Jr Badminton Tournament by ashrafp


									        Hanover Junior High Badminton – 2011
       Grade 7 Round-Robin – Tuesday, May 3rd , 2011 - Steinbach Junior High
       Grade 8 Round-Robin - - Tuesday, May 3rd , 2011- SCHS
       Grade 9 Round-Robin - Tuesday, May 3rd , 2011 - SRSS
       Grade 7, 8 & 9 Semis & Finals - Thursday, May 5th, 2011- SRSS
       5:00 – 9:30p.m. on both evenings. (appox.)
       One entry per event.
       To fill in positions, coaches may "bump up" a competitor to a higher grade level
        but are not permitted to bump down a grade level.
       Competitors will be limited to enter in one event.
       Competitors will play a round-robin in their pool.
       One game against each school will be played.
       The top 4 players or teams in each pool will advance to the playoffs.
       First will play Fourth in Semi-Final #1.
       Second will play Third in Semi-Final #2.
       Winners advance to the Final.
       Medals to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishers.
       The Grade 9 Banner will be presented to the school with the most points after the
        round-robin and playoffs in all events. 9 points will be awarded to the first place
        finisher in each pool; 8 points for second; 7 points for third .... 1 point
        for ninth. If schools tie in points then the school with the most first
        place finishers will receive the banner.

I will send this info. Out after the tournament is completed
This fee does not apply to students

       Monday, April 25th 2011

       Please feel free to contact Tyler Shields at Kleefeld School.
       Email tshields@hsd.ca ph. # 377-4751 or fax 3774545.

General Info:
  - All players must wear proper gym shoes.
  - All players are responsible for their personal belongings.
  - Spectators are to watch from the bleachers only. (SRSS)
  - Please keep away from the area behind the scorekeeper's table.
  - Please do not rally with the birdie in the hallway of any school. (SRSS)
  - Please place all garbage in the cans provided., and recycle empty water bottles or
sports drinks.

  - All games in the round robin are to 15-points. Must win by 2. The cap is 17.
  - Game numbers will be announced from the scorekeeper's area.
  - One player must pick up a scoresheet and head to the court.
  - Please stay off the other courts when heading to yours.
  - Toss the birdie to determine who will serve first.
  - Begin your game.
  - All scoring is based on the honor system. Disputes should be settled during the
    game, not after. Reserve if you are unsure. See me if you have any major problems.
    Please note: Missing the birdie during a serve results in a reserve.
  - Please announce the score before each serve.
  - When finished, leave the bird on the court.
  - Winners to report back to the scorekeepers area with the scoresheet.
  - Results will be posted on the wall and updated throughout the evening.

  - The top four in each pool advance to the playoffs. First place will play fourth while
    second place will play third place.
  - Ties will be decided in the following manner:
         - 2-way tie - record between the two teams involved.
         - 3 or 4-way tie - a) record between the teams involved.
                            b) points for and against between the teams involved.
                            c) points for and against versus all teams.
  - All matches will be a one-game match except for the Championship Final which will
     be a best-of-three format.
  - All games in the playoffs will be to 15-points. Must win by 2. The cap is 17.
  - In game one of the finals, the top ranked team receives a choice of the following:
             a) the side of the court.
             b) who serves first.
  - The winner of the first game serves first from the other side in a new game. The
    winner of the second game in a three game match changes sides and serves. In game
    three, if necessary, change sides and continue serve at 6.
  - Good luck to all the participants and remember good sportsmanship.

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