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									                                                                                                                      Week 2
                                                                                                     3rd - 7th September 2007

                                      Secondary Edition

            “Trento Free School opens in Bintaro”
                                            From Head of Secondary
Thank you to students, parents and            Early next week you will receive your          Finally, I am delighted to introduce our
teachers for making the term get off to       parent logon details for the bisnet website    wonderful new teaching staff for this
a great start. It is very exciting to see     which will give you access to the              academic year. In English, Chloe Heather,
students’ enthusiasm for their learning       homework database. We will be making           Julia Mayer and David Sherlock; in MFL,
around the school. As Mr Keach and I          this live for parents from Week 4 onwards      Julie Barlow; in Maths, Bruce Hector; in
said in our opening assembly, the             and relying on email for routine letters       EAL Shelagh Deegan and Alison Herring;
opportunities to excel are boundless          and notices.                                   in Technology Ian Parkins and Deborah
and it is up to students to seize them .                                                     Garlick; in Humanities Peregrine Nunes
We have set extremely high                    We are looking forward to seeing all           Cavalho; in Art Scott Gray; in Music,
expectations and will be working hard         parents at the Meet the Tutor event on         Robert Barlow and in PE Mark Brown
together with parents to ensure that          Wednesday 12th September at 4.30 pm.           and Laura Wright.
every one of our students reaches their       All parents will have the opportunity to
full potential.                               hear presentations about the Key Stages
                                              and meet the tutors. KS3 and KS4 are in        Mr. T. Sherrington
If you did not receive the test email         the BIS World Theatre; KS5 will be in the
yesterday, please contact us urgently.        IB Centre.

