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    Categor ies: Ser vic es, Education, H ealth C are

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    Georgia Department of Driver Services
    Department of Driver Services ADAP Schedule and FAQ
    Joshua Law Online Class (Teen Driver's Ed)
    Damascus Long Term Recovery Residence
    Governor's Office of Highway Saftey
    Busin ess Ho urs:

    Monday:                                             9am-5pm
    Tuesday:                                            9am-5pm
    Wednesday:                                          9am-5pm
    Thursday:                                           9am-5pm
    Friday:                                             9am-5pm

    Services Offered:

    * Parenting Sessions
* Divorce Seminar
* DOT approved SAP provider
* Alcohol/Drug Evaluations & Counseling

Class Schedules:

* Defensive Driving
* Anger Management
* Making the Change - MRT/CLCT Program
* Substance Abuse Education/Prime for Life 8 Course
* Level I Substance Abuse Treatment and DUI Intervention Classes


* Risk Reduction Program
* License Reinstatement
* Anger Management
* Clinical Evaluations
* Defensive Driving
* DUI Intervention/Multiple Offender
* Alcohol and Drug Assessments
* Adolescent Counseling
* Ignition interlock Device (Referral Service)
* Level I Outpatient
* Shoplifting/Minor Theft/Making the Change
* Recreation Therapy
Bulloch DUI Risk R edu ction
Looki ng to make changes ? Let us hel p. We offer many s er vices that c an as sist s omeone to get bac k on trac k.

At Bull oc h DUI, we ar e dedic ated to provi ding professi onal s er vic e with a c aring atti tude. We stri ve to make our communi ty a s afer pl ac e with the programs we offer .

Over the years, a s mall DUI sc hool has grown into a business that offers a l ot more than the name s uggests . Bull och DUI Ris k R educti on, Inc . is the par ent c ompany to Bulloc h R ec over y Res ources . Bull och DUI was originally owned by Mrs. F a ye Grooms. When she decided to retire, Mrs. Ci ndy Bohler, now Ci ndy Howard, was abl e to step in and keep the busi ness goi ng. Over the years, the business has expanded i n order to better ser ve the l oc al c ommunity. We now have 5 C ertifi ed Addictions Co unsel ors on staff to c ompl ete s ubstanc e abus e ass ess ments, i ndi vi dual and group c ouns eling, and referral s when needed.

In additi on, there are now 5 C ertifi ed Clinic al Eval uators and Treatment Provi ders that ar e on the state of Georgia's R egistr y to assist 1st time DU I offenders and M ultipl e DU I offenders with their needs in r egar ds to lic ense reinstatement and subs tanc e abus e iss ues. We also have a Licens ed Pr ofessional Counsel or on staff for marriag e c ouns eling, famil y counseli ng and other iss ues. Our gr owth is attributed to the ongoi ng mis sion we have to pr ovide the l oc al c ommunity wi th di verse pr ogramming that is cost effec ti ve and address es issues surroundi ng s ubs tanc e us e or abuse.

We wor k with Georgia Souther n U ni versity to provi de educational opportunities for students as piring to enter the human ser vic es fiel d. We c urrentl y have an agreement wi th the Sociol og y D epartment to provi de inter nshi p opportuniti es. Contact our offic e for more i nfor mation.

W e offer Alcohol and Drug Assessm ents and Clin ical Evaluat ions b y ap pointm ent. W e also offer services at oth er lo cation s. W e can comp let e jail assessm ents or contr act for a court app ear an ce. (For an add ition al f ee.)

Categor ies: Ser vic es, Education, H ealth C are
Categor ies
Busi ness T ype: C onsul ting
Busi ness T ype: Business
Busi ness T ype: T ec hnic al Tr aini ng
Health Care
Busi ness T ype: M ental Health Ser vic es
Medic al Licens e: N o
Medic are/Medicai d Acc epted: No

Help! My license was suspended!
5 days ago
Here at Bulloc h R ec overy Resources, we help people go thr oug h the steps needed to r eins tate a dri ver's license.

(Even if you never had one)

The first thi ng a pers on needs to know is why the Georgia D epartment of Dri ver Ser vices c annot iss ue a licens e. G o by the DD S offic e on 301 N orth in States bor o and as k questions . If tr ans portation is an iss ue bec ause you don't have a ride, you c an c all the mai n offic e at 1-866 -754-3687. Her e are some recommended questi ons to as k them.

1- When c an I get my license? (Us uall y ther e is a date you ar e abl e to r eins tate)

2- How muc h will it c ost to rei nstate?

3- What papers/c ertific ates do I need to bri ng? or

4- What steps do I need to take to r eins tate and in what or der do these things need to be done?

