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									                              Participants of presentation
                        „Doing Business with the Czech Republic“
                                     May 11, 2011

 ABP Consulting, a.s.
  Focused on project and engineering management, realization of energy and environmental
  audits, construction and removal of buildings or thermal insulation of residential and
  family houses. In addition, organizing of educational activities, company
  and individual trainings.

 Vodni zdroje, a.s.
  Hydrogeological survey studies, local and regional projects, expert witness for water
  resources, design and evaluation, geophysical groundwater prospecting, well logging,
  pump tests, laboratory analyses etc. Design, drilling, construction and maintenance of
  wells and other water work‟s structures Design, construction and maintenance of small
  water supply treatment plants
  Environmental protection research and projects on remediation of impacted soil and
  groundwater, waste disposal, environmental programs (preventative and subsequent): Site
  investigation, contaminated sites environmental auditing, risk assessments, groundwater
  flow modelling, contaminant transport modelling, remediation feasibility study,
  contaminant plume monitoring, etc.
  References i.a. from Czech Development Assistance in Mongolia.

 Eurosound spol. s r.o.
  Engineering company specialized in capital construction, for instance waste water
  treatment plants, construction of flat, administrative, industrial and commercial buildings.
  Technical consultations in construction, architecture, engineering, geology, exploitation of
  References i.a. from Czech Development Assistance in Mongolia.

 Geomin druzstvo
  Czech geological and consulting company, offering services in a wide range of geological
  and environmental branches. The company´s pivotal programme is to project, carry out
  and evaluate geological works and perform the works associated with environmental
  References i.a. from Czech Development Assistance in Mongolia.

 Dekonta a.s.
  Dekonta is one of the leading Czech waste management, consulting and engineering
  companies offering a comprehensive package of environmental services :
   Hazardous waste treatment and disposal
   Remediation of contaminated sites
   Nation-wide 24-hour environmental emergency response service
   Environmental consulting
   Laboratory services.
  References i.a. from Czech Development Assistance in Mongolia.

 Geotest, a.s.
  GEOtest, a.s. is one of the largest and most important Czech firms dealing with protection
  of the environment through geology and environmental remediation, as well as in
   geotechnical and hydrogeological research. GEOtest's expert activities may be divided
   into 6 main branches, each headed by its section manager:
    Water and rock protection research
    Remediational activities for environment protection
    Waste management
    Geotechnics and engineering geology
    Hydrogeology
    Expert reports, studies, expert opinions (E.I.A., environmental audits, risk
       assessments, EMS - Environmental Management System)
   References i.a. from Czech Development Assistance in Mongolia.

 Tatra, a.s.
  The Tatra, a.s. company ranks among the oldest automobile companies in the world. At
  present, the company‟s core product range consists of heavy duty off-road trucks and
  trucks for combined off-road and on-road transportation. TATRA trucks are primarily
  based on a unique chassis concept and their great asset is their high mobility on the most
  difficult terrains in extreme climate condition, and last but not least, their reliability. The
  range consists of four basic lines, which include TERRN°1 and JAMAL civilian lines and
  ARMAX and FORCE military lines. TATRA trucks have reached the most notable
  achievements in the well-known Dakar Rally.

 Skoda Auto a.s.
  Skoda Auto is the biggest Czech car manufacturer and belongs to the oldest ones in the
  whole of world. The origins go back to the early 1890s. The total sales in 2010 reached
  more than 760 thousands of cars. Skoda Auto University was founded in 2000 and is the
  first corporate university in the Czech Republic. The company uses for the production the
  most advanced technology available to automobile manufacturers worldwide.

 Barum Continental, s.r.o.
  Tradition of the Czech Company Barum is over 70 years. It belongs to one of the biggest
  producers of automotive tyres in Europe famous for its top quality and reliability. Barum
  tyres are manufactured for road vehicles as well as for heavy trucks.

 Hanzl a.s.
  Construction company, specialized in city development, tourist structures, renovations and
  repairs of military facilities, development of transport infrastructure (participation in the
  construction of highways, railways, bridges etc.).
  Services - realizations
            - reconstructions
            - modernizations of flat, administrative, industrial and commercial buildings
            - designating and advisory
            - engineering works

 AlphaCon spol. s r.o.
  Company focuses on foreign business activities, especially export of investment units,
  modern technology, machines, equipment, vehicles, spare parts, but also textiles, food
  products and other goods of exclusively Czech and Slovak origin.
  The export of building services within the scope of "green-field" construction and
  reconstruction of old industrial and residential buildings, including the supply of
  technology and equipment, form an integral part of its foreign business activities.
   References i.a. from Czech Development Assistance in Mongolia.

