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					        2009 Annual Conference and Meeting of the Gypsy Lore Society
                                    University of Helsinki, Main Building, Fabianinkatu 33
                                       P R O G R A M M E (updated August 28)
                                                 Thursday August 27, 2009
Slot Time
     10-17    Registration (Main Building, Fabianinkatu 33, 3rd floor foyer)
     13.00-   Opening Ceremony (auditorium 5, 3rd floor)
     13.20    Mrs. Tarja Halonen, President of the Republic of Finland, Patron of the Meeting
              Matt Salo, President of the Gypsy Lore Society
              Fred Karlsson, Chair, Organization Committee
              Session 1 (auditorium 5, 3rd floor)                         Session 2 (auditorium 7, 3rd floor)
 1   13.20-   Judith Okely:
     13.50    Fieldwork as partly knowing without notes
 2   13.55-   Slawomir Kapralski:
     14.25    How (and what) do Roma remember?
 3   14.30-   Gernot Haupt:
     15.00    Antigypsism and Religion

              Coffee, tea and muffins (3rd floor foyer)
 4   15.30-   Valdemar Kalinin:
     16.00    Construction of the History of Roma in the 'Great Land'
 5   16.05-   Lenka Budilová and Marek Jakoubek:
     16.35    The notion of kinship in the Czech Republic in the
              perspective of the adoption of Roma children
 6   16.40-   Katalin Kovalcsik:
     17.10    A Boyash Wedding in Hungary, 2008
     17.30    Reception by the University of Helsinki, University Museum Arppeanum, Snellmaninkatu 3, top floor, Emperors’ Hall
                                                   Friday August 28
              Session 1 (auditorium 5)                                  Session 2 (auditorium 7)
                                   Politics/state/law                                       Music and arts
7    9.30-    Aidan McGarry:
     10.00    Who Speaks for Roma? Representation of a Transnational
              Minority in the European Union

8    10.05-   Márton Rövid:                                             Risto Pekka Pennanen:
     10.35    One-size-fits-all-Roma? On The Normative Dilemmas Of      Professional Roma Folk Musicians in Habsburg Bosnia-
              The Emerging European Roma Policy                         Herzegovina (1879–1918)
              Fruits and cold drinks
                                    Politics/state/law                                         Music and arts
9    11.00-   Adrian Marsh and Christina Rodell Olgac:                  Gjermund Kolltveit and Mary Barthelemy:
     11.30    Educating Roma in Sweden and Turkey; an intercultural     See My Fire: Authenticity, identity and a Norwegian
              and comparative perspective                               Romani song
10   11.35-   Margaret Greenfields:                                     Kai Åberg:
     12.05    The Social Exclusion of Older Gypsies and Travellers in   Dance music of the Finnish Roma – Marketing Roma
              Britain                                                   artists as envoys of nostalgia
11   12.10-   Airi Markkanen:
     12.40    Roma Life – ethnography and documents
                                Festivities/entertainment                                    Politics/state/law
12   14.00-   Thomas Acton:                                             Chrisostomos Kalogirou and Katerina Serafeim:
     14.30    A new international Romani aesthetic?                     National strategies for Roma integration policies in
13   14.35-   Ismail Altinöz:
     15.05    The Gypsies in Ottoman entertainment culture
              Coffee, tea and Karelian pasties
14   15.30-   Elena Marushiakova and Vesselin Popov:
     16.00    Gypsy Tombstones in Eastern Europe
     18.30    Reception and Cultural Programme by Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura, Hallituskatu 1
                                                   Saturday August 29
              Session 1 (auditorium 5)                                   Session 2 (auditorium 7)
                                     Women/gender                                               Language
16   10.00-   Sheila Salo:                                               Dieter Halwachs:
     10.30    A Cherokee Mother of 21: Gypsies as Indians, c. 1870–      Romani – an endangered language?
17   10.35-   Sirkka Mikkola:                                            Päivi Majaniemi:
     11.05    The participation of the Finnish Roma women to paid        Modern didactics is needed in teaching Romany language
              labor: struggling for membership
              Coffee, tea and buns
                                        Language                                             Women/gender
18   11.35-   Rosine Schautz:                                            Svetlana Cirkovic:
     12.05    Nawar from Upper Egypt                                     The double status of the Ashkali women in a Belgrade
19   12.10-   Yaron Matras:
     12.40    The role of language and so-called revisionist Romani
                                    Refugees/migration                                      Politics/state/law
20   14.00-   Juan F. Gamella and Elisa Martín Carrasco-Muñoz:           David Smith:
     14.30    The demographic transition of Spanish Gypsies (1925–       Housed Gypsy Travellers, Social Segregation and the
              2007)                                                      Reconstruction of Communities
21   14.35-   Buket Sahin:                                               Colin Clark:
     15.05    Vanishing Gypsy Neighborhoods of Istanbul: Vanishing       Spaces of hate, places of hope: the Romanian Roma in
              Dreams, Tales of Gypsy Children                            Belfast
                                    Refugees/migration                                           Language
22   15.10-   Miika Tervonen:                                            Kimmo Granqvist:
     15.40    'Gypsies', 'travellers' and 'peasants': ethnic boundary-   Morphosyntactic typology of Romani demonstratives
              drawing in Finland and Sweden, c.1860–1920
              Fruits and cold drinks
23   16.00-   Plenary session and Meeting of the Gypsy Lore Society
     19.30    Banquet at Restaurant Namaskaar, Mannerheimintie 100 (including musical performance)