If you do not understand the proc ess , you ar e not alone. We hel p peopl e all of the ti me s ort thr oug h the pr oc ess. We can even help with out of state iss ues dependi ng on the situation.

Remember , in Georgia, you do not have to have a lic ens e i n the past to have a s uspension or revoc ati on. GA onl y revokes your right to have a lic ense. As al ways , ever yone's c as e is differ ent and will req uire different steps to c omplete. When in doubt, as k.
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The 12 Steps - Not just words
28 days ago

This is a set of sugg estions used b y man y.... It wor ks if you wor k it !


1. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol-that our lives had become


2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to


3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we

understood Him.

4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

       5. Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature

of our wrongs.

       6. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

       7. Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

       8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make

amends to them all.

       9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do

so would injure them or others.
        10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly

admitted it.

        11. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with

God, as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us

and the power to carry that out.

        12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these Steps, we tried to

carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our


Copyright _ A.A Worl d Ser vic es, Inc.         

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« anonymous wr ote on Wednes day, J ul 13 at 12:02 PM »
Wtoc has pos ted that offic ers will be doing s obri ety chec kpoints all over our area s tar ting T hurs day, Jul y 14, 2011. Don't gi ve them a r eason to get you!

Summer Heat
1 month ago

Don't forg et that alc oholic bever ages do not pr ovi de adeq uate hydration for our bodi es. Remember to incl ude water and decaffinated beverag es if you are going to be outsi de i n the heat. Watc h out for signs of dehydrati on whic h i ncl ude dr y mouth, inability to make tears, decreas ed urinati on, muscl e cramps , naus ea and vomi ting, heart palpatati ons, fai nti ng, an d light headedness.

Heat exhausti on s ymptoms incl ude heavy s weating, paleness, mus cle cramps, tiredness, weakness, dizzi ness, head ache, nausea and vomiti ng.

Play safe!

Sonya N aylor
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« C hef elaine wr ote on Friday, Jun 17 at 10:10 PM »
Great web page... Infor mati ve, personabl e, and ass essi ble for ever yone. Aaa

I love the blog.

It provi des a valuabl e s er vice for our c ommunity.

Alcoholic beverages do not keep peopl e hydrated during thes e hot, humi d, summer days.

This s houl d be emphasiz ed often!

Thank you Bull oc h DUI for all of your c ontributions to our c ommunity.

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Cindy M. Howard, NCAC II, SAP
Email Cindy

                                                                                        Membership Chair-Georgia
                                                                                         Addiction Counselors
                                                                                        Certified Addiction Counselor
                                                                                        Anger Management Specialist
                                                                                        Substance Abuse Professional
                                                                                        Certified DUI Instructor
                                                                                        Certified Defensive Driving
                                                                                        Certified Relapse Prevention
                                                                                        Certified Clinical
                                                                                         Evaluator/Treatment Provider

Cindy Mitchell Bohler , now Cindy
Mitchell Howard, was raised in
Statesboro, Ga. She has been in the
field of Alcohol and Drug Addiction
since 1986. She worked for the Board
of Education from 1976-1988. She has
been certified as an Addiction
Counselor since 1995. She is a CAC I
and NCAC II. In addition to being
credentialed as an Anger Management
Specialist, Substance Abuse
Professional, Defensive Driving
Instructor, Relapse Prevention
Specialist, and a DUI School Instructor,
she is the owner of Bulloch DUI Risk
Reduction, INC., and Bulloch Recovery
Resources. These entities serve
multiple counties to provide substance
abuse assessments and treatment for
recovering alcoholic/drug addicts and
their families. She is married to and
runs the businesses with her partner
Vern Howard. She has one son and a
yorkie named "Bella". She finds free
time to pursue interests such as
photography, arts and crafts, stain glass
work and traveling.
Vern Howard, NCAC I, SAP
Email Vern

      Certified Addictions Counselor
      Substance Abuse Professional
      Anger Management Specialist
      Certified Relapse Prevention
      Certified NSC Instructor
      Clinical Evaluator/Treatment

Mr. Howard is a native of and resides in
Bulloch County. He attended Georgia
Southern University and graduated from
Royal Oak Community College. He is a
veteran of the United States armed
forces and is the manager of Bulloch
DUI and Bulloch Recovery Resources.
As a National Certified Addictions
Counselor and Substance Abuse
Professional, he provides counseling for
alcohol and drug abuse/dependence.
His creed is to "share his knowledge
and love with those who are trying to
find their way". Vern has two daughters,
Erin and Leigh, and three
grandchildren. He is a parade clown,
pilot, Harley rider and Honorary Mayor
of Simmons Shopping Center. He
teaches Anger Management, Alcohol
and Drug Awareness, Relapse
Prevention and Defensive Driving. He is
a Christian and a member of Lanes
Primitive Baptist Church.

