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									                     REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL





                   HERNANDO COUNTY, FLORIDA


                       HERNANDO COUNTY
                 20 NORTH MAIN STREET, ROOM 265
                      BROOKSVILLE, FL 34601


                         5:00 P.M., FRIDAY

                         MARCH 23, 2007

                  HERNANDO COUNTY, FLORIDA

RFP 7-041/KCB
                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS


                 I.   INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPOSERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3

                II.   GENERAL INFORMATION FOR PROPOSERS . . . . . . . . . .4

            III.      SCOPE OF SERVICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7

                IV.   PROPOSAL FORMAT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9


RFP 7-041/KCB
                            I. INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPOSERS

The County is seeking to enter into multiple awards for Professional Appraisal Services for various
types of real estate appraisal services

Qualified firms are invited to submit a proposal to furnish Real Estate Appraisal Services for
Hernando County by replying to the enclosed specification. In order for your proposal to be
considered, you must fill in completely all items in this specification.

All proposals must be submitted in Seven (7) copies to:

                                 HERNANDO COUNTY
                           20 NORTH MAIN STREET, ROOM 265
                                BROOKSVILLE, FL 34601

Proposals must be received at the above address no later than 5:00 p.m., Friday, MARCH 23,
2007. Late proposals will not be considered, regardless of the reason.


During the proposal period, questions of interpretation and clarification should be directed to:
Michael E. Silvey, Property Management Coordinator, Department of Public Works -
Engineering Division 1525 East Jefferson Street, Brooksville, FL 34601
(352) 754-4746 or (352) 754-4423

Any questions answered during the proposal period, if said answer affects the essence of the
proposal, will be incorporated in an addendum, which will be forwarded equally to all proposers. No
verbal instructions or interpretations of drawings and specifications will be made other than
indicated above.


A Pre-Proposal meeting will be held for this project at the Department of Public Works -
Engineering Division 1525 East Jefferson Street, Brooksville, FL 34601. This meeting will
take place on Wednesday, March 7, 2007 at 2:00 p.m.

RFP #7-041/KCB                                       3


This Request for Proposal (RFP) provides interested vendors with sufficient information to enable
them to prepare and submit proposals for consideration by Hernando County.

This RFP contains instructions governing the proposals to be provided, requirements which must be
met for eligible consideration, general evaluation criteria, and other requirements to be met by each

The County reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals received as a result of this
request, or to negotiate separately with competing contractors, and to waive any informalities,
defects, or irregularities in any proposal.

The County reserves the right to accept the proposal of a vendor other than that of the lowest

Proposals should be simple and economical, providing a straight-forward, concise description of the
vendor's ability to meet the requirements of the RFP.

To be considered, vendors must submit a complete response to this RFP using the format provided.
 Each proposal must be submitted in SEVEN (7) copies. Proposals must be signed by an official
authorized to bind the vendor to its provisions.


For this RFP, the proposal must remain valid for at least 60 days. Moreover, the contents of the
proposal of the successful bidder may become contractual obligations if a contract is entered into.

The amount for the equipment and services to be rendered will be negotiated with the firm(s)
selected, and said firm(s) will be required to enter into a formal agreement with Hernando County.
The County reserves the right to delete or amend any of the equipment or services as listed and
described in this RFP.

If a satisfactory contract cannot be negotiated, negotiations will be formally terminated. Contract
negotiation will then be started with the next highest ranked proposer until the County has a
minimum of three contractors.

The content of the RFP and the successful proposals will become an integral part of the contract,
but may be modified by the provisions of the contract.

The successful vendor(s) will be required to include a disclosure statement of any potential conflicts
of interest that the firm may have due to other clients, contracts, or interest associated with this

The selected vendor(s) will be required to assume responsibility for all services offered in the
proposal whether or not she or he provides them. Further, the County will consider the selected
vendor(s) to be the sole point of contact with regard to contractual matters.

News releases pertaining to this project will not be made without prior County approval.

RFP #7-041/KCB                                        4

At the time of the opening of the proposals, each proposer will be presumed to have read and be
thoroughly familiar with the specifications and scope of services required for the work.

The proposer shall satisfy himself as to the nature and location of the work and general and local
conditions. He or she shall gain full knowledge of working conditions and other facilities in the area
which will have a bearing on the performance of his or her work. Any failure by the proposer to
acquaint himself/herself with all of the available information shall not relieve that proposer from any
responsibility for performing all work properly. No additional compensation shall be allowed for
conditions increasing the proposers cost which were not known, or appreciated by, that proposer
when submitting the proposal.

