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									                                    Nancy Cockerell
               Editor / Research Director, The Travel Business Partnership

Nancy Cockerell is founder and Managing Partner of The Travel Business Partnership (TBP),
a network of market analysts and business journalists spread through more than 25 countries
around the world. Many of them were former contributors to the respected Economist
Intelligence Unit’s (EIU’s) travel and tourism publications and to their successor, Travel &
Tourism Intelligence (TTI).

Nancy has more than 30 years experience working in the travel and tourism industry – in both
publishing and in customised research and consultancy. She is a well-known commentator on
industry trends and developments and is a frequent speaker at international conferences.

From early 1998 to the end of 1999, Nancy headed up TTI, the successor to the EIU’s travel
and tourism division, for which she had previously worked on a part-time basis since early
1986. She was responsible for the development of the group’s consultancy services, as well as
the launch of a number of new subscription and research reports.

Prior to joining TTI on a full-time basis, Nancy spent more than 17 years as a freelance travel
industry analyst and consultant, based either in continental Europe or Hong Kong. She now
divides her time between Geneva, Switzerland, and the UK.

Through TBP, Nancy publishes a monthly newsletter Travel Markets, which assesses,
analyses and forecasts travel and tourism demand in leading and emerging tourism markets –
by age group and other demographics, market segment, purpose, organisation, destination, and
other variables.

In addition to the monthly subscription newsletter, TBP produces Special Reports on a wide
range of different topics, as well as undertaking customised research for a variety of clients.
These range from intergovernmental organisations – eg the World Tourism Organization
(UNWTO), the Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) and the Asia
Pacific Economic Grouping (APEC) – and industry associations (eg the European Travel
Commission and the Pacific Asia Travel Association) to individual government bodies
(including national tourism organisations such as VisitBritain, Tourism Ireland, VisitSweden,
Tourism Australia and the Tourism Authority of Thailand) and all sectors of the travel and
tourism industry in key markets worldwide.

Nancy is also currently a member of:

   The UNWTO Business Council Leadership Forum;
   PATA’s Advisory Council (Research Committee); and
   Green Globe’s International Advisory Council.

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