Tim Strickland, M.Ed., LPC, MAC
Email Tim

      Licensed Professional Counselor
      Master Addiction Counselor
      Masters in Education Counseling
      Therapeutic Recreation
      Certified School Counselor (P-
      Certified Ropes Course
      Certified Clinical
       Evaluator/Treatment Provider
      Anger Management Specialist

Mr. Strickland earned his Bachelor's
Degree in 1995 from Georgia Southern
University in Therapeutic Recreation.
He began his career working with
adolescents at a Residential Treatment
Facility in Bloomingdale, Ga. He
eventually earned a Master's Degree in
Counseling from Georgia Southern and
began working with all age groups in
Mental Health for the state of Georgia.
He spent four years as a Counselor in
the Wayne County School System and
now works with Bulloch Recovery
Resources. He currently has a Georgia
License to practice as a Professional
Counselor and is Nationally Certified as
a Master Addiction Counselor. His
community involvement includes
teaching Adult Sunday School at the
Pembroke United Methodist Church and
serving as 1st Vice President and
Secretary for the Pembroke Lions Club.
Recently, Mr. Strickland was named as
the Community Chair for the
Enforcement Work Group for the
Georgia Southern
University/Community Coalition. He
speaks at public events several times a
year and has developed and
implements curriculum for substance
abuse education geared towards
college students monthly in Statesboro,
Georgia. He has been married for 16
years and has 3 teenage children.
Although born and raised in Glennville,
Ga, he now resides in Pembroke,Ga.
Utilizing his experience, strength, and
hope, he reaches out into the
community to assist families in finding
the appropriate levels of care to attack
the beast of addiction with a spirit of
thanksgiving for his recovery and his
Higer Power that has transformed his

Derrick Gerald

      Certified DUI Instructor

Mr. Gerald grew up in Marion, South
Carolina-near Myrtle Beach. He
graduated from Marion High School in
From there got a Bachelors Degree in
Business Administration with a minor in
Military Science(ROTC). After
graduation he entered the military as a
2nd Leiutenant. After fulfilling his duties
there, he transferred his commission to
The Air Force Reserves to serve as a
Mobility Officer for 2 years. During this,
Mr. Gerald began his career with the
Department of Corrections as a
Correctional Officer for 6 months. Then,
he settled into an 18 year position as a
Counselor working with inmates on a
more personal level. In 1994, he began
teaching DUI school in his home town
of Vidalia, Georgia. He is single and a
father of a 21 year old college student.

Kelli McCauley, NCAC I
Email Kelli

      Nationally Certified Addiction
       Counselor Level I
      Clinical Evaluator and Treatment
      Certified Moral Recognation
      Defensive Driving Instructor
      Certified DUI Risk Reduction

Kelli is a native of Bryan County. She
currently resides there with her husband
of 10 years and her 2 children.
She has worked over six years with
mental health and substance abuse
clients. She is a member of the Boy
Scouts of America working in her local
troop and is certified as
Ecology/Conservation Director of the
Coastal Empire Council. She is also a
Brotherhood member of the Boy Scout
Honor Society-The Order of the Arrow.
Sonya Naylor, CAC II, CCS,
Email Sonya

      Certified Addiction Counselor
      Certified Counseling Supervisor
      Certified Clinical Evaluator and
       Treatment Provider
      Defensive Driving Instructor
      Certified DUI Risk Reduction
      Certified Therapeutic
       Recreational Specialist

Sonya Laircey Naylor is a native of
Bulloch County. She has worked in
substance abuse for over 10 years and
has enjoyed helping people help
themselves for most of her life. She has
a Bachelor's Degree in Recreation
Therapy and a Master of Arts in
Teaching. Her favorite class to teach is
the DUI Risk Reduction class because
people learn about how to better their
lives by making low risk choices.

Delores Strickland
Email Delores

      Office Manager

Mrs. Strickland brings her technical
work habits and warm personality to
Bulloch DUI from her experience
working with the Bryan County School
System in Pembroke, Georgia. She
spent over 20 years there working in
payroll/personnel. She grew up in
Brooklet, Georgia just outside of
Statesboro. She got married and moved
to Pembroke and has lived there for 35
Mrs. Strickland and her husband have
raised 3 children and enjoy playing a
part in raising their 3 grandchildren.
Although there is nothing simple about
the work she performs, she relishes in
the fact that her life in centered around
her family. She has been working for
Bulloch DUI for a little over 3 years.
Contact Bu sin ess

By email
By phone: 912-489-8401
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