 Agromont Vimperk spol. s r.o.
  Company Agromont Vimperk performs its activity in two manufacturing centers, in which
  ensures production of steel constructions, stable technologies and production of other
  technological components for animal breeding (crowd gates for milking parlour, feed
  racks and feeding devices). High product quality helps to ensure own development center,
  which cooperates with University of South Bohemia. Company performs investment
  construction with focus on farm functionality from view of technology and economy with
  use of longtime experience.

 Tescoma s.r.o.
  Tescoma is a Czech manufacturer of kitchen utensils for home and professional catering.
  The long successful presence in the international markets is founded on the following:
    an exceptionally wide and comprehensive range of kitchen utensils
    the excellent quality of the materials used and perfect manufacture of the products
    original design

 Tonak a.s.
  Tonak a.s. is one of the world‟s largest and most prominent manufacturers of headwear
  and with over 200 years experience, coupled with extensive know-how guarantee
  excellence in product quality. The Company‟s offering includes a wide range of millinery
  products, especially felt hats, hat bodies and knitted headwear, which enables Tonak a.s.
  to meet any requirements our customers in more than 50 countries worldwide may have.
  The traditional knitted headwear, mainly made from natural materials like wool and
  cotton, is currently produced on sophisticated machinery which ensures high quality as
  well as production flexibility.

Participation in the form of catalogues

 Hennlich Engineering
  An investor-engineering & production plant specialising in ways of combating dust
  nuisance in operation units. The key production program of Hennlich Engineering entails
  loading spout for dust-free operation with dry bulk materials. Apart from ensuring
  production, the branch provides complete “turn-key” deliveries as per the customer´s
  request - including design, assembly and service.
  Customer portfolio comprises companies such as cement plants, lime operations, coal
  power stations, heating plants, coal-cleaning plants, ceramics plants, quarries, mines,
  chemical factories, Agricultural Supply & Purchase Centres, manufacturers of fertilizers,
  granulation products, pellets and of dry mortar mixtures, building companies,
  manufacturers of rubble, sand and gravel, food processing plants, etc.

 Inco engineering s.r.o.
  The main focus of INCO engineering is put on the technology for vertical, inclined, and
  horizontal transport, mainly in the underground mines, but also in the open-pit ones. The
  extensive production plan includes hoists with a frictional disc as well as drum hoists,
  both of various constructions and output of up to 2 x 5500 kW, skips, cages, and other
  transport containers of different types and sizes including accessories, winding pulleys,
   mine-signaling systems, communication systems for transport containers, fully automated
   loading and unloading stations of skips, wagon-pushers, wagon-tipper stations, tracked
   wagon circuits, different kinds of conveyors, mine-ventilators including drives and
   regulation, as well as other machines and equipment. Another very important part of our
   activities revolves around modernizations and reconstructions of older mining hoists and
   other equipment.

 Bohemia Muller
  The company set up responsible people has been well known specialist on the LV (low-
  voltage), MV and HV market area. That is why the company focused their business and
  delivery, in that scope, for large industry companies and energy producers.
  Currenty, Bohemia Muller cooperates with Elektroprim-Koutnik, a. s., which is an
  engineering services provider and contractor offering comprehensive engineering
  solutions and services for surface mining, thermal power engineering and construction. It
  provides a highly individualized approach and a full range of services, which include
  project design, delivery and installation, other services, final testing and inspections and
  operational startup.

 Czech Extraction and Mining Technology (CDT)
  Business companies, that create association CDT, are renowned, prosperous and
  economically advanced companies, which connect on long-term mining tradition in Czech
  Republic. They have practical experiences with complete supplies for mining and
  modification of mineral resources, which stretch from own planning of mine, selection
  and determination of right technology, over processing of concrete facility plan ,
  reinsurance of complete production including assembly and actuation including financing
  of all business event. Summary of their theoretical knowledge, practical skills and know-
  how from area of capital equipment supply, engineering and trade in general, contribute to
  complex project capability, engineering and financial activity in area of extraction of
  mineral resources. Inconsiderable positive factor are also experiences and contacts in
  foreign trade area and present close cooperation of individual member companies with

 Merko CZ
  Main strategy is to supply the customer with a concrete technical solution according to the
  requirements of the customer. Thanks to permanent technical development
  the company is prepared to supply supplemental equipment, containers, transporters,
  elevators, automatic operational lines for manufactured goods, sorters, recycling
  equipment, heating and pressure stations and solutions for year round operations of
  concrete manufacture and other components for concrete suppliers and manufacture of
  concrete goods.

