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					    Distortion and Chromatic aberration HTML export (_DSC0657)

                                                                                                                                    _DSC0657 (          )

Shooting conditions


    Image name          E:\Testbilder\arbeidsmappe\testfoto\nikon_d40x\testbilder\studio\dxo\_DSC0657.JPG

        Image format                              RGB                                            Brand                   NIKON CORPORATION
         Image Depth                        8 bits/channel                                       Model                         NIKON D40X
              Width                          3872 pixels                                       Aperture                              11.0
             Height                          2592 pixels                                    Focal length                         35.00 mm
               Date                   12.08.2007 - 11:44:37                            Shutter speed (ms)                          333.33
          Color space                        Adobe RGB                                        ISO speed                              100
                                                                                                 Ev Bias                             0.00
                                                                                           White balance


Geometric Distortion                                               CA 2D map
      Maximum                 0.20 %                                                     Pixels       /1000         in µm (20x30 cm eq.)
          Mean                0.09 %                                 Maximum               2.2           0.5                  170.247
    TV distortion            -0.51 %                                     Mean              0.7           0.2                   57.326

Distortion map

Amplification factor 1                                               Amplification factor 2                                                Amplification factor 3

Amplification factor 4                                               Amplification factor 5                                                Amplification factor 6

Amplification factor 7                                               Amplification factor 8

Distortion profile

            This curve displays the magnification in the field, with the center value normalized to 1.

Lateral Chromatic Aberration

Absolute map                                                                                      Relative map

0                                                                                      500 µm 0.00 px                                                                      2.20 px

Lateral Chromatic Aberration profiles

                                                                                                                          These curves display the span (min to max) of the spatial shift
                                                                                                                          between the R and B color planes and the G color plane.

    file:///E|/Testbilder/arbeidsmappe/testfoto/nikon_d40x/test...der/studio/dxo/dist_ca/DC_2007_08_12_11h44m37s250_2_M01.htm13.08.2007 16:05:39