Two years ago, a 16 year old IB student                                                       was made toward realising their vision.
at BIS had an idea: it was to provide a                                                       It was shortly afterwards, though, as
school for pemulung children – those                                                          the students approached IB exams,
he passed every day on his way to BIS                                                         that the project had to be handed over
who were tasked with collecting                                                               to the Yr. 12s.
rubbish from Jakarta’s streets. His idea,
neither abstruse nor theoretical, was                                                          In the end, it was the Yr 12 students’
to make a stand for those marginalised                                                         zeal and their uncompromisingly ‘can
by poverty.                                                                                    do’ attitude that got the school built.
                                                                                               They worked hard and smart over
That student’s name was Aaron                                                                  weekends and holidays and inspired
Pushparatnam, now studying                                                                     others to join them: notably an
engineering at Melbourne University.                                                           outstanding architect, Ahmad Djhara
Aaron’s was an ambitious idea, but he                                                          and his contractor Andi Linardi, as well
shared his vision with his fellow                                                              as two local yayasans, Maleo and
students and, by astute planning,                                                              Humanisty, who all came to share the
charisma and force of will he and his            Kampung Camaraderie at the CAS School       students’ visionary but practical
team collectively made their aspiration                                                      idealism.
achievable.                                   from Trento, Italy, were awarded first place
                                              at the DaimlerChrysler sponsored               And so, remarkably, last Saturday, at
It was when the so-called “Build-a-           UNESCO-Mondialogo Schools’ Contest             10am, the project culminated in the
School” team, along with their partners       in November last year that a decisive step     formal inauguration of the Trento Free
                                                                                             School in a kampung neighbouring BIS.
                                                            Secondary School
The occasion was numinous: charged,           They are Ankush Sharda, Boromeus              way we are used to moving around.
that is, with the goodwill of all who had     Wanengkirtyo, Adrian Prayogo, Garry           Despite the long list of things to get
gathered to both endorse and attend the       Atmadja, Melissa Tanudjaja-Saputra,           done, we have had a smooth start to life
school.                                       Patrick Ngatimin, Ratih Ratmoko, Laura        in Jakar ta, thanks largely to the
Alongside the dignitaries from the Italian    Wijaya, Christie Hancock, Tatiana             organisation of the BIS staff team, who
Embassy, Daimler Chrysler and our own         Ngatimin, Rheza Adihusada, Nicholas           have been very positive, efficient, helpful
Principal, the CAS students, led by MC        Hoe, Edmond Halim, Sari Setiawan,Viola        and friendly. As a result, we have felt
Ankush Sharda, carried the day, not only      Sim, Su Jung Choi, Hey In Son and Eun Bi      welcomed as a family, and not just as
by means of meticulous planning and           Song.                                         employees, right from day one. Our
logistical work, but through an                                                             children have settled and as any parent
                                              The project has already been featured
inspirational speech.                                                                       will know, if the children are happy, then
                                              in the Jakarta Post (Wed 5th Sept); the
                                                                                            everything else just falls into place. We
The occasion was in equal measure             BIS community will be alerted to the
                                                                                            very much look forward to seeing what
solemn and festive: solemn because it’s       date for the TV broadcast. In the
                                                                                            the year ahead has in store, but…….so
a serious business to start a school,         meantime, do join us in support of the
                                                                                            far, so good!
especially when the success of the            school in whatever way you judge fit.
project from inception to realisation         Mr. Adrian Thirkell                           Mrs. J. Barlow
rested on the shoulders of BIS’s sixteen      IB CAS Coordinator                            Assistant IB Coordinator
and seventeen year olds; and festive           
because the school’s new pupils – almost
60 from kindergarten to secondary –
                                                                                                Performing Arts
would have it no other way: it was their
school and they were happy and they
                                               From Julie Barlow
                                                                                            INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS
told us so in morning of speeches, songs
and camaraderie. The positive                                     I remember reading        THEATRE ASSOCIATION
atmosphere was helped, too, by copious                            once that moving          (ISTA) FESTIVAL AT BIS! 8 TH -
bowls of steaming mie ayam and chilled                            house ranks as the        10TH NOVEMBER 2007.
drinks, courtesy of Coca Cola.                                    third most stressful
                                                                  event in a person’s       On 8th, 9th and 10th November 2007 BIS
Through the newly formed three-way                                life. So where does
partnership between CAS students’ new                                                       will host an ISTA festival for
                                                                  moving countr y,          approximately 120 students from a
community partners,Yayasans Maleo and                             culture, language, job,
Humanisty, BIS will continue to support                                                     variety of schools in and around Asia. It
                                                                  school and house          is the first time we have held such an
the school: in fact, work is underway in                          appear on the list?
respective CAS teams to plant a garden;                                                     event. The festival will be focused on
                                              My family (husband Robert and two             students from Year 6 to Year 9 and will
to design and build a gate and pathway;       children aged 10 and 14) and I have been
to construct a toilet and clean a nearby                                                    consist of three full days of activities.
                                              here in Jakarta for four hectic but           There will be an opportunity for a
pond. Moreover, the school’s pupils will      enjoyable weeks and each day has been
visit BIS and BIS students will visit the                                                   limited number of BIS students (20) to
                                              full of those new experiences that a          take part; however there will be a
school throughout the year.                   move around the world inevitably brings:      participation cost. If you would like your
Our students, on Saturday, reminded us,       beating the jet lag, meeting dozens of        child to be considered for a place at
as they have in a thousand inspired acts      new people and trying to remember             the festival, then please contact
since the project began, that we can take     their names, exploring the local area,        I a n _ P e i r s o n @ b i s . o r. i d     or
our cue from a belief that society is not     buying a new car, trying out new words        S i n e a d _ S m i t h @ b i s . o r. i d f o r
so much what shapes us, but what is ‘out      in a phrase book, getting to grips with       more detailed information. We will
there’ to be shaped. The students             the currency, working out what the            also need families to host children
collectively cast a pebble into a pool: the   produce is on the fruit and vegetable         from visiting schools. If you are
ripples resulted in Saturday’s opening:       counter, kitting out children with school     interested in hosting then please
where there was no school, there now          uniform, getting organised at work; plus      contact me on the above e-mail
is one. Where a child was unschooled, a       some totally new ones, namely having a        address.
child is now in school.                       driver, a Kijang and a cook.
Many students deserve a special mention                                                     Mr. I. Peirson
                                              We have lived overseas for the past
for the courage of their convictions and                                                    Assistant Head of Performing Arts
                                              fourteen years: in Singapore, Thailand,
for selfless endeavour on others’ behalf.
                                              Saudi Arabia, China and Bahrain, so in a
                                                     Whole School News

