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Technology in Education Conversational Chinese Curriculum A 10 week


									Conversational Chinese Curriculum
A 10 week survival course blending classroom and
online learning

Wuping Lu & Angel Inokon
ED 208 B
March 16, 2006
Instructors: Denise Pope,
Christa Compton, and Django Paris
                     our learners
         Motivated, adult learners with very little time

                                    “This is my favorite class.”
• Help with
  pronunciation and
  grammar                            “I wish we had more time
                                                      to talk.”
• More conversation
  time in class
                                         “I couldn’t fit any more
• More practice time                          class time into my
• Have Fun                                             schedule.”
            our design philosophy
           Learning should be real, rich, and student-driven

•   Real and practical
•   Student centered
•   Rich Experiences
•   Variety of intelligences
•   Frequent assessments
•   Technology should be simple
                        our vision
                     the enduring understanding

Students will understand how to use basic conversational
 Chinese to effectively and wisely interact and
 communicate in Chinese-speaking situations.

Learning Outcomes
•   use correct, culturally sound Chinese
•   navigate real life situations
•   express wants and needs
•   seek out Chinese language information from a variety
            culminating assessment
                   the evidence of learning attainment

                  Survive Seven Days in China
Students will role-play their journey from the United States to China.
In China they will spend seven days traveling, shopping, and dining.
   Students will be assessed in areas of pronunciation, grammar,
vocabulary and culture and how to wisely and effectively apply them.

                         Course Outline
 Week 1   Introduction                Week 6    Traveling | Hospital
 Week 2   Airport                     Week 7    Entertainment
 Week 3   Hotel                       Week 8    Visiting a School
 Week 4   Restaurant                  Week 9    Review/Rehearsal
 Week 5   Shopping                    Week 10   Final Exam: Skit
                          our solution
               blending classroom and online learning

                                                Online Learning

                                                •   Student-driven
                                                •   Drill
                                                •   Practice
                                                •   Instant feedback
                                                •   Discussion

Classroom Learning

•   Instructor-led
•   Performance-based
•   Peer-feedback
•   Participation
TripCase – a collection of language resources
TripCase – a collection of language resources
   TripCase resources
variety supports multiple ways of learning

                      • Chat – text and voice chat to
                        communicate with classmates
                      • Games – test grammar,
                        pronunciation and vocabulary
                      • Dictionary – browse a glossary of
                      • Journal – submit homework, video,
                      • Workbook – central book that pulls
                        all units together with readings,
                        audio, video
                      • Video player – watch videos of
                      • mp3 – listen to conversations and
                        pronunciations, download to mp3
                        player or iPod
TripCase – a collection of language resources


       Text Chat
       Google Chat


         Tone Game
Thank You
Contact us with questions, comments or demo requests.

                         Wuping Lu

                         Angel Inokon

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