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Melanin: Gods dust

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                                                                                                              GOD'S DUST

                                                                                     GOD’S DUST

                  In the exact center of your brain resides a tiny organ called the pineal gland which is about the size and shape of
                  a kernel of corn. According to medical science the pineal gland is the first gland in your body to be formed,
                  clearly distinguishable a mere three weeks after conception. In western culture there was a time when doctors
                  was taught that the pineal gland had no useful purpose in human beings, that it was merely a vestige of our
                  evolutionary past. However it was discovered or more properly acknowledge that the pineal gland produced a
                  hormone called melanin.

                  Melanin is a pigment associated with Blackness. In the dictionary the meaning for the word black has always
                  been looked upon as purely negative from being unpleasant, undesirable, morbid, a disgrace, evil, wicked,
                  harmful, inexcusable, gloomy, and pessimistic and I can go on and on. However, melanin plays multiple life giving
                  roles in the body.

                  In the book, Melatonin, by Russel J. Reiter PH.D. and Jo Robinson states, Not only does this amazing hormone
                  counteract stress, fight off viruses and bacteria, improve the quality of sleep, minimize the symptoms of jet lag,
                  and regulate biological rhythms, it may even help protect against cancer, reduce the risk of heart disease, and
                  play a role in how long we live. My Sister My Brother Your Blackness is a blessing Not a curse. Below are
                  images of (the black dot) your pineal gland.

                  In the book : Melanin a key to freedom, by Richard King M.D. ( a Brother) I quote “ The study of melanin in the
                  human form and through out nature is a precious key that will unlock the chains of mental slavery that presently
                  imprison the minds of African people through out the world. Despite the current small dance to the tunes of
                  intentional use of mis-education, massive destruction of ancient African university libraries, scientific multimedia
                  brainwashing propaganda, unconscious distortion of inner vision Black Symbolism, and beastly nutritional
                  practices that produce chronic states of illness with fragmented and poorly developed inner visualization, nature’s
                  own records of Black Melanin remain quite intact and in step to a vast and far greater cosmic tune.

                  Melanin itself on a philosophical plane is a Black chemical/biological door through which the life force of African
                  spirituality passes in moving from the spirit realm into the material realm. The physical identification of the Melanin

http://www.ourstory-not-history.com/stories4.html[7/18/2011 2:30:34 PM]

                Black chemical/biological door in humans is presently the subject of intense study by many laboratories through
                out the world utilizing a wide array of advanced tools of science. Yet this is old news, a rediscovery of an old
                African science practiced by Africans who were Free to use their will to do the work to shape their world into
                the actual forms seen in their dreams. The dreams of inner vision were known by these angelic Africans
                ancestors to be the inner vision images of heaven as seen by their own souls.” My Sister My Brother your
                blackness is a blessing not a curse.

                Your ancient ancestors knew that the pineal gland (The black Dot) was the seat of the soul, and it was through
                the pineal gland that the soul rises up from the lower nature in the body to the higher nature in the head where
                the pineal is waiting for activation. Your ancestors knew that upon activation of the pineal (the third eye) gland the
                soul meets God face to face or more properly becomes a God (small g) and astral projects to the stars where
                your true origins and home is. Notice above the image of King Tut’s Ba or soul rising up and astro projecting to

http://www.ourstory-not-history.com/stories4.html[7/18/2011 2:30:34 PM]

                the stars. This same information was stolen, copied and put in the bible. The book of Genesis, chapter 32: verse
                30 & 31 “ and Jacob called the name of the place pineal for I have seen God face to face and my life is
                preserved. And as he passed over pineal the sun rose upon him, and he halted upon his thigh. My Sister, my
                Brother your blackness is a blessing not a curse.

