Which Contact Lens Brands Are Most Popular

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					Which Contact Lens Brands Are Most Popular?

But for anyone who is still in the planning stages of getting contact lenses,
knowing what the most popular brands are can be a very good way to go.
These are possibly THE most popular contact lens brand name, thanks to
extensive advertising campaigns and high quality lenses that keep people
talking about them. They are produced by the parent company of Johnson
and Johnson and are part of the world's top contact lens line. These contact
lenses are available world-wide, too.
Another very popular contact lens brad, Biomedics prides itself on offering
1-2 week disposable contact lenses. These are top quality soft lenses that
conform to the eye and can be left in continuously for 7-14 days. There's no
cleaning involved, you just toss them at the end of the two weeks and open
another pair.
Focus brand contact lenses are another extremely well-known brand that has
widespread advertising campaigns and quality products. They provide a wide
range of different contact lens options, from daily wear to completely
disposable contact lenses and everything in between. Focus offers a full
range of eye care solutions.
These contacts are created with the user in mind and they have a range of
types including multifocal and aspheric among others. These are contact
lenses that can be used for longer periods of time, just 4 boxes will supply
you for an entire year and 8 boxes keep you in contact lenses for the next
two years.
Fresh Look
Just like the name suggests, Fresh Look contacts offer a brand new look for
your eyes. From subtle color differences to bright and bold ones, these
contact lenses give you the chance to see what it would be like to see the
world through blue eyes when you've got brown and vice versa. For anyone
who wants to try a new eye color (or two or three) Fresh Look is the most
popular brand.
O2 Optix
For those who have astigmatism or another similar issue, O2 Optix offers a
solution with contact lenses. They tend to be fairly focused, but provide an
excellent solution for this type of eye problem. Again, a very popular brand.
These come in a variety of types, including 90-day wear contacts and toric.
However, they are best known for their comfort level. Even contact lens
wearers who find they have quite a bit of irritation with regular lenses will be
thrilled to discover that ProClear lenses are softer and more comfortable than
other brands. The reason for this is the special technology that allows the
lenses to function similar to your eyes by surrounding cells with liquid so
they stay nice and moist, even after extended wear.
This brand is usually associated with multifocal contact lenses that permit
you to deal with differing eye problems at the same time, with the same pair
of contact lenses. This can be very useful for anyone who suffers from more
than one condition.
By going with a popular brand of contact lens, you are bound to find one that
works well. Thousands of people aren't using these brands because they are
lousy and don't work, after all. So take a good look at the most popular
options in contact lenses and try them out for yourself. You might be
pleasantly surprised to find luxury in your contacts.

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