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									                          Call for Workshop Session Proposals
                                Deadline: August 31, 2009

                               See attached proposal form

The Mississippi Art Education Association (MAEA) presents the Fall Conference 2009
“Renewing the Artist in You”. This conference provides essential networking and
professional development opportunities in the Visual arts education field.

The 2009 conference will feature professional development workshops, roundtables,
hands-on studios, and artist tours. Sessions are led by expert visual artists, master
teachers, and researchers in the field who tailor their presentations to meet the specific
needs of visual arts education.

To propose a session, complete the Workshop Session Proposal Form and return it to
Felicia Lee at by August 31, 2009. Your proposal will be reviewed
by the conference committee for overall quality, and in relation to the following criteria:
The application is complete, the presenter(s) is identified, and the topic is well-conceived.
The session(s) addresses an important issue or trend in the field of visual arts education.

To learn more about the MAEA Conference, visit the MAEA’s website at

For more information on how to get involved with the MAEA Fall Conference 2009
contact Felicia Lee, President-Elect and Conference Coordinator at
or Limeul Eubanks, President at

       The MAEA Board and Conference Committee would like to thank you for your service.
                                       Revised August 2009
                            Workshop Proposal Form
           The MAEA Conference Committee will review all proposals and notify respondents.

The following information will be required for all studio workshops, round table discussions and
demonstration sessions before proposal(s) will be considered for review by the MAEA
Conference Committee:

      A) Today’s Date:

      B)      FALL or SPRING Conference.

      C) Name of Speakers, School, Daytime and Evening Phone and Cell Numbers, E-mail
         Addresses, Biographical Information for each presenter (photo optional.)

      D) Title of Session:

      E) Type and Duration of Session(s) – Round Table Session (30, 60 minutes) Studio
         Workshop Session (60, 90, 120 minutes) Short Demo Session (30, 60 minutes.)

      F)     Scope and Content (Briefly describe the content of the workshop, method of
             presentation, and connections to other content areas as it is to be printed in the

      G) Description of Audio/Visual equipment needs and workshop space needs.

      H) Medium and Materials that participants will be using. NOTE: Please keep in mind that
         the workshops may be held in traditional classrooms. We will do our best to
         accommodate each workshop based on venue.

      I)     Supplies needed, please be specific when listing materials. NOTE: MAEA will
             purchase needed materials for workshops. A fee may be charged for your workshop if
             materials needed are excessive. Members usually cannot bring items due to travel
             limitations. If participants will need found objects please list the items required so they
             can be collected. Please supply as many of the found items as you can to help keep the
             conference cost down. Any unused supplies purchased by MAEA will become
             property of the Mississippi Art Education Association.

      J)     Estimated maximum number of participants that presenter(s) is willing to

      K) Would you be willing to present your proposed session or workshop twice if possible?

      L) Will you have Handouts? (Attach a copy of handout in PDF with proposal form.)

             NOTE: Submit A Separate Workshop Proposal Form For Each Session.

Please send your workshop proposal(s) and bios, to: Felicia Forbes Lee, President-Elect and
Conference Chair, at

           The MAEA Board and Conference Committee would like to thank you for your service.
                                            Revised August 2009

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