The County may consider non-responsive any proposal not prepared and submitted in accordance
with the provisions hereof. Proposers shall understand that the County will not be responsible for
any errors or omissions by the proposer in the presentation of the response.

All materials submitted become the property of the County, and may be returned only at the
County's option. The County has the right to use any or all ideas presented in any reply to the RFP.
Selection or rejection of the proposal does not affect this right.


All proposals received from vendors will be reviewed and evaluated by a committee of qualified
personnel. This committee will recommend for selection the proposals that most closely meet the
requirements of the RFP.

Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria, which are listed in order of relative


A.     Ability of the vendor to satisfy requirements specified in Scope of Work.               30

B.     Vendor's experience in performing similar services.                                     20

C.     Vendor's plan for accomplishment of the task to include                                 15
       the quality of personnel to be assigned to the project.

D.     Vendor’s organization size, financial status, and                                       15
       length of service in the industry.

B.     Total cost.                                                                             15

F.     Responses from client references.                                                        5

RFP #7-041/KCB                                         5

The undersigned person warrants that:

       1.     She/he is an officer of the organization.

       2.     She/he has carefully examined the Request for Proposal, Instructions to
              Proposer, General and/or Special Conditions, Scope of Services, and any other
              documents accompanying or made a part of this RFP.

       3.     She/he is authorized to offer a proposal in full compliance with all requirements and
              conditions as set forth in the RFP.

       4.     She/he has fully read and understands the RFP and has full knowledge of the
              scope, nature, quantity and quality of the work to be performed, and the
              requirements and conditions under which the work is to be performed.

       5.     This proposal is made without prior understanding, agreement, connection,
              discussion, or collusion with any person, firm or corporation submitting a proposal
              for the same product or service; no officer, employee or agent of the Public Works
              Department or of any other proposer interested in said proposal; and that the
              undersigned executed this Proposer’s Warranty with full knowledge and
              understanding of the matters therein contained and was duly authorized to do so.



                                     (PRINT NAME & TITLE)

                                      (NAME OF COMPANY)

                                         (CITY, STATE, ZIP)

                                    (TELEPHONE/FAX NUMBERS)

                                  (CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS)

RFP #7-041/KCB                                      6


Hernando County has a need for professional appraisal services to be used by the Hernando
County Department of Public Works/Engineering Division for various types of land acquisitions
required by all County Departments and for Capital Road Improvement Projects. The most
qualified appraisers selected to perform the appraisal services for the County must be licensed
in the State of Florida pursuant to Chapter 475, Part II. The appraiser(s) shall be experienced in
performing all types of real estate appraisal assignments including, but not limited to, appraisal
review; fee simple appraisals for condemnation of residential, commercial and industrial
properties; less-than-fee appraisals for conservation easements, utility easements, etc., in
compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and current
Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Supplemental Standards which is an amendment
to Chapter 6, Section 1 of the FDOT’s Right-of-Way Manual.

Appraisal Services:

Appraisal Services shall include the preparation of right-of-way cost estimates for projects and
studies; preparation of comparable sales data books as needed; estimating the market value of
all real estate interests pertinent to the project; preparation of written appraisal reports and
updates as required in compliance with:

Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)
Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Supplemental Standards which is an amendment
to Chapter 6, Section 1 of the FDOT’s Right-of-Way Manual Other Federal and State Appraisal
Requirements of:

Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD)
Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP)
Florida Department of Community Affairs (FDCA)

and provision of litigation services including, but not limited to, order of taking hearings,
mediations, depositions and consultations, if requested by the County’s Attorney’s Office or by
assigned outside counsel. Such appraisal assignments may require services beyond the
professional expertise of the appraiser, thus necessitating to employ the use of sub-consultant
services such as civil engineers, general contractors, arborists, certified public accountants,
environmentalists, surveyors or mapping specialists needed to complete the appraisal
assignment(s). All sub-consultants must meet the insurance requirements as established by
the County for Professional Services and provide a copy of the Certificate of Insurance to the
Appraisal firm as proof thereof. It is the responsibility of the Appraisal firm to ensure that
coverage for sub-consultants meets or exceeds these requirements. Should an incident occur
and the sub-consultant(s) has insufficient coverage, the County will hold the contracted party
(Appraisal firm) liable.

