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									                    REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP)

 Develop, Implement and Support of Training Database System (TDBS)

             Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK)
                         Level 8, Maju Junction Mall
                          1001 Jalan Sultan Ismail
                            50250 Kuala Lumpur

Issue Date           :    30 December 2010
Closing Date / Time :     14 January 2011 / 12.30 P.M.
                            Part I - INTRODUCTION

1.0    SUMMARY

1.1    AKPK was set up by Bank Negara Malaysia (AKPK) in April 2006 as a
pre-emptive measure to ensure the sustainability of the household sector within
the economy.

1.2.   AKPK is established with the objectives of proactively ensuring that the
household sectors continue to be resilient by providing an avenue for individual
borrowers and potential borrowers to seek advice on managing their credit
while at the same time promoting a sound and robust banking system by
facilitating debt repayment efforts and minimising incidence of non-payment
arising from bad debt management.

1.3    Functions, Scope and Activities of AKPK

       1.3.1 AKPK provides free credit counselling, financial education and
       debt management services to individuals. Eligible individual borrowers
       will have access to assistance in restructuring debts relating to housing
       loans, hire purchase, credit card and personal loans that have been
       obtained from financial institutions regulated by BNM. AKPK will also
       assist consumers to proactively manage their debt via out-of-court
       procedures based on agreed repayment plans between the creditors
       and the debtors.

       1.3.2 Activities of AKPK revolve around the following functions namely,
       to promote financial wellness by empowering individuals through
       financial   education,   credit   counselling   and   debt   management
       programmes, and the supporting functions comprising human resource,
       finance, administration, communication and corporate affairs.
1.4    AKPK is inviting interested IT vendors to respond to the request for
proposal (RFP) for the development, implementation and support of Training
Database System (TDBS).


2.1    AKPK will be embarking on a Financial Capability Programme (FCP) to
inculcate good personal financial practices among young people ages 18-30
and those wanting to apply for loans with financial institutions for the first time.
Although our target group is young adults with first time borrowings, the
programme will be offered to the public at large.

2.2    The contents covered by the programme include the following:

       •      Cashflow management
       •      Borrowing basics
       •      Wise usage of credit cards
       •      Buying a house
       •      Buying a car
       •      Managing debts

2.3    Initially, classroom-based course will be offered to the public at selected
course centres across the country. Individuals may register to attend the FCP
course conducted at selected training centres.

2.4    Eventually, Internet-based online course will be made available to the
public as an alternative to physically attending the classroom-based course.
This could lead to high penetration rate of the programme to the target group.

AKPK is conducting a request for proposals for the development, maintenance
and support of TDBS to support the implementation of FCP and/or other
training to be conducted by AKPK.


Proposal for the system should cover the following:
      a)     Description of the concept and design of the proposed system

      b)     Functional and technical requirements

      c)     Itemised costs structures outlining:
                    One-off upfront costs
                    Annual recurring costs for at least the first three (3) years

      d)     Company background including last three (3) years audited
             accounts, with the latest information of the following:
                    Latest paid up capital
                    Shareholders’ funds
                    Turnover, gross and net profit
                    List of shareholders
                    Key management team
                    No of years in operations

      e)     Two (2) local references with similar systems, including contact
             name, title, organization, address and phone numbers

      f)     Vendor’s brochures and collateral materials

All proposals must be submitted into the Tender Box located at AKPK office at
Level 8, Maju Junction Mall, 1001 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur by
12:30 p.m. 14 January 2011.


Proposals received after the due date and time will be rejected. AKPK does not
bind itself to accept the lowest of any proposal, nor to assign any reason for the
rejection of any proposal.


During the course of the RFP evaluation process, vendors may be invited to
present their proposals to the evaluation committee.


Any enquiries regarding this RFP can be addressed to the following contact

      a)     Nor Fazleen Zakaria
             Head, Finance & IT
             Tel No : 03-2698 7766 ext 772
             E-mail :

      b)     Abd Razak Bin Zainal
             IT Manager
             Tel No : 03-2698 7766 ext 741
             E-mail :
                      Part II - PROJECT REQUIREMENTS


AKPK     requires   effective   TDBS    for   the    purpose   of   supporting   the
implementation of FCP and/or other courses conducted by AKPK. It is hoped
that with the implementation of TDBS, AKPK will be able to equip itself with
effective application systems enabling all parties involved in FCP to carry out
their respective functions. It is also desired for the TDBS to cater for the
provision of training services other than for FCP.


To provide training database system capable of delivering the following

       2.1     System access
               2.1.1 System accessible through the Internet using standard
                     Internet browser

               2.1.2 Secure socket layet (SSL) implementation preferred for
                     secured access

       2.2     Registrations for attending training courses
               2.2.1 Self registration by interested individuals for FCP course

               2.2.2 Admins be able to designate courses available for self

               2.2.3 Registration by AKPK users and authorised third parties
                     i.e. AKPK Call Centre, BNM Link and Financial institutions

       2.3     Daily operational requirements
      2.3.1 Administration and planning of courses, venues, trainers,
             and course schedules

      2.3.2 Other courses not related to FCP can be included

      2.3.3 Update of course attendance and profile of participants
             through OMR-based automated process or alternative

      2.3.4 Issuance of certificate of attendance

      2.3.5 Extraction of information of those who completed FCP
             online course in eLearning website. Records of such
             participants to be updated into the database

2.4   Reportings
      2.4.1 Management information reports i.e. statistics

      2.4.2 Regular submission of attendance records of FCP courses
             to BNM for subsequent update of CCRIS

2.5   External links
      2.5.1 Access       to   database   in   eLearning   portal   (“under
             development”) for information of those already completed
             the online FCP course

      2.5.2 Provide online widget embedded in AKPK website or
             authorised third-party websites for online registration of

      2.5.3 Provide link, widget or RSS feed for enquiry of course
AKPK requires that vendors provide the following:

       •        phone and on-site support with next-business-day response time
       •        Software updates
       •        Documentation and warranty information for all proposed
                hardware and software components
       •        Relevant user guides should be provided


4.1    The vendor shall, install and test the system prior to commencement of
user training

4.2    Training should include separate sessions for system administrators and
end-users. Training should be hands-on and on-site.


The vendor should include in its proposal, the general approach, time-line for
installation and implementation stages including the level of involvement that
would be required from AKPK personnel at each stage.


6.1    The proposed system preferably be hosted in AKPK data centre. Below
is information of the server which is available to host the proposed system:

      Make/model            : HP Proliant DL380G5
      Memory                : 4GM
      Hard disk             : 200GB
      O/S                    : Microsoft Windows 2003 server
      Web server            : IIS
      DBMS                  : Microsoft SQL Server

6.2    Under AKPK server environment, applications hosted in production
server are replicated to high availability and disaster recovery infrastructure.

6.3    Vendor may also recommend/ provide other server hosting options.

                           - End of RFP Document -

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