                According to Dr. Jewel Pookrum, M.D. P.H. D. (a sister) In her book Vitamins and Minerals from a to z: I quote
                "melanin is synthesized and distributed by specialized cells, known as melanocytes, within the organ of the body.
                Melanocytes synthesize melanin through a series of biochemical reactions beginning with the intake of amino acid
                phenylalanine. Each step in the production of melanin requires certain nutritional components and particular
                minerals and vitamins, pyridoxine, copper, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, tyrosine, and phenylalanine. Each
                biochemical reaction in the chain is controlled by a specific enzyme. "

                Please Note! If all the specific enzymes, vitamins and minerals are present, the pigment melanin is produced in
                considerable quantities. Melanin is produced and the individual has dark skin, black hair, and brown eyes. Please
                Note! If any of the enzymes are nutrients or deficient or relatively inactive, the individual manifest a pale skin
                color. Hair will be light or blond, and eyes will be hazel or blue. The occurrence of a state of depigmentation is
                directly related to the genetic inability to produced sufficient amount of melanin. I would now like you to notice the
                diagram below of the mature melanosome (Gods dust) and the immature melanosome. If you can see and
                understand what you are seeing, you should now have some idea how the races of man came to be.

                As the black man and woman (Homo sapiens) left the African continent and began to populate the world (200,000
                years ago according to science) they also went into Europe during an ice age. The African body was use to
                substantial amounts of sun light (that produced vitamin D) and a variety of nutritional components and particular
                minerals and vitamins, including B-vitamins, pyridoxine, copper, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, tyrosine, and or
                phenylalanine as a food source that allowed the body to produce sufficient amounts of melanin. As these
                nutritional components, and the lack of sufficient sun light, was not present in the European environment, the
                melanin could not be produced sufficiently. Over time this resulted in the calcification of the pineal gland and a
                mutation of what we now call races. My Sister, my Brother your blackness is a blessing not a curse.

http://www.ourstory-not-history.com/stories4.html[7/18/2011 2:30:34 PM]

                According to the good doctor, Jewel Pookrum M.D. Ph. D. Six types of melanin has been identified and classified
                from 1 to 6 bases on concentration and activity. Type 1 Individuals usually has pale skin and produce very little
                melanin. They have a Celtic background and usually originate from Irish, Scottish, or welsh groups. Melanin types
                2 and 3 or also associated with what anthropologist identify as the Caucasian race. Types 4 individuals however
                are lightly tanned, and their skin color ranges from pale yellow to ruddy red. Japanese, Chinese, Italians, Greeks,
                Spanish and red Indians belong to this type. There production of pheo-melanin is of a moderate level, and they
                present a moderate risk for the development of skin disorders and organ imbalances.

                Type 5 and 6 individuals range from brown skinned to very black-skinned. Type 5 melanin is found in ethnic group
                such as Mexicans, Malaysians, Puerto Ricans, and certain other Spanish speaking people. Type 6 or true
                eumelanin is found in Egyptians, Ethiopians, Nigerians, American African, and Australian aborigines. They always
                have black hair and very dark brown to black eyes. There incidence of skin abnormalities and other aging
                phenomena are very rare and slow to develop under normal conditions.

http://www.ourstory-not-history.com/stories4.html[7/18/2011 2:30:34 PM]

                According to the good Dr. Jewel Pookrum M.D. Ph. D. the diagram above is the “Visible Spectrum Chart”
                This chart is a mathematical and pictorial demonstration of photonic vibration rate of each primary race presently
                on the planet earth. It demonstrates the capacity of each race to take in and store energy. If you notice the black
                man, because of his eumelanin is able to absorb the full spectrum of energy which includes, sun light, electric
                power, radio wave, TV waves, micro waves, infra red, ultra violet (UV), X-rays, gamma rays, and comic rays. As
                the races mutated from its original black, eumelanin form, by degrees they began to lose their ability to absorb,
                process, and store energy, all the way down to what anthropologist call the Caucasian. The Caucasian pheo-
                melanin is of such a immature degree of melanosome (please look at the diagram above for clarity) that his body
                (pale skin) reflect the energy rather than absorbing, processing, and storing it.