               From the CEO and Principal                                                    Per forming Ar ts
                                                                                             Performing Arts
I hope your children have settled well in to school and that school day routines are      MUSIC LESSONS AND TIME-
well established. The start of the year can be quite a shock to the system for stu-       TABLES
dents, staff and parents! In an effort to establish a reliable data base of e-mail ad-
dresses, we sent out a test mail to everyone this week. If you didn’t receive the test    If your son/daughter is learning a musi-
e-mail or it was to the wrong address, could I ask you to please inform Admissions        cal instrument at BIS, I hope that you
on ? Thank you for your help in this.                                will have received a timetable for lessons
                                                                                          by now. Lessons start on Monday, 10 Sep-
We have launched a refurbished school web site The front page of            tember! If you have any queries or con-
the web site contains general information that will be of interest to new families or     cerns about the timetable, or do not re-
anyone enquiring about the school. At the top right hand corner of the new front          ceive one, please contact me here at
page, you will see a log-in for BISNet. This will be the way you and your children will   school.
access homework and further information about your children in the near future.
We are phasing in use of the BISNet and you will be informed through the appropri-        It has not been possible to organise les-
ate Head of School when this facility is up and running for your children.                sons for everyone who applied and so
                                                                                          there is a waiting list, I’m afraid. I will
Please note that since the Parents’ Handbook went to print, we have had to make a         write to families with children on the
change to Term 2 half term. School is actually closed on 7th and 8th February 2008.The    waiting list confirming the situation.
full school year calendar can be found on the front page of the web site.
                                                                                          Everyone who was receiving a lesson at
Peter Derby-Crook                                                                         the end of last term is automatically
CEO and Principal                                                                         timetabled for lessons this term and it is                                                                       possible that they may wish to stop les-
                                                                                          sons! If your son/daughter receives a
                         Community News                                                   timetable, but does not wish to have les-
                                                                                          sons, please could you let me know
OUTREACH PROPOSAL                            for more information                         straight away? I can then offer that time
                                                                                          to another student on the waiting list.
Over the years the support we have pro-      Paul Starkie and Adrian Thirkell
vided for those in need in our commu-                                                     Please remember that it is our policy that
nity has been fantastic with a myriad of     JAKARTA RACE                                 every student receiving lessons at school
service projects and fundraising events.                                                  is involved in a musical activity. In par-
If you read the report in last weeks BIS                                                  ticular, we need more violins in the BIS
News you will have seen what we man-                                                      Orchestra! The activities programme is
aged to achieve last year alone.This ethos                                                put together to ensure that students can
of care and support is well embedded                                                      be involved in a wide variety of Sporting
into our core values.Whilst the needs in                                                  and Performing Arts activities so please
society are considerable, it is important                                                 encourage your son/daughter to get in-
for the school’s response to be propor-                                                   volved!
tionate, effective and where possible also
sustainable.                                                                              FOBISSEA MUSIC FESTIVAL
We would like to take the opportunity                                                     Mrs. Alwi needs to confirm the number
to reflect on what we currently do and                                                    of students who will be traveling to
to develop a coherent strategy for the                                                    Brunei to take part in this excellent
future. In order to do this, we intend to                                                 Music Festival. It is essential that anyone
establish an action group comprising rep-                                                 else who is wishing to take part now
resentatives from the school community                                                    registers with Mrs. Alwi. Once the final
including the parent body, the PTA, Stu-     Well done and thanks to everyone who         numbers are established, Mrs. Alwi will
dent Council and BIS staff.                  took part in the Jakarta Race on Sunday      be able to give further details of the to-
                                             2 September for Cancer Research. Many        tal price and timetable of the trip.
Please see Headlines on Website for          students, parents and staff took part
                                                                                          Adam Gordon
more information.                            amidst a field of 4,500.
                                                                                          Head of Performing Arts
If you as a parent, teacher or student       Paul Starkie                       
would like to be part of this new group,     Head of Academics
please contact:
                                                        School Notices

                       PTANewcomers’ Coffee Morning
                                            8.00 – 10.30 am
                                      Friday, 28 September 2007
                                  In the Foyer of BIS World Theatre

                             Come and meet new parents or old friends,
                             have a coffee and a chat and find out what’s
                                              going on!
                                 yM                               RSVP
                                      er                  Louise 0811 184 563
                                          ka             or Esti 0815 1046 0465

September                                              September
Mon 10 th                   Mon 17 nd- Tues 18 th      Wed 19 th            Sat 22 nd
Music Lessons Start         SEASAC Team Review         Lunchtime Concert    Saturday Swimming
                                                                            Programme Starts
Wed 12 th                   Mon 17 nd- Fri 21 st       Fri 21 st            Mon 24 th
Newcomers Meeting           The Kamoro Tribe           Mini Swim Meet       Activities Starts
Meet the Teacher            New Students Review Week
                                                                                     Sports News
                                                                                                                           Page 5

