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					                                             Kaleva Lions – Lions Tale
                                                    September/October 2007
                                        14361 – Nine Mile Rd. Kaleva, MI 49645 · (231) 362-3174
                President: Lion Margaret Fredricks                          Editor: Lion Carl Hawkins
              Pancake Breakfast every Sunday 8 till 12. Pasties Thursday 8 till 12 at Den or call (231) 362-3174

        The Kaleva Lions Club has been asked to host the Manistee County Lions Christmas Party. It will be held on
        December 8th at Norman Township Community Center. Please mark your calendars now. Again we want to
        support Toys for Tots with an unwrapped toy, more information will be available soon.
        Kaleva Days was beautiful and I want to thank all the Lions for there hard work. Lion Ken Kuuttila chaired
        the raffle and the final count is not in yet. Lion Kens wife Ellen chaired the Silent Auction, which took in
        about $430.00. Pasty Dinner at park took in gross receipts of over $1,000.00. Buffet Breakfast sponsored by
        Osborn’s Sports Shop took in gross receipts of $568.00 and a check from Osborn’s for $500.00. Lion Brian
        Haenlein chaired The Motorcycle Poker Run for Campaign Sight First II; proceeds of $480.00 will help us
        meet our Campaign Sight First II goals. The Kaleva Loins have now taken in over $5,000.00 from personal
        gifts and fund raisers. We are close to fully funding our goal.
        Welcome new members Claudia Hartsell and Char Zunker, they will be sworn in at future meetings.

                                                ***LOOKING AHEAD***
        October 2007                                               November 2007
        1 Regular Meeting - @ Lenz Countryside 6:29pm              1 Pastie Sales @ Kaleva Lions Den 8:00am - Noon
        4 Pastie Sales @ Kaleva Lions Den 8:00am - Noon            4 Pancake Breakfast - 8:00am - Noon Crew #2
        7 Pancake Breakfast - 8:00am - Noon Crew #2                5 Regular Meeting - @ Den Audrey & Jo Jo 6:29pm
        11 Pastie Sales @ Kaleva Lions Den 8:00am - Noon           8 Pastie Sales @ Kaleva Lions Den 8:00am - Noon
        14 Pancake Breakfast - 8:00am - Noon Crew #3               11 Pancake Breakfast - Crew #3
        15 Regular Meeting -45th Anniversary Meeting               15 Pastie Sales @ Kaleva Lions Den 8:00am - Noon
           @ Norman Township Community Center 6:29pm               18 Pancake Breakfast - 8:00am - Noon Crew #4
        18 Pastie Sales @ Kaleva Lions Den 8:00am - Noon           19 Regular Meeting - @ Shawn’s 6:29pm
        21 Pancake Breakfast - 8:00am - Noon Crew #4               22 Pastie Sales @ Kaleva Lions Den 8:00am - Noon
        25 Pastie Sales @ Kaleva Lions Den 8:00am - Noon           25 Pancake Breakfast - 8:00am - Noon Crew #1
        28 Pancake Breakfast - 8:00am - Noon Crew #1               26 Board of Directors @ Kaleva Lions Den 7pm
        29 Board of Directors @ Kaleva Lions Den 7pm               29 Pastie Sales @ Kaleva Lions Den 8:00am - Noon
        30 Dance at Wellston for 5th and 6th graders
        31 Happy Halloween to everyone

            Regular Meeting—August 6th, 2007
The meeting was opened by singing the first verse of "My           Lion Glen reports that funds on hand are $2,684.14 with
Country Tis of Thee,'' and reciting the Pledge of                  about $1,000 in bills to pay. He also lost sunglasses and
Allegiance. Guest Pam Long and Charlene Zunker were                would appreciate any information on finding them.
introduced. A delicious meal was served at Shawn's and
was enjoyed.                                                       Sandy Harris has donated a beautiful quit for the Lions
The minutes of the July 16, 2007 Regular Meeting were
accepted as presented.                                             We still have lots of Kaleva Day tickets to sell, contact
                                                                   Lion Ken if you need more.
Correspondence, Thanks you from Sight First II, Onekama
and Copemish Parade invites. Drivers for parades sign up           Bring in your silent auctions items to Lions Den and leave
with Lion Carl.                                                    on front table.

Kaleva Days to be discussed at board meeting.                      Lion Frank asked everyone who fries eggs to hand clean
                                                                   pan, which will keep them nice.
Computer equipment has been donated to club from Lion
Peggy and Mrs. Smith and being checked out if it can be            Lion Karen is making up beautiful shirts with the Lions
useful.                                                            logo contact her for yours.
Charlene Zunker gave a request for Lisa Parker who will        Silent Auction items coming in, please bring your in to
need a wheelchair ramp. Lion Carl will follow up.              front table in Lions Den.