 T-CZ
  Company has primarily been orienting and further developing its activities in the branches
  of radiocommunication and radiolocation technology. In the branches mentioned above, T
  - CZ offers comprehensive services to its customers that are of high professional standard.
  It provides for research and development of new equipment and performs exacting
  prototype as well as type tests. It produces functional samples and prototypes, and
  provides for repeated single-part production and low series production as well. It
  undertakes complete deliveries including assembling, installation and operation start-up.
   At the same time, it also provides for project design and consulting activity, training of
   equipment operators, and for warranty and after warranty service.

 Alfasim
  Alfasim is a Czech producer of professional flight simulators for civil and military
  training aircraft. Our simulators have their own mechanical design, instructor stations,
  control units, optical sensors, full instrumentation, simulation software and detailed
  training methodology. We manufacture simulators exclusively for specific types of real
  aircraft, always with the support of aircraft manufacturers, with whom we cooperate on an
  official level. Alfasim simulators can be expanded to include a circular projection surface,
  satellite data from the client‟s geographical area and an enclosed, air-conditioned pilot‟s

 Osma zpracovani plastu, s.r.o.
  The largest manufacturer of plastic piping systems in the Czech Republic. OSMA is a
  brand that represents a perfect blend of manufacturing, quality assurance, sales, logistics,
  marketing and consulting in providing high-quality plastic piping and sewage systems.

 BKG uprava vody, s.r.o.
  BKG Water treatment specializes in projection, engineering and manufacturing of water
  treatment plants and water technological solutions. Its engineering know-how and
  practical experience allow to focus on wide range of technologies such as filtration plants,
  ion technology of softening, decarbonization, demineralization including chemical
  treatment and chemical neutralization including full automatization of highest engineering
  level. Nevertheless our main focus is membrane technology which has gained on
  importance significantly in the recent years particularly due to lower operational and
  investment costs.

 Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic
  Single organization representing companies engaged in research, development,
  production, trade and marketing services to military and security equipment, material and
  Members according to segment activities:
           Aviation and associated equipment
           Systems of command, their equipment
           Navigation and radiolocation
           Armoured and other vehicles, their equipments
           Weapons, fire control systems, ammunition
           Engineering, chemic and health equipment
           Research, development, repair and training
           Equipment and appliances for security sevices
           Trade and other activities

 Association of Aviation Manufacturers in Czech Republic (ALV)
  ALV has more than 40 members, from major prime contractors and systems suppliers,
  through aircraft aggregates and components manufacturers to small specialist companies.
  They cover the whole spectrum of skills from design, development and production of the
  aerospace systems to maintenance and operation including marketing and sales.
   Activities range from military and civil aircraft, aircraft engines and weapon systems, to
   the space research, aircraft systems components and aggregates production , including
   respective software.

 Czech Geological Survey
  The Czech Geological Survey (CGS), the history of which has started in 1919, has
  evolved during almost 90 years of it„s existence into an internationally recognized
  research institute covering a wide range of geo-scientific topics. The main fields of
  expertise include geological mapping and research, study of mineral resources and their
  economic potential, mining impact assessment, geochemistry, environmental studies,
  applied geology, hydrogeology and natural hazards, geo-data management and GIS.

 Svit Machinery
  Company follows up a long tradition in production of shoemaking machines, moulds and
  spare parts in Zlin region of Czech Republic and supplies not only single new and
  reconditioned SVIT brand machines but also complete production lines and technological
  units for local as well as foreign customers worldwide.
  Thanks to the emphasis on quality, reliability of spare parts shipments and complete
  service we are constantly broadening our satisfied customers‟ base. For beginning
  shoemakers we offer complete technical and technological support during the start up of
  their production, for existing experienced ones we supply machines as per their wishes
  and demands.

 Svitap
  Svitap has wide product portfolio, that includes production of technical fabrics (canvas,
  flax fabrics, filtration fabrics) and technical confection, POE tarpaulins, nonwoven
  textiles, upholstery fabrics and blankets, working clothes fabrics, cleaning textiles,
  modified textiles, tablecloths, bed linen, geotextiles etc. New product is a PET strapping
  band. J.H.J. Ltd. is supplier of Army of the Czech Republic. Svitap is an eco-friendly

Participation in the form of samples

 Budweiser Budvar
  Budweiser Budvar has reached the position of the major beer market player by way of a
  gradual and conscientious expansion into foreign markets and strengthening its position at
  home. The volume of export sales makes Budweiser Budvar Czech Premium Lager one of
  the most exported Czech beer brands. Almost a half of its production is exported into
  more than 50 countries on all continents.

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