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        Link to Organisation                     Comment                                                              2008              2009              2010              2011   2012
        Mainstream players are highlighted - the
        rest are niche
        AC Propulsion                         Not OEM - EV conversions only
        Aixam-Mega Ltd                        Mega Multitrucks                                               Trucks
        Ajanta Group                          Small car in planning - no dates given                         2-wheelers
        Alke                                                                                                 Utility EVs
        Allied Vehicles                       Minibuses and taxis                                            Commercial
        American Electric                     Kurrent micro car                                              Micro car
        Aptera Motors                         2+1 micro car                                                  BEV                               PHEV
        ATT R&D                               Website out of date - Korean org'n                             Micro car
        AVT                                   Not OEM - EV conversions only
        Azure Dynamics                        Produces EV drive trains for OEMs
        Bad Boy Buggies                                                                                      Micro car
        BMW Mini                              US only at first                                                               Mini
        Brammo Motors                         Enertia motorbikes                                             Motorbikes
        BugEV Electric Vehicles               Self assembly kit EV                                           3-wheeler
        BYD Auto                              Now has Warren Buffett as investor                             F3DM            Taxi/fleet use
        Canadian Electric Vehicles, Ltd       Not OEM - EV conversions only
        Chrysler GEM                          New GEM in development for 2009                                GEM NEVs        Peapod            Light truck, city car
        Chrysler LLC                          Planning BEV sportscar, PHEV SUV + minivan                                                       Dodge EV
        Cleanova                                                                                             City cars
        CommuterCars                          Tango available as kit                                         Kit version                       City car
        Cree Ltd                              Production on hold for funding
        CT&T                                  e-Zone city cars used at Beijing Olympics                      City cars
        Currie Technology Australia           Electric bicycles                                              2-wheelers
        Daimler AG                            Electric version of Smart                                                                        City car
        EcoV Electric                         Outsources its production                                      Micro car
        EcoVehicle Enterprises                EV conversions and industrial EVs                              Industrial
        EKOVehicles Pvt Ltd                   Range of electric scooters                                     2-wheelers
        Elbil Norge AS Ltd                    Buddy                                                          Micro car
        Elcat Electric Vehicles               City vans                                                      Minivans
        Fiat (Micro-Vett)                     Available from NICE Car Co in UK                               Micro car
        Fisker Automotive                     Karma prototype in testing                                                     Sportscar
        Ford Escape                           Project M talks of 10,000 EV production in 2011                                SUV                                 Project M
        Fuji Heavy Industries - Subaru        Prototypes in development
        Global Electric Motorcars                                                                            Micro car
        GM                                    Volt in development                                                                              City car
        Gorilla Vehicles                      Mobility vehicles in US                                        Utility EVs
        Hafei Auto Group                      Planning to sell in US in 2009                                                 City car
        Hero Electric                         3-wheeler and passenger car - India
        Honda                                                                                                                PHEV
        Hyundai                               Getz - retro-fit being made in New Zealand                     City cars
        Jaguar                                Electric Range Rover project and more
        Lightning Car Company                 Taking first orders                                            Sportscar
        Lotus                                 New EV model launching at Geneva March 09                                      Sportscar
        Mahindra & Mahindra                   City cars                                                                                        City cars
        Mercedes                              E-cell to be launched 2009                                                     City cars
        Michelin-Heuliez-Orange               5-seater WILLx 4 versions, also 2-seater                                                         4 versions
        Miles Electric                        XS500 - made in China                                                          City car
        Milner Motors                         ElectriCar in development - no dates
        Mitsubishi w PSA Citroen              Launch in Japan, then wider rollout                                            City car
        MODEC                                                                                                Trucks
        Myers Motors                          NmG                                                            3-wheeler
        Nissan                                Planning to sell in US and Japan by 2010                                                         City Car
        Optibike Electric Motorized Bikes                                                                    2-wheelers
        Optimal Energy                        Joule - six-seater to be sold first in S Africa                                                  City car
        Peugeot - PSA Citroen                 See Mitsubishi                                                                 City car
        Phoenix Motorcars Inc                 SUT and SUV coming out                                         SUT/SUV
        Pininfarina                           Collaboration with Bollore                                                                       City car
        Powabyke - Sweden                     Bicycles                                                       2-wheelers
        Protoscar                             Lampo concept car launching 2009                                               Roadster
        Renault - see Nissan                  Electric Fluence planned for 2011                                                                                  City Car
        REVA Electric Car Company, India      Rumours of two more models coming out                          Micro car       tba
        Segway EV Scooter                                                                                    2-wheelers
        Shuanghuan Automobile                 Bringing out RTEV in US first                                                  2-seater
        Smart (Car) Ltd                       See Daimler AG
        Stevens Vehicles Ltd                  Delivery van                                                   Commercial
        Sunmotors                             Coupe DX Micro car - vague plans
        Tanfield Group (Smith) UK                                                                            Trucks
        Tara International                    Range of micro cars - no dates
        TATA Motors                           Nano microcar - production in disarray                         Micro car
        Tazzari Group                         Zero - medium speed city car                                                   City car
        Tesla                                 Model S delayed to 2011                                        Sportscar                                           Sedan
        Th!nk                                 Available Norway, but company in administration as of Jan 09   City cars       4-seater
bd7a4869-2499-43d5-a3ea-43a74d3baab1.xls                                        2008                                          7/19/2011

        Toyota                       FT-EV launching at Detroit show Jan 09                         FT-EV
        TWIKE Electric Commuter                                                        3-wheeler
        Up-Positive Electric Bikes   Bicycles                                          2-wheelers
        Vectrix                      Scooters                                          2-wheelers
        Venture Vehicles             3-wheeler for California launch                                              3-wheeler
        Venturi                      Fetish in devel, new Michelin collab too                       Sportscar
        Volkswagen                   City cars - no dates promised
        Volvo                        City cars - no dates promised
        Wanxiang                     Buses, cars and 2-wheelers in devel't                          2-5 seaters
        ZAP                          Sales 88% up on last year                         Micro car

        Key                          In production
bd7a4869-2499-43d5-a3ea-43a74d3baab1.xls   2008   7/19/2011




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