                Please Note! It is important to understand that matter, because of its molecular composition, does not
                reflect light from its surface, that the object regardless of what it is will appear black in color. When an
                object does reflect light or energy from its surface, the light that is reflected determines its color. For
                example: If all the energy is reflected from the surface of an object, that object will appear white. If an
                object appears to be red, it is absorbing all energy around it except the red energy, which is being
                reflected away from the object. Melanin in its most concentrated and purest form is black. It is black
                because its chemical structure will not allow any type of energy to escape once that energy has come into
                contact with it. There are multiple chemical reactions that happens within the melanin molecule that allow it to
                have total energy saving efficiency, when these reactions are completed within the melanin molecule, no energy
                is reflected away from the surface of the molecular structure. My Sister My Brother your Blackness is a
                blessing not a curse

                In the book, Melanin: Richard King M.D. on page 53 states" It is difficult to distinguish between dark brown
                eumelanin and reddish brown pheomelanin by visual inspection. The difference between the two types of melanin
                is determined best by differences in elemental content. Eumelanin has a sulfur content of 0-1% while
                pheomelanin has a sulfur content of 9-12%. The presence of large amounts of sulfur in pheomelanin produces
                important structural changes by promoting short chains of monomer units as compared to the long chains of
                monomer units found in eumelanin (Barnes, Carol, 1973). Ito (1993) reported, ellipsoidal-lamellar melanosomes
                are found associated with eumelanogenesis.

                It also noted that eumelanin and pheomelanin are both produced from the amino acid tyrosine the high sulfur

http://www.ourstory-not-history.com/stories4.html[7/18/2011 2:30:34 PM]

                content of pheomelanin leads to the production of intermediate forms of 2-S-Cysteninyldopa which then yield a
                benothiazine derivative and finally (in other words it mutates) pheomelanin. These three inter-mediate forms of
                pheomelanin are known to induce cancer by binding to DNA upon exposure to UV light. They do not exist in
                eumelanin formation.

                Humans with high skin pheomelanin has a high frequency of squamous cell carcinoma of the skin, basal cell
                carcinoma of the skin, and in all western countries skin melanomas are doubling every 10 years. (Cesarini, 1988)

                Squamous cell carsonoma                             Basal cell carsonoma   Advanced skin cancer 1 Advanced skin cancer 2

                                             My Brother My Sister Your Blackness Is a Blessing Not a Curse

                It is now time for you to know just what the Black man and the Black woman Eumelanin
                truly is.

                In the book, The Ankh, African origin of electromagnetism: by NUR ANKH AMEN page 45 and I quote “An
                Oscillator is a circuit which produces or responds to electromagnetic waves, (such as the black eumelanated
                body) usually within a range of frequencies. The circuit may consist of a single wire, crystal or transistor
                semiconductor device. They respond most strongly to vibrations at their resonant frequency.

                Everything in nature is an oscillator and God is the spark projecting all frequencies to which everything responds.
                Atoms and molecules are perfect oscillators, which responds to light by absorbing and emitting specific
                frequencies. Even complex organic molecules like melanin exhibit quantum states once thought to be limited to
                atoms and molecules. An oscillator’s ability to absorb and emit energy explains a host of phenomena which were
                once considered mysterious.”

                Oscillator: a sine wave is the modern symbol that corresponds to, while the uraeus (cobra) which is the ancient
                symbol, representing the serpent undulating or oscillating movements across the sand.

                Please Note! The mathematical description of a sine wave is attributed to Fourier, one of the 167 French savants
                who accompanied Napoleon in the conquest of Egypt.

http://www.ourstory-not-history.com/stories4.html[7/18/2011 2:30:34 PM]

                Semiconductor: a solid substance that is a nonconductor when pure or at low temperature but has a conductivity
                between that of insulators and that of most metals when containing a suitable impurity or at a higher temperature.
                (Oxford def:)

                Dr. Jewel Pookrum: “Melanin exhibits varying types of electrical charges and binding
                properties responsible for it great electromagnetic and electric activity. Melanin responds to
                and absorbs light, sound, (in the form of music) and electrical energy and uses this energy
                in the body as food, as a nutrient. It converts light energy to sound energy and back again to
                light energy.

