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                                                                Vol. 3,
                                                              Spring 2004

This third issue of our newsletter will be devoted to              fact that many of the suites with wood floors are NOT
practical Management and Board matters. Please keep                following this rule in our building. Were this matter to
this newsletter so that you can refer to it when needed.           come to court, the suite with no carpeting or carpeting
                                                                   that does not meet the 65% requirement would lose.
                                                                   People need to sleep and have the right to the quiet
                                                                   enjoyment of their suite.

                                                                   Carpeting should be placed strategically, for instance,
                                                                   to cover areas where you walk, especially in the
                                                                   evening and at night. Such areas might be around your
                                                                   bed and between bed and bathroom. Or to cover areas
         ________    Do you have wood floors?                      on which a lot of objects fall: many residents complain
                                                                   about hearing their neighbours drop objects on their
Wood floors are a huge problem in this building and                wood floors. It does make a tremendous thump below!
Management and Board receive a large number of
complaints from neighbours below who can't sleep at                Never walk with hard heels or high heels on wood
night or who are upset because they hear too many                  floors in your suite; your neighbours below hear a loud
sounds in the evenings. Please remember that this                  toc-toc-toc... It is like torture!
building, like most new buildings, is not properly sound
insulated. Developers are following the Building Code              Did you know that, when your furniture, especially
of Ontario in this respect but this Code is outdated: the          dressers, are placed right on your wood floor, when you
materials that builders are now using do not absorb                open a drawer and shut it close, people below you hear
noise and noise is transmitted freely from one floor to            it very loudly?
the next. Developers are permitting hard wood floors
as a selling feature while knowing fully well that their           Did you know that when your television or DVD player
buildings are not designed to withstand the noise                  sits directly on your wood floor, people below and even
transmission from wood floors. This is why they put the            next to you hear it loud and clear?
“65% carpeting” rule in the Declaration.
                                                                   Therefore, it is a good idea to put furniture that has
 ________________________________Consequences                      drawers, television sets and DVD players on a piece of
                                                                   carpeting. This piece of carpeting will help absorb the
The end result from a community perspective is that                noise--it will not eliminate it completely, however.
many neighbours are upset at each other because they
can hear their upstairs neighbours' noise--especially at           Did you know that when you move a chair and it makes
night. In most cases, it is not the fault of neighbours:           a scratching sound, it is heard below? A suggestion is
the problem is with the quality of the construction. It is         to put felt pads under the legs of your chairs and
thus regrettable that this situation pits neighbour against        armchairs. These pieces of felt can be bought at
neighbour.                                                         Canadian Tire, Staples or Loblaws (one brand name is
                                                                   FELTAC). They will also protect your floor against
Rule #30 in the Declaration clearly states that suites with        scratches.
wood flooring should have 65% carpeting. We know for a
                                                           Note: The larger units, on the upper floors have two
                      Tips to reduce noise                 water shut offs in two separate bathrooms. Check both
pollution from suite to suite
                                                           Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with the
1. Do not slam shut your windows at night because this     location of these valves and keep the “T” shaped key in
noise wakes up your neighbours below, above you, and       an easy-to-remember place. This is the only way you can
next to you.                                               stop a flood, should a pipe burst in your unit. It is a good
2. Avoid putting a TV or DVD player directly against       idea to do a “practice run”!
the wall that separates your unit from the one next to
yours.                                                     If you do not have a ║ key, let us know and we will be
3. Do not have loud conversations in the corridor,         happy to provide you one at cost.
especially not in front of your neighbour’s door.
4. Loud conversations in your suites at night are
often heard by your next-door neighbours!

                                                           Many of our residents – owners & tenants alike – do
                           Did you know                    not carry insurance for their apartment & contents.
that there is a Noise By-Law in Toronto?
                                                           You must carry insurance; it is required by the
Toronto has a noise by-law. No one should make noise       Declaration. For around $180 - $300 per year, for
after 11:00 p.m. and before 7:00 a.m. in residential       basic insurance, you not only comply with the
areas.    (This includes yelling shouting and loud         requirements, but buy yourself peace of mind.
conversations as well as loud music and television) We
strongly enforce this by-law at the Boulevard and repeat   Your insurance responsibilities, as a unit owner, are,
offenders can be prosecuted. The Police does lay           and not limited to, the following:
charges and the penalty is in excess of $100.
                                                              For your own condo unit, including furniture,
                                                               clothing, rugs, paintings, etc. and all improvements
                                                               such as wallpaper, special paint, all flooring,
                              How to shut                      countertops, etc.
                                                              Personal effects stored in the locker.
off the water for repairs and emergencies                     For personal liability – anything arising from your
                                                               personal activities causing injury.
When you have purchased your unit, you were given a
brass ║ shaped key. This key closes the main hot &            Deductible under the Corporation’s insurance
                                                               policy if loss is a result of an act or omission on
cold water valves in your unit. The shut-off valves are
                                                               your part.
located under the bathroom sink, behind 2 round
chromed plates on the wall.

