also appreciate any feedback that you may have after your team has had some time back at

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