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        To:       All Agents
        From:     Melanie Truesdell
        Date:     July 19, 2011
        Re:       Audit Documentation

        In order to clear up the confusion surrounding what documents are required for an ABC/BPA Audit, we are
        sending you a new checklist for you complete with samples.

        Moving forward, there will be two types of ABC/BPA audits.

        1) Standard Audit – details to follow

        2) Full Audit - includes full payment documentation – details to follow

        All Audit requests will be sent via email.

        Additional requirements for all Agents:

                 Audit request documentation must be returned within 5 business days

                 All Sub-Agents must be notified of ABC/BPA requirements and signed off (copy to us) that they have
                  read, understood and will comply with these requirements.

                 If you fail to respond or provide required documents in a timely manner we may be forced to cancel
                  your account. (Your failure to provide documentation to us may cause us to lose future authorization
                  from a Publisher)

       Please read the included information and sign below that you have read and understood the new ABC/BPA
       Audit Requirements. Once you have signed the document, please return to me by fax (508-374-8599) or by
       regular mail to Inc, 3000 Executive Rd, Suite 12, Winter Haven, FL 33884.

Date: _________________ Agent #: ___________ Company Name: _________________________________

Agent Name: _________________________________ Signature: ___________________________________
              Audit Documentation Requirements 2005-2009
     There are two types of Audits that you will receive from ABC this year.

1) Standard Audit
2) Full Audit – Proof of Payment

     Required Documentation

     Standard Audit
    1) Original Order Documentation to include either
           a. Direct Mail – copy of the actual card completed by subscriber
           b. Telephone orders – sample script
           c. Internet orders – screen print of offer with title & price listed

    2) Payment Documentation to include all (system screen print acceptable)
          a. Subscriber Name and full Address
          b. Title purchased
          c. Issues purchased
          d. Method of payment (Cash, Check or Credit Card)
          e. Date of transaction

     Full Audit
    1) The original Order Documentation and Payment Documentation (see Standard Audit above)

    2) Payment Processing Documentation* – this includes documentation from a financial institution proving
       deposit into a bank account.

            a. Batch detail from your records showing individual order total that matches the payment
               documentation totaled for the day.
                rd                                                rd
            b. 3 Party Deposit Verification (must have name of 3 party on documents)
                    i. Bank deposit receipt – for cash or checks
                   ii. Credit Card Processor reports i.e. Payment Tech, PayPal

            *See samples on attached pages

     All order documentation must be held and readily available for a period of THREE YEARS from the
     date of sale/transaction.