Lion Ken gave his life story and picked Lion Art to share      Lions Kaleva Days tickets are selling slowly please sell
his at next meeting.                                           yours and get more.

Lion Karen Bingman won 50/50 raffle, Lion Bill Edwards is      Kaleva Days work schedule was made and workers have
Lion of the month for August.                                  signed up. If you haven’t yet please done, contact Lion
                                                               Carl for sign up.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:10
                                                               We will have two pasty days this week to get ready for
            Regular Meeting—August 20th 2007                   Kaleva Days. Thank you crew.
The meeting was opened by singing the first verse of "My
Country Tis of Thee," and reciting the Pledge of               Lion Frank Hall is recovering from heart attack and Lion
Allegiance. Guess Pastor Diane Baris and Pam Long were         Ken will order supplies, Lion John is leading pancake
introduced. A delicious meal, served by Bethany Lutheran       crew and Lion Audrey will help make pasty doe.
Church Ladies was enjoyed.
                                                               Lion Brian running a Motorcycle Poker Run to support
The minutes of August 6 2007 Regular Meeting were              Campaign Sight First II.
accepted as presented.
                                                               Kaleva Day work schedule was up dated. Lion John
Lion Brian Haenlein volunteered to be the Tail twister.        offered to drive his truck in parade.
                                                               The 50/50 raffle was won by Guest Pastor Diane Baris and
Lion Margaret read Thank You letters from Lion of              donated back to club; Lion of the Month for September is
Michigan Foundation, Munson Speech and Hearing, and            Lion Burt Clements.
Bottle House. Lion Margaret also read invitations to
Brethren Days Parade and Manistee Historical Museum            The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM
Open House.
                                                                          BOARD MEETING—August 27th, 2007
SVOSH student volunteers from Ferris State University
asked for help with trip to get eye care where there is a      Board minutes from July 30, 2007 were accepted as
need. It will be discussed at the board meeting.               presented

Name badges were discussed and spelling check Lion             Lion Carl will drive in Brethren Days Parade Sunday at
Carl to order.                                                 4:00

Lion Ron Cole did checking on catering prices and has          SVOSH program was discussed and we will not support
hall set for Charter Night. Lion Carl and King Lion            them at this time, we have committed to "Campaign Sight
Margaret will make catering plans. Thank you Lion Ron.         First II" which covers the same kind of services.

Congratulations to Lion John and Joy Urka who are              Salvation Army request money, we decline until our
celebrating 50 years of marriage.                              scheduled Christmas Donation.

