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									Acronyms and Other Common Terms

 RedX- The Product name for the Synxis Reservation System
 BE- Hotel’s Website Booking Engine
 HTML BE- One of 2 versions of the Synxis Booking Engine – Heartland Inns will be using the HTML Booking Engine
 FLASH BE- One of 2 versions of the Synxis Booking Engine.
 PID- Property ID Number
 HOD- Hotel Description Data in the GDS which includes things such as address, phone, ratings, room and property
 descriptions, policies, reference points and landmarks, services and amenities.
 ARC- Airline reporting Corp- Similar to IATA
 IATA- International Air Transport Assoc. – Identifying number given to Travel agents.
 ASP- Application Service Provider- Synxis is considered an ASP. We provide an application that customers use to
 manage their reservation business
 CRO- Central Reservation Office (call center)
 CRS- Central Reservation System- RedX is considered a CRS
 ISP- Internet Service Provider
 RFP- Request for Proposal
 Preferred Rate- a rate negotiated between a hotel company and a specific client. This is also known as a negotiated rate
 or volume rate.
          Pseudo City Code: an id number assigned by the GDS used to identify a specific travel agency location
          Rate Access Code: specific code used to securely book a negotiated rate on the GDS
 Consortia Rate- rate negotiated between a hotel and a travel agency group. A consortium is a conglomerate of travel
 agencies- For example, American Express, Navigant, Carlson Wagon Lit.

 GDS- Global Distribution System- Sabre, Apollo/Galileo/ Amadeus, Wordspan- Used by over 500,000 travel agents to
 book client travel as well as the online consumer travel sites which use the GDS to access hotel availability.
          2 letter codes used for these systems:
          AA = Sabre         UA = Apollo/Galileo       1A = Amadeus         TW = Worldspan
 IDS- Internet Distribution System- specifically referring to the Pegasus Online-Distribution Database which is the system
 that powers numerous internet travel site- Such as
          2 letter code used for the Pegasus System: WB
 Booking Engine- the system that provides reservation functionality on the hotel website
 Voice Agent- Channel through which reservations can be entered directly into Synxis either by and in house reservation
 agent or a reservation agent in a call center environment.
 Direct Connect or Channel Connect- a connection developed between the Synxis RedX System to Third Party travel
 sites. IE. Synxis RedX has a direct connection to sell our hotel customer’s rooms on the web site.
 Advantage to this is the cost savings passed on to the hotel. Other Direct Connections are currently being developed.
Booking Channels- the method (or channel) through which you can receive a reservation from Synxis
           Voice Agent
           Booking Engine
           Channel Connect
Call Center- Outsourcing your inbound hotel reservation calls to our in-house call center agents
PMS - Property Management System.- what a hotel uses to run their operations: from reservations, to check ins,
housekeeping and more.
PMS Integration/Interface- The connection that can be established between the Synxis RedX System and a hotel’s
Property Management System
           One Way Integration or Interface: Allows for Reservations Made in Synxis to automatically be delivered to
hotel and downloaded into the Property Management System
           Two Way Integration or Interface: Allows for the Hotel PMS to send over Rates, Inventory and Stay
Restrictions to the Synxis RedX System as well has providing the Synxis Reservation Delivery in the One Way option.
Synxis Image Distribution- Through a partnership with Leonardo, the tool located in the RedX system that allows you
to manage and distribute your hotel images to multiple travel channels including the GDSs and Internet Travel Sites
.jpg file – Computer file type specific to electronic images and photos. The room type images you load into Synxis will
need to be .jpg files.
PCI Compliant- the industry standard known as Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. Point of this is:
When customers offer their bankcard at the point of sale, over the Internet, on the phone, or through the mail, they want
assurance that their account information is safe. Synxis is PCI Compliant thus hotel’s can be assured that their
customers credit card data is protected from potential theft.
Dynamic Packaging- the ability for a consumer to create their own packages by choosing the components of the
package as they shop. Dynamic Packaging functionality is available via the Synxis RedX System for its customers to
Merchant Rates- the business model typically used by internet distribution sites that requires the hotel to offer a net rate
so that the merchant can mark up the rate for sale to the public. Internet travel sites such as Travelocity, Expedia, and Orbitz utilize this program and in return give the participating hotels preferred & priority listings on their
travel sites.
Opaque Rates- the business model used by and where the consumer does not know what
product/brand they are buying before they purchase it.

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