Step 1. Locate and remove the            chrome plates            _                 Services from
covering the valve.                                        your Corporation and Superintendent
Step 2. Insert the ║ shaped key into the opening and       Should your toilet be plugged, call the Management
turn clock-wise to turn off water.                         Office and our superintendent, Yovany, will be happy
                                                           to attend to it during his regular hours, from 7 a.m. – 3
Step 3. Open your taps (kitchen & bathrooms) and           p.m. week days, at a cost of $30 paid to the
make sure that no more water comes out of them.            Corporation. Calling a plumber would cost you around
Step 4. Turn counter-clockwise to restore water and put
plates back on.
Should you require Yovany’s services after hours for
small jobs such as painting, minor repairs, plant             All letters addressed to the Board of Directors remain
watering when your are not here or picking up your            confidential and are passed on unopened. They, should
mail, contact the Management Office to set up an              however, be signed.
appointment. Yovany’s hourly rate is $30 paid directly
to him, with a minimum of $5 for a brief visit, and work
is done after 3 p.m.                                                              _______________              Guest Suites
                                                              Our two hotel-quality guest suites are booked “solid” in
                                                              the summer and if you are going to have guests, book
             Water leakage and going away?                    early to avoid disappointment. The cost is $69 per night
                                                              with a $200 security deposit.
If you have had or are still having water coming
through around your windows or balcony doors, make            Contact the Management Office at 416-226-5469 to
sure that a friend checks your unit after a rain when you     check for availability.
go away. OR, let Management know of your departure
and Yovany, our superintendent, will check the
windows free of charge.
                                                                         ____________ Garbage                   & Recycling
                                                              Everyone is reminded to double-bag their garbage to
           ____________Just some Energy Tips                  prevent leaks and push it down the chute.
Love your thermostat! When you leave home turn                Please, do not use the garbage chute after 10:00 p.m.
down the heat or the air-conditioning. There is no point
in heating or cooling an empty apartment!                     Recycle everything you can and bring it to the recycling
                                                              area located on the main floor service corridor next to
Do not use your dishwasher’s “heated dry” cycle.              the moving elevator. This includes pizza boxes, pop
                                                              cans, and liquor bottles. Do not leave anything on the
Rinse with cold water instead of warm or hot, when            floor of the chute rooms.
doing your laundry.
                                                              Please flatten all cartons and do NOT put them down the
Turn off your lights when you are not at home. Hydro          chute because the chute gets plugged; when this occurs, we
went up in April by 25%!                                      have to pay for a technician to do the repairs. Large items
                                                              should be brought to the garbage room.

        ______________        New Office Hours
        Monday            1:00 p.m.. - 4:00 p.m.              _       ___                 __             _ Still smoking?
        Tuesday           8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
        Wednesday         9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.               When enjoying a cigarette on your balcony or on our
        Thursday          4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.               beautiful grounds, please extinguish your cigarette and
        Friday            2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.               place the butts in an ashtray or in the receptacles
        Saturday         10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.               provided. Never throw your butts over the balcony
                                                              railing; it can land on a flammable material, cause a
The office telephone has voice mail and you may also          fire, and seriously harm someone.
reach Management via fax or email.
                                                              This newsletter was prepared by Anne-Marie Ambert and
                                                              Georgetta Semlyen.. Translation by Linda Johns.
    Tel:     416-226-5469    Fax: 416-226-2418
           Email:                                   Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation No. 1377
                                                                                 188 Doris Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M2N 6Z5
                                                                                Tel: (416) 226-5469, Facsimile: (416) 226-2418
When the office is closed, you may leave correspondence for                      
the Management or Board with the Concierge.

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