Lion Tom gave an update on district cabinet meeting.           Lion Brian's Poker Run for "Campaign Sight First II,"
Redistricting plans are in the works, but no changes here.     received $480.00, Lisa Parker had winning hand. Thank
Lion Tom also has state and district pins for sale at $2.00.   You. Lions breakfast and pasty to be given to Steve that
                                                               helped and had second winning hand.
Lion Tom to be going to USA/Canada Leadership forum.
                                                               Lion Ken ran Kaleva Lions Raffle, which took in $1,220.00
Kaleva Lion donated $200.00 to Kaleva Days, will also          plus other moneys deposited earlier. Thank You. Also
provide free meals for the bands.                              thanks to all Lions for selling the tickets. Ticket winners
                                                               are 1st place Lion Glenn Lottie $400.00, 2nd place Tim
                                                               Makinen $200.00, 3rd place Matt Martin$100.00, 4th place
Gwen Smith $50.00, 5th place John Hilt, Quilt made by         Manistee Lions Club. There may be help from the Lions of
Sandy Harris                                                  Michigan Service Foundation, Lutheran Church and Reps
Lions Buffet Breakfast took in $568.00 Thank You Crew 4       for Ramps.
and those who stepped up and helped. Also Thank You
Lion Audrey And JoJo for the biscuits and gravy. Ellen        Budget Committee needs to get started soon.
Kuuttila ran Lions Silent Auction with help from Bev
Johnson, Arlene Goss and others. Thank You. The               Lion Ken has cleaned out dishwasher drain, please watch
auction took in $430.00.                                      putting small knives in washer, that’s what was stuck in
                                                              drain. All very small items must be hand washed and
Lion Frank is home and doing ok; it will be weeks before      dried.
he will be up to coming back. Lion Ken will do ordering,
Lion John Johnson will lead breakfast crew, Lion Audrey       Kaleva Days income estimated as $480.00 from poker run,
will help make dough balls Thank You.                         $568.00 from buffet breakfast, $430.00 from silent auction,
45th Charter Night will be held at Wellston Community         and $1,220.00 plus, in ticket gross receipts. Sunday
Center, catered by Kaleva\par Tavern price to be around       breakfast collected $1,068.00, which includes $500.00 from
$10.00, Guest to be invited are VDG. Larry Morlock and        Osborn Sports Shop sponsoring Kaleva Days Buffet
Gale, Sandy Harris, Marie Hilliard, Char Zunker and the       Breakfast. Will discuss award at board meeting.
                                                              Lion Mathew is making jellies late at night and donated a
County Wide Christmas Party was discussed, we may             case to silent auction. He also brought in samples to try
want to have our members cater it and hire servers and        and jellies to sell.
clean up crew. It was decided that Toys For Tots will be
our charity and a ten-dollar gift or donation will be         Lion Art Hulkonen gave a wonderful life story of success
required. Also invitation to Timothy Dean                     in Kaleva. From chicken farmer to elevator business and
                                                              on going Christmas tree farm.
Lion John Makinen will do banking while Lion Ray is on        Lion Art selected Lion Bill Allen to tell life story next
vacation.                                                     meeting.
Application for membership was voted on Welcome               Lion Burt Clements and Ruth are celebrating their
Claudia Hartsell to the Kaleva Lions Club.                    wedding anniversary today.
                                                              Lion Fred won 50/50, donated part back to the club, the
$50.00 will be donated to Tisha Holtrey for Wellston
                                                              meeting adjourned at 7:30
Halloween Dance.
                                                                      REGULAR MEETING—September 17th, 2007
        REGULAR MEETING—September 4th, 2007
                                                              The meeting was opened by singing the first verse of "My
The meeting was opened by singing the first verse of "My      Country Tis Of Thee" and reciting the Pledge of
Country Tis Of Thee" and reciting the Pledge of               Allegiance. Guest Pam Long, Char Zunker, Robin Tatreau,
Allegiance. Guest Pam Long was introduced.                    and Claudia Hartsell were introduced. A delicious meal,
A delicious meal, served by VFW Ladies auxiliary was          served by Brethren Historical Society was enjoyed.
                                                              The minutes of Sep. 4, 2007 Regular Meeting were not
The minutes of August 20, 2007 Regular Meeting were           presented.
accepted as presented.
                                                              Fall Road Clean-up will be held Thursday at 8 A.M., after
Lion Bill Allen volunteered to be the Tail twister. Thanks.
                                                              Preliminary head count for Anniversary Dinner 26 plus
King Lion Margaret thanked Lion Marie for filling in for      invites.
Lion Ray. Also thanks to all Lion that made Kaleva Days
so wonderful and worked so hard.                              Head count for PDG Lynnwood Mast Appreciation Dinner,
                                                              Oct. 6, 2007, is 6 members.
No correspondence.                                            Donation Cards for Campaign Sight First II was discussed,
Handicap Ramp for Lisa Parker will be headed up by PDG        Lion Carl will follow up.
Harry Johnson and Baldwin Lions, with help from
New Member Name Tags are here; pick yours up at front          Discussed getting something in Lions Pride. Lion Tom
table.                                                         will follow up.
Lion Tom reviewed his experience at the USA/Canada             Manistee Area Lions Christmas Party, Lion (MA) Audrey to
Leadership Forum. He personally met with International         chair. Many others have offered to help. Lion Ron to
Directors. Tom is proud to have represented Kaleva Lions       receive $40.00 for staying and moping up after the next
Club.                                                          two events at The Norman Township Community Center.
                                                               Thanks for the other times Lion Ron.
Clean up and mopping at The Norman Township
Community Center was discussed, the board will follow          Lions Pete, Andy, and Don asked to be dropped from club.
up. Thank You Lion Ron Cole and others who take on this        Will be done.
kind of service and leadership.                                Lion Carl to write letters to Lions behind on their dues.

Welcome Lion Claudia Hartsell inducted tonight.
Lion Tom has information on Fall Conference on Sept. 29,
see him if you would like to know more.
Lion Bill Allen to present life story next meeting.
Lion Tom Silverthorn won 50/50; Lion Bill Edwards is Lion
of the month for Oct.
         BOARD MEETING—September 24th, 2007
Board minutes from Aug. 27, 2007 were accepted as
Charlene Zunker approved as our new Lion. Welcome
Char to the Kaleva Lions Club.

King Lion Margaret asked if M-reports and dues are up to
date. Yes to both questions.
Call from Wayne McKay, Manistee Intermediate School
District, in regards of blind student from Brethren, Heather
Farley; needs with a need of a computer reader. Waiting
on more information.
Lion Harry Johnson asking for information on building
ramp for Lisa Parker. Lion Tom to follow up.
Request for help to travel to Hollywood to model/talent
contest, from Tiffany Capps, Lion Carl will call the high
school to see if its school related.
USA/Canada Leadership Forum 2008 Application was
Lions Leadership Institute at Higgins Lake Application
was discussed.
Donation forms for Campaign Sight First II was discussed
Lion Carl to follow up. Many Lions have donated. If you
have not, please do so. Were in last six months of this
$100.00 for 1/4 page ad in Midwest Eye Bank 50th
Anniversary Celebration.

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