PHYSICAL EDUCATION                            sions have already begun and take place        Pool Office. We are looking forward to
                                              from 2.30-3.30 every Tuesday & Thurs-          an exciting year at the pool!
All classes have begun and the students       day. The priority senior sports until
have been made aware of the units of          November are SEASAC volleyball and
study and the rotation dates of these         football. If you need further details please
units for term 1. Our students are re-        contact         Peter      Ferrier        at   Denis Clarke
sponsible for ensuring that they have with                        Director of Sport
them all necessary clothing and equip-                                             
ment for each class. These include hats       PRIMARY SPORT (MATTHEW
for outdoor units and water bottles for
all units.
                                              DEEGAN)                                            Activities News
                                              BOYS & GIRLS PHUKET FOOT-
Water bottles & Hats                                                                         ACTIVITIES   SELECTION
                                              BALL TOURNAMENT
Please continue to encourage your chil-                                                      FORMS FOR TERM 1
dren to bring water bottles and hats to       16 & 17 November
PE and sports classes. They are vital for
                                              After the success of our U11 Boys team         These are due in today Friday 7 Septem-
health & safety and regarded as compul-
                                              – who won the competition last year –          ber:
sory items for class.
                                              we are hoping to expand our involve-           Coca Cola League Football Teams
Ramadhan                                      ment in this annual tournament by also
The Fasting Month is approaching and          entering a junior boys’ team and a pri-        If your child is interested in getting in-
parents, students and teachers need to        mary girls’ team. The BIS teams will be        volved in this exciting league please en-
discuss the individual needs of our fast-     as follows:                                    sure that the appropriate activity in the
ing students during PE/sport. If your son                                                    Activities Booklet has been chosen.
                                              U11 BOYS – Years 5 & 6                         Teams will begin training after school in
or daughter is fasting please write a brief
note to the appropriate PE teacher/           U9 BOYS – Years 3 & 4                          the Activities time slot in term 1 in prepa-
sports coach so that we are aware of                                                         ration for the start of the season in term
your child’s needs during Ramadan.            U11 GIRLS – Years 3/4/5/6 combined             2. There will also be an opportunity to
                                                                                             compete in the BIS football tournament
Athletics (Key Stage 3)                       If you are interested in your child being      in November and for some age groups
JIS Rob Weber Classis Twilight Meet Fri-      considered for this exciting and fun event,    at JIS in December. Please watch this
day 28 September 3.20-9.00                    it is essential that they are available on     space for further details.
                                              WEDNESDAYS after school for trials
We always take a large team to this event     and practice. This tournament is not           BIS Tennis Programme
every year. It is a great evening. The        linked to the Coca Cola league, or Pri-
squad has been selected on last year’s        mary FOBISSEA Games and those tak-             If you or your child has an interest in
performances, but should your child be        ing part in Phuket are not obliged to          tennis please have a look at our rede-
interested in attending please contact        participate in the other two events. For       signed tennis programme in the Activi-
Matthew Deegan in the PE Office or at         a letter and application form including        ties Booklet. Our tennis professionals,                      costs, please contact Mr Deegan                Francis, Vitch, and Boyette Tutanes will
                                     in the PE             be working daily at the school through-
                                              office. We are particularly interested in      out the year. All are American certified,
We are trying to increase the opportu-                                                       have many years of international coach-
                                              giving our girls an opportunity to chal-
nity for tennis lovers to play tennis here                                                   ing experience and have worked within
                                              lenge themselves.
at BIS. .If you have an interest in coach-                                                   Indonesia for a number of years.
ing sessions for yourself or your child/      There has been much interest in this           We have made the programme as flex-
children, please read the article in Mark     venture so far and we are now in the           ible as possible and students, parents and
Kelly’s Activities section.                   planning phase. Please make sure that          friends can take lessons at our Bintaro
SEASAC Volleyball and Football                you contact me in the PE Office if you         campus almost anytime from 6:30am to
                                              are interested in this opportunity ASAP.       6:00pm. All lessons can be negotiated as
‘Try outs’ continue and final teams will
be selected soon. Information regarding                                                      groups or as individuals and prices can
                                              SWIMMING NEWS (GAYE                            be discussed with our coaching staff.
the competitions will be circulated in due
                                              POCRNJA, DIRECTOR OF                           Evening coaching can also be arranged.
                                              SWIMMING)                                      As the programme develops, it is our
Under 16 Rugby (Boys)                                                                        intension to offer tennis fixtures in or-
We are running a development                  If you have any issues regarding the after     der to challenge our students further.
programme for boys in years 10 & 11           school swimming needs of your child/
who wish to play contact rugby. The ses-      children after going through the Activi-
                                              ties Booklet, please contact me in the
                                                                                             (Continued overleaf) Activities News
                 Page 6
                                                       Whole School News
(Continued from overleaf) Activities News      you are in school or to call me on ext.
                                               204         or         by        email
