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Get a complete character animation course with Di-O-Matics


									        For immediate Release

                          Get a complete character animation course with
                     Di-O-Matic's release of 'Teach-O-Matic : Character Studio® 3

        Montreal, Quebec - 11 June, 2001 - Di-O-Matic, Inc. announces today, the immediate availability of
        Teach-O-Matic : Character Studio® 3, an interactive training cd-rom set that makes the learning process
        of Discreet Character Studio® 3 easy and affordable to everyone.

        As you may know, Discreet Character Studio® 3 is a deep and complicated character animation tool.
        Teach-O-Matic : Character Studio® 3, is the easiest way to learn Discreet's Character Studio ® 3, you
        can follow complete tutorials, i.e. how to create a crowd, how to skin a character, create a walk cycle in
        freeform or how to create quadriped animation. You may also access a global index which explains how
        all the tools works.

        Do you learn better when someone shows you how to use the tools ?
        How about a Discreet Training Specialist to show you how to use them ! Award-winning artist and
        author Laurent M. Abecassis has decided to finally make his well known training, available on Cd-Roms,
        more than 4 hours of interactive training are available on a 2 cd set.

        Teach-O-Matic : Character Studio® 3, is designed for both the novice and the advanced user, giving
        clarity and speed to the process of character animation. It brings a Discreet Training Specialist into your
        home or office for the most comprehensive interactive training available. Teach-O-Matic : Character
        Studio® 3, does not require that Discreet Character Studio® 3 be installed.

        Teach-O-Matic : Character Studio® 3, cd set is available in English or French for only $149.00.

        For more information or to place an order, visit Di-O-Matic at or contact a sales
        representative at 514-570-2256.

        About Di-O-Matic Inc.

        Di-O-Matic, Inc. develops high-end character animation plug-ins for Discreet's 3ds max product line as
        well as training CDs for various 3D software applications. Di-O-Matic believes that character animation
        should be easy and fun and its tools are designed to bring efficient character setups into your workflow.
        Visit Di-O-Matic at

        Di-O-Matic's client includes: Ubi Soft, Blizzard, Rainbow Studios, Planet Blue, Viewpoint, Big Huge
        Games, Westwood, Eutechnyx, and Janimation, amongst many others.

           3ds max and character studio, are registered trademarks and Discreet is a trademark of Autodesk/Discreet in the USA and/or other

Di-O-Matic Press Contact: Marie-France Caouette, Phone: (514) 369-2400 Fax: (514) 907-1387

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