Appraisal Review Services:

Appraisal Review Services shall include performing a technical review of comparable sales data
sheets and/or project data books, market studies, appraisal reports, etc, for accuracy and
compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), current
Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Supplemental Standards which is an amendment
to Chapter 6, Section 1 of the FDOT’s Right-of-Way Manual, and other Federal and State
Appraisal Requirements. The review process will include requesting and obtaining necessary
RFP #7-041/KCB                                      7
corrections and/or additional data to appraisal reports, writing Appraisal Review statements that
recommend compensation due the landowner which is based on market data, and, preparing
Review Appraiser reports setting forth the results of the review process and disclosing the
precise nature of the work undertaken which reflect the recommended compensation.


The initial contract term shall commence upon final approval by the COUNTY and execution of
the contract by the COUNTY and shall be for an initial two (2) year term. Fees quoted shall
remain fixed for the initial twenty-four (24) month term. The COUNTY reserves the right to
extend the contract for additional one (1) year periods not to exceed three (3) additional terms
providing both parties agree, all terms and conditions remain the same, and such extension is
approved by the COUNTY.

Any allowances requested due to increases in the Consumer Price Index (South Region - All
Items) must be requested prior to renewal. Increases utilizing this index shall be measured
using the one-year period for the twelve-month period ended June 30th of the current year and
shall become effective on succeeding 1st of January.

The County will enter into a minimum of three (3) contracts with qualified appraisers based upon
the County’s need for services. The appraisers selected by the County will be given appraisal
assignments on a rotating basis.


The COUNTY may require additional items or services of a similar nature, but not specifically
listed in the contract. The CONTRACTOR agrees to provide such items or services, and shall
provide the COUNTY prices on such additional items or services based upon a formula or
method that is the same or similar to that used in establishing the prices in the proposal. If the
price(s) offered are not acceptable to the COUNTY, and the situation cannot be resolved to the
satisfaction of the COUNTY, the COUNTY reserves the right to procure those items or services
from other vendors, or to cancel the contract upon giving the CONTRACTOR thirty (30) days
written notice.

RFP #7-041/KCB                                       8
                                    IV. PROPOSAL FORMAT

The proposal must name all persons or entities interested in the proposal as principals. The
proposal must declare that it is made without collusion with any other person or entity submitting
a proposal pursuant to this Request for Proposal.

Proposer shall prepare their proposals using the following format with each section clearly
labeled and shall include the following:

A.     Letter of Transmittal.

B.     Statement acknowledging receipt of each addendum issued by the COUNTY.

C.     Qualifications and experience of the firm(s)/ individual(s)who will provide the services
       which shall include documentation of the firm’s experience in similar work.

D.     List at least two (2) current and pertinent professional and financial references (name,
       address, and phone/fax number) that the COUNTY may contact in relation to the
       Proposer's qualifications, experience and stability.

E.     Scope of Work - This section of the proposal should explain the Scope of Work as
       understood by the Proposer and detail the approach, activities and work products.

F.     Provide a statement of Proposer's financial stability, including information as to current
       or prior bankruptcy proceedings.

G.     Provide a summary of any litigation filed against the Proposer in the past three years
       that is related to the services that Proposer provides in the regular course of business.
       The summary shall state the nature of the litigation, a brief description of the case, the
        outcome or projected outcome, and the monetary amount involved.

H.     Identify the type of business entity involved (e.g., sole proprietorship, partnership,
       corporation, etc.). Identify whether the business entity is incorporated in Florida, another
       state or a foreign country.

I.     If Proposer is a corporation, provide certification from the Florida Secretary of State
       verifying Proposer's corporate status and good standing, and in the case of out-of-state
       corporations, evidence of authority to do business in the State of Florida.

J.     In the case of a sole proprietorship or partnership, provide Social Security numbers for
       all owners or partners.

K.     Any additional information that the Proposer considers pertinent for
       consideration should be included in a separate section of the proposal. The County
       solicits a statement about why the Proposer feels its approach would be the most cost
       effective to the County.

L.     Proposers shall furnish a Standard Labor Rate Schedule for all classifications of
       individuals that will perform work for the County for the purpose of establishing a
       contract rate billing structure. The hourly rates shall include all direct and indirect costs
       except direct expenses. Indirect cost include such items as overhead, profit and such
       statutory and customary fringe benefits as social security contributions, sick leave,
       unemployment, excise and payroll taxes, workmen’s compensation, health and
RFP #7-041/KCB                                        9
      retirement benefits, bonuses, annual leave and holiday pay.

      The standard Hourly Labor Rates will be subject to adjustment at the time of renewal of
      the contract based on the Consumer Price Index issued by the Bureau of Labor
      Statistics, Southeastern Regional Office for the South for the index for All Items/Wage
      earners & clerical workers, for the percent of change through the month of June of
      each calendar year.

RFP #7-041/KCB                                    10

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