                Melanin is essentially involved in controlling all mental and physical body activities in the melanin dominate
                individual. It has been shown to possess semi-conductive properties outside the body. This means that it behaves
                like a conductor. Sometimes it may conduct electricity. It also behaves like an insulator (just like rubber and
                plastic) in that melanin will not allow electrical currents to pass through its structure.

                It is also known that melanin is necessary for proper receptivity of energy imparted to our bodies from the external
                environment. It is quite obvious why melanin would have a direct relationship with light. Again we recognize that
                light is not just the color sensation perceived by the eye, but light, heat, radiation, laser waves, cosmic waves,
                radio waves, TV waves, magnetism, and electrical currents. Due to melanin’s tremendous capacity to absorb
                these forms of light and use them as energy source to recharge itself and the cells in which it is located, melanin’s
                strategic relationship with the central nervous system also give us the capacity to immediately know what is
                happening to us within our external environment and to know from where the electrical exchange is coming. This
                gives human beings great ability to be aware of their internal environment and to constantly be recharged and
                regenerated from interacting with the external environment.”

                Please Note: It is very important for us as Black people to spend time in natural light, such as sun light, and the
                right kind of music. We must make time to do this, as it was done in ancient days. Please observe!

http://www.ourstory-not-history.com/stories4.html[7/18/2011 2:30:34 PM]

http://www.ourstory-not-history.com/stories4.html[7/18/2011 2:30:34 PM]

http://www.ourstory-not-history.com/stories4.html[7/18/2011 2:30:34 PM]

                Resonance: When a force is applied repeatedly at the same natural frequency of any system, large amplitude
                oscillations occur, this is the phenomena of resonance.

                Oscillation: An oscillation is a circuit which produces or responds to electromagnetic waves usually with in a range
                of frequencies. The circuit may consist of a single wire, crystal or transistor semiconductor device, (such as the
                eumelanated Black body). They respond most strongly to vibration at their resonant frequency.

                In the book: The ANKH by NUR ANKH AMEN I quote “Black and brown melanin granules or oval in shape,
                forming a dipole antenna. The field due to one dipole can induce a dipole in another melanin granule nearby.
                Please observe!

http://www.ourstory-not-history.com/stories4.html[7/18/2011 2:30:34 PM]

                                                                          Does the movie matrix come to mind?

                Melanin granules act as tiny primitive eyes, forming a large neural network structure, whose
                function is to absorb and decode electromagnetic waves. The bodies of eumelanated black people
                contain massive amounts of melanocytes that encode all of life experiences in their melanin production with the
                aim of creating an actual reality state after death. The reason for mummification was to preserve the skin which
                contained a living neuro-network of melanin. The conductivity of melanin increases with age, so Tutankhamen’s
                mummy is more alive in the spiritual plain than our own.”

                As a semiconductor, melanin has an energy gap. The absorption of energy is required before electrons
                can jump into the conduction band and make melanin conductive. An increase in conductivity increases
                the sensitivity of melanin to the electromagnetic world of etheric being, astral projections and spiritual
                entities. At low frequencies the conductivity of melanin is small, but at ultra high frequencies (UHF)
                melanin is a superconductor. Maximum current flows only on the skin, due to the skin effect, at melanin’s
                UHF resonant frequency”.

http://www.ourstory-not-history.com/stories4.html[7/18/2011 2:30:34 PM]

