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             PayDollar eCommerce (Credit Card) Service Plan 1

                        Enjoy extra 3 months service FREE after first 12 months
                                             - Special offer till Dec. 31, 2004 -

                                                  Premier Plan              Standard Plan                      Basic Plan
Merchant Account                               Direct Internet Merchant         PayDollar Master Merchant Account
                                                Account with Citibank

Service Offering

Deposit                                            Subject to bank                              Not Required
Choice of Account Currency                     HKD, USD, RMB, NTD,        HKD, USD, RMB, NTD,                      HKD only
                                                SGD, JPY, AUD and          SGD, JPY, AUD and
                                                      others                     others
Credit Card Accepted                             VISA / MasterCard /       VISA / MasterCard /           Visa and MasterCard
                                                 Amex / Diners / JCB       Amex / Diners / JCB                   only

Transaction Support (real-time)                Sales, Authorized, Void            Sales, Authorized, Void, Refund
Merchant description on statement                  Merchant name          Merchant name (HKD) /                PayDollar.com
                                                                           PayDollar – Domain
                                                                            name (non-HKD)
PayAlert real-time fraud-check support         Visa, MasterCard, JCB                  Visa, MasterCard, JCB
Mail / Phone order and PayLink tools               Provided FREE                                Provided FREE
Integrated PayPal account       (optional)         Provided FREE                                Provided FREE

Account eStatement                                Provided by bank                              Provided FREE
                                                                                     1 and 16th every month
Payout Frequency                                Daily subject to bank
Deferred Payment                                        n/a                                     15 - 30 days
Average Setup Lead Time                         15 – 20 working days        5-10 working days                  3 working days
Service Pricing
PayDollar Account Setup Fee                          HK$ 3,500                 HK$ 1,500                            HK$ 800
                                                     HK$ 4,800                 HK$ 2,500
Testing Account Support Fee (optional)                HK$ 800                   HK$ 800                             HK$ 800
PayDollar Account Monthly Fee                         HK$ 400                   HK$ 330                             HK$ 220
(prepaid 6 months only)                               HK$ 480
Monthly Transaction Processing Limit                  HK$ 5m                    HK$ 1m                             HK$ 80,000
Transaction Processing Fee - for                 From 2.8% – 3.6%           From 3.6% - 4.2%               From 4.0% - 4.4%
successful transactions only                                    6                           7
                                                                                                                    + HK$1.5
                                                     + HK$0.6                  + HK$0.6
(* with added PayAlert, fraud-check and
3D processing service)
Monthly Statement / Settlement Fee                      Free                        Free (HK$ 70 per month)
Settlement Exchange Rate Charges                        Free                                     Free (1.5%)
Refund Handling Fee                                     Free                                    Free (HK$ 20)
Chargeback Processing Fee                          Subject to bank                          HK$ 50 per case

                                                                                                               Updated 1 Dec.. 2004

 Options and Special Offers
                                                    Setup Fee              Annual Fee                    Others
 PayDollar By PPS *                                  HK$ 1,250              HK$ 1,500           Transaction fee from 2%

 PayDollar By American Express Card                  HK$ 800                HK$ 1,800          Transaction fee from 0.6%
 (per currency) *
 PayDollar DigiSign – SSL *                             n/a                 HK$ 2,000
 PayDollar SchedulePay (recurring                    HK$ 2,000           From HK$ 2,400
 charging) Service *
 PayDollar PayCart (shopping cart script)            HK$ 1,800           From HK$ 1,800
 Service *
 PayDollar 3D MPI 1.0 (for Premier plan) *              n/a                 HK$ 1,800

Note: All prices are for indications only. * Please refer to corresponding pricing plans of the services and solutions for more

Remarks :

1.    The competitive payment service plans are offered for commercial companies registered in Hong Kong. All fees
      (except transaction fee) are to be paid in advance and are not refundable.

2.    Instead of adopting bank’s practice requesting merchant a guarantee deposit from 1-3 months sales to safeguard
      business risk, an alternate merchant control of 30-day deferred payment is adopted as other alike service providers.

3.    PayDollar merchant can enjoy integrated payment interface and transaction reporting on PayPal transactions.

4.    PayDollar Account Setup fee includes the service and support on application processing, implementation technical
      and operations support and production account and key setup arrangement with bank.

      It includes the basic setup for Visa and MasterCard of a currency. An addition HKD 400 and HKD 600 will be charged
      for additional processing support per each additional card type and additional currency account respectively.

5.    PayDollar Account Monthly Fee includes the account service and use of the PayDollar platform and technical support.
      For non-Premier plans, it also covers the service and support on account settlement reconcilement, merchant
      settlement twice a month, and refund processing.

      The fee is a 6-month pre-payment for the basic package service and support for Visa and MasterCard of a currency.
      An addition HKD 100 and HKD 100 of first account monthly fee will be charged for additional monthly service and
      processing support per each additional card type and additional currency account respectively.

6.    PayDollar will charge 0.6% - 0.8% on transaction processing while our bank partner may charge approx. 2.2% - 3%
      subject to bank’s final offer and merchant’s prior eCommerce history.

7.    The average fee starts from 4.0% and is tiered down based on sales volume normally a discount of 0.2% on every
      HK$ 100k monthly sales or its equivalent. Higher fee may be charged for merchants with higher risk business models
      (e.g. intangible goods and services) or payment transaction of micropayment nature (i.e. average transaction amount
      below HKD 100). Final fee percentage is subject to application assessment and approval.

                                                                                                           Updated 1 Dec.. 2004

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