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Risk Tracking Template


Risk Tracking Template document sample

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									                                                                                                                                                      Project Name
                                                                                                                                                 Risk Tracking Log
                                                                                Date        Target                                      Estimating
#              Risk Variables   P   I PIF   Mitigation Strategy    Strategy                                  Status   Positive Impact                     Negative Impact
                                                                              Identified     Date                                       Assumption

                                                            P = Probability of occurring (1-3 where 1=Low & 3=High)                                                 Page1
    Last Revised:                                              I = Impact on project (1-5 where 1=Low & 5=High)                                      Print Date: 7/19/2011
                                                                    CSU/SCO 21st Century Payroll Project
                                                                          Risk Tracking Log Definitions

                     This form is used to track and report project risk on CMS managed projects. The Risk
                     Tracking Log should be updated on a monthly basis.
      Fields:        The following fields occur in the header section of the form.
                                                     The month and year that the Risk Tracking Log was created
                     Last Updated:
                                                     or updated.
                     The following fields repeat with 1 row per project risk.
                                                     Sequential number used to designate the priority of the risk
                     #:                              based on the value of PIF with risks having the highest PIF at
                                                     the top of the list.
                     Risk Variables:                 A description of the risk related to the project.
                                                     Value of 1 to 3 representing the probability that the risk will
                                                     occur, with the 3 being the highest probability value.
                                                     Value of 1 to 5 representing the impact to the project if the
                     I:                              risk occurs on the project, with the 5 being the highest impact
                                                     P multiplied by I gives PIF (Probability/Impact Factor). Valid
                                                     values range from 1 to 15.
                                                     The action(s) planned to reduce the probability of the risk
                     Mitigation Strategy:
                                                     occurring, the impact to the project if the risk occurs or both.
                                                     The person responsible to ensure that a particular mitigation
                     Mitigation Strategy Owner:
                                                     strategy is acted on.
                     Date Identified:                The date that the risk was first identified in mm/dd/yy format.
                                                     The date by which enough of the mitigation strategy has
                     Target Date:                    been completed to reduce the risk probability, the risk impact
                                                     or both in mm/dd/yy format.
                                                     Date driven update on the progress of the mitigation
                                                     strategy(s) with date first in mm/dd/yy format and then a
                                                     description of the progress made on executing the
                                                     A description of the potential positive outcomes associated
                     Positive Impact:
                                                     with executing the mitigation strategy(s).
                                                     An assessment of the current state of the risk at the time the
                     Estimating Assumption:
                                                     risk was first identified.
                                                     A description of the potential negative outcomes associated
                     Negative Impact:
                                                     with not executing the mitigation strategy(s).

                                                     Review Section 6 Risk Management within "Project
                     Step 1.                         Management Approach (v1.1).doc" in
                     Step 2.                         Fill in the Project Number and Name in the header section.

                     Step 3.                         Fill in the Last Updated date with the current month and year.
                     Step 4.                         Complete/update a row for each project risk.

Template Version: 1.2 - 01/21/05
32d8f4e1-1125-4633-890b-0959e93876de.xls                PacifiCare ADMO                                                 Page 2

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