                According to the law of correspondence “as above, so below” What happens in the earth also happens in the
                body. The earth has a heart beat or pulse called by science the base resonant frequency. Although this frequency
                has been constant for decades, it was first measured in 1899 or early 1900’s at 7.8 beats per second and it
                stayed at that frequency all the way through the 20’s, 30’s, 50’s, 60’s, and so on and so on. This frequency was
                so consistent that the global military developed communication systems based on that frequency. In 1986/ 87, all
                of the sudden something happened, the earth’s heart beat started to increase. In 1995 it was reported at 8.6, in
                1996 9.0, and according to Gregg Braden, (Geologist and aerospace computer systems designer) at present it is
                at 11 cycle’s per second. It is expected that the pulse will reach the number 13 cycles or pulses per second.
                When the earth reach 13 cycles per second, it will have reached its resonant frequency, the frequency of the
                heart, the frequency or vibration of love.

                This is called the Christ frequency. The story of Christ is about the 12 apostles and Jesus, or
                number13 (frequency/vibration). This is the same story or information that your ancient
                ancestors gave to the world, called the judgment scene, where the heart is weighed to that
                of a feather or the Goddess Maat. If the frequency of the heart was able to absorb the Christ/love
                vibration, it would be equal or lighter than the feather. If the heart was heaver than the feather (meaning;
                you were found to be unjust) the beast on the other side of the scale would devour the soul of the person
                trying to get to the other side. Please observe!

http://www.ourstory-not-history.com/stories4.html[7/18/2011 2:30:34 PM]

                As we the black eumalanin people start to regain our knowledge of self, which causes us to wake up from our
                deep sleep, we then start preparing our mind, body, and souls to be brought back into union with our higher self,
                we cause the earth to vibrate at a higher frequency. As the earth receives this signal from us, the earth in turn
                tells the galaxy or Maat, that it is time for purification to take place. The galaxy/Maat causes the sun (Sekhmet the
                Lion Goddess) to starts its purification through destruction phase, thus the planet gets hotter. This is why the so-
                called powers that be are spraying Chem- trails, trying to reflect the heat (photons) back into space.

                As the earth reaches its Christ (13 cycles per second) frequency, our pineal gland starts to vibrate. The increase
                vibration of the pineal gland magnetically attracts the Kundalini Serpentine energy in the lower spine to rise up
                through the chakras thus harmonizing (if it gets pass the heart) the positive and negative currents, opening up the
                pineal gland, elevating one to the world of electromagnetic, etheric being and astro projection. After this the
                God or Goddess is ready to be reunited (in the 7th Chakra) with your true self, or simply put, becoming a God or
                Goddess! Please see images below.

http://www.ourstory-not-history.com/stories4.html[7/18/2011 2:30:34 PM]

                In conclusion: As we eumelanated black people get ready to enter the new age we must prepare ourselves by
                1) Meditate daily. 2) make sure that your heart (Spirit) is in the right frequency to be able to receive the
                Christ/love vibration. 3) Keep your blood clean. One way to do this is to drink Chlorophyll daily. Chlorophyll is the
                first cousin to melanin. Chlorophyll is a blood cleanser; it will help with the Chem-trails and other poisons in air,
                water, and food chain.

                How should one Meditate? At this juncture, it is my opinion that one should concentrate on raising the vibratory
                rate of the pineal gland. The way to do this is the “AUM” meditation on the pineal gland. Remember, the pineal
                gland is in the center of your head, when making the sound/vibration “AUM” focus the sound to the center of the
                head, not the base of the spine. As the pineal increases in vibration, it will magnetically attract the Kundalini
                energy in the spine (Resonance).

http://www.ourstory-not-history.com/stories4.html[7/18/2011 2:30:34 PM]

                                                  I would like to leave you with a message from the Goddess Sekhmet...

http://www.ourstory-not-history.com/stories4.html[7/18/2011 2:30:34 PM]

                    OF AHKEEM SALAAM.

http://www.ourstory-not-history.com/stories4.html[7/18/2011 2:30:34 PM]

http://www.ourstory-not-history.com/stories4.html[7/18/2011 2:30:34 PM]

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