                                      if you have
                                                                                             Lunch Next Week
We hope to see both students and par-
                                               any questions.
ents taking up this opportunity. For more
information please contact me in the Ac-       Achita Wareeth                                    MONDAY 10 SEPT 07
tivities Office or at     Health Officer                                      Cream of Potato - Rp 6500
                                                         Grilled Chicken w/ Black Pepper Sc, Potato
Activities on line
                                                                                                    Gratin & Veg. - Rp 15000
When our new school website goes ‘on-                                                            Spaghetti Bolognese - Rp 16000
line’ it is our intension to make informa-
tion and signing up for activities more
                                                   Catering News                                 Thai Pineapple Rice - Rp 12000
                                                                                                  Cheese Croquette - Rp 7000
                                                                                                  Chinese Spring Roll - Rp 6000
efficient and more user friendly. We will
                                                                                                    Chocolate Roll - Rp 6000
keep you informed of this in due course.       TIPS TO PREPARE YOUR
Mark Kelly                                     CHILD’S LUNCH BOX                                 TUESDAY 11 SEPT 07
Director of Activities                                                                      Clear Vegetable w/ Macaroni - Rp 6500                           At BIS, our cafeteria provides food for         Hot Dog w/ Bun, French Fries &
                                               snack and lunchtime. However, you may                 Coleslaw - Rp 15000
                                               choose to prepare your own lunch box          Tandoori Chicken w/ Briyani Rice &
                                                                                                 Vegetable Curry - Rp 16000
                                               for your child if you wish.
       Medical News
                                                                                                   Large Noodles Vegetables
                                                                                                    Chow Mien - Rp 12000
                                               There are endless food choices available          Croque Monsieur - Rp 7000
Welcome to all new and old families at         for lunch boxes. It can sometimes be dif-        Vegetables Quiche - Rp 6000
the start of the new school year. I would      ficult to decide! Foods should be simple        Caramel Jelly Pudding - Rp 6000
like to tell you alittle bit about the medi-   and easy to prepare, ready to eat and
cal department. In the secondary medi-         appetizing after several hours of storage      WEDNESDAY 12 SEPT 07
cal room, which is located off the sec-        in the lunch box.                               Cream of Mushroom - Rp 6500
ondary foyer towards the sports hall, is                                                        Beef Pie w/ Mashed Potato &
                                               Please see Headlines on Website for                   Carrots - Rp 16000
Nurse Susie. In the primary school there
                                               ideas.                                            Sweet & Sour Fish w/ Rice &
are two medical rooms. One located in                                                             Mix Vegetable - Rp 15000
the infant section and one in the junior                                                     Penne w/ Tomato & Bassil - Rp 12000
section. Nurse Rosiah is located in the        Sari Putri
                                                                                                   Mexican Pizza - Rp 9000
junior medical room, which is located          Catering Consultant                              Chicken Curry Puff - Rp 6000
between the performance hall and jun-          Further info:                         Lamington - Rp 5000
ior playground. Nurse Febby is in the
Infant medical room, which is located                                                           THURSDAY 13 SEPT 07
behind the primary library. At Pondak                                                                 Minestrone - Rp 6500
Indah Early Years Nurse Jasmine is on                                                      Grilled Chicken Leg Orange Sauce w/ Rice
duty. Nurse Anggraini, a recent addition                                                             & Vegetable - Rp 15000
to the medical department will cover                                                               Banger w/ Mashed Potato &
                                                                                                         Peas - Rp 15000
early morning swimming training and
                                                                                                   Green Curry Vegetables w/
Saturday activities.                                                                                  Pilaf Rice - Rp 13000
                                                                                                   Beef Patty in Bun - Rp 7000
At the moment we are busy updating all
                                                                                                        Risoles - Rp 5000
the students medical records. Please                                                                 Fruits Tartlet - Rp 6000
send in the Annual Health Form for
Returning Students. The form is cru-                                                               FRIDAY 14 SEPT07
cial for the medical department to up-                                                           Cream of Tomato - Rp 6500
date medical information and contact                                                            Beef Black Pepper w/ Potato &
details. I appreciate your co-operation                                                             Vegetable - Rp 16000
on this matter. If you are new and                                                          Roasted Chicken Mustard Sc. w/ Potato
have not already sent in your medi-                                                            Gratin & Vegetables - Rp 15000
cal card or physical examination                                                                Indonesian Egg Fried Rice w/
form, which must be performed by                                                                     Crackers - Rp 12000
a GP, please send in as soon as pos-                                                            Chicken Quesadillas- Rp 7000
sible.                                                                                          Corn & Mayo Bread - Rp 5000
                                                                                             Banana & Chocolate Cake - Rp 6000
My office is located through the senior
medical room. Do feel free to drop by if

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