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        NB : Applicants must appear at the Embassy at least once for an
                    interview, either to apply or to collect.
Embassy of Japan in Pretoria


Physical     259 Baines Street,
address:     Corner of Bains and Frans Oerder Streets
             Groenkloof, Pretoria,
             Republic of South Africa

Postal       Embassy of Japan
address :    Private Bag X999,
             Pretoria 0001
             Republic of South Africa

Telephone: +27-(0)12-452-1500

Fax :        +27-(0)12-460-3800

Emails : ( Visa Section)
    ( Culture & Information Centre)

Office of Consul of Japan in Cape Town

Physical     2100 Main Tower, Standard Bank Centre,
address:     Heerengracht, Cape Town,
             Republic of South Africa

Postal       Office of Consul of Japan
address :    Heerengracht, Cape Town 8001
             Republic of South Africa

Telephone : +27-(0)21-425-1695

Fax :        +27-(0)21-418-2116
             I.          Visas for temporary visitors (business and tourism) - single entry

   Visa applications will only be accepted by the visa section if completed application forms, together with the
    required attachments, are submitted
   Once visa applications are officially accepted, visas will be issued in two working days , only if presented in the
    mornings from 09:00 to 12:30.

                             Required documents for all visa applications

   One application form completed in full and one photograph 45mm x 45mm (not a printed copy)
   Full flight schedule from travel agent

                                            Additional requirements
    Business visa

                 Fee: R250.00
                 Original letter from applicant’s company in S.A. stating nature of visit, name and
                  addresses of companies applicant will visit in Japan
                 Original letter stating company will bear all costs for visit
                 Invitation letter from company in Japan applicant intends to visit

    Tourist visa

                 Fee: R250.00
                 Daily schedule of places where applicant will visit in Japan
                 Names and addresses of hotels with copy of booking vouchers
                 Original bank letter stating applicant has sufficient funds for visit
                 Copy of invitation letter, should the applicant be invited by a friend/family


   Please note: no temporary passports are accepted
   In cases where a double or multiple entry visa is required, please contact the visa officer well in advance
   Non South African passport holders are requested to contact the Embassy for details concerning additional
   Details concerning specific visas, eg., working visa, student, cultural, etc, should direct their inquiries to the
   Additional information may be required.

    General Visa Information
   Please note that all information given here is of a general nature. Application procedures vary according to
    nationality and purpose of journey to Japan. It may be that when an applicant applies for a visa, he/she is asked
    to provide documents which have not been mentioned here.
   To avoid confusion, please contact the consular section directly to confirm the application procedure. Please
    note the Consular Section does not accept enquiry by email at this moment.
   Consular Section is open from 9:00-12:30 (application in the mornings only) and 14:00-16:00, Monday to
    Friday except South African and some Japanese national holidays.
   It is advisable to telephone in advance if it is unclear whether the Consular Section will be open or not.
   Visa applicants living in the Cape area should apply to the Consular Office of Japan in Cape Town. Please
    contact them directly to confirm the application procedure.
   Visa application form is available here [ download pdf file ] [ download MSWord file in zipped format ]
                                            Criteria of Visa Insurance

         In principle, a Japanese visa will be issued to an applicant when he/she complies with all the following
         requirements and the issuance is regarded as reasonable:

                  The applicant possesses a valid passport and is entitled for the re-entry to the country of
                   which he/she is a national citizen or the country of his/her residence
                  All submitted documents are authentic, completed and satisfactory
                  The activities to be engaged in while in Japan, or civil status, or the position of the applicant,
                   and the period of stay meet the requirements for the status of residence and the period of
                   stay stipulated in the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act (Cabinet Order No.
                   319 of 1951, hereinafter referred to ac "the Act")
                  The applicant shall not fall under any of the items of Article 5, Paragraph 1 of the Act

                                           Reciprocal visa exemption
If your home country has a reciprocal visa exemption arrangement with Japan, then it is possible to enter Japan without
first obtaining a visa for the following purposes:

         sightseeing, recreation, amateur sports, visiting relatives, short -term study, inspection tour,
         participation in unpaid lectures or meetings, attending a conference, business contact or other similar

   List of Countries and Regions That Have Visa Exemption Arrangements with Japan

         (62 countries and regions as of April 2006)

                            Areas                 Countries and regions              Term of residence

                             Asia                         Singapore                   3 months or less

                                                            Brunei                     14 days or less

                                                   Hong Kong (BNO, SAR                 90 days or less

                                                      Republic of Korea                90 days or less

                                                           Taiwan                      90 days or less

                                                   Macau (SAR passport)                90 days or less

                        North America                      Canada                     3 months or less

                                                            U.S.A                      90 days or less

                      Latin America and                    Mexico                     6 months or less
                                                          Argentina                   3 months or less

                                                          Bahamas                     3 months or less

                                                            Chile                     3 months or less

                                                         Costa Rica                   3 months or less

                                                       Dominican Rep.                 3 months or less

                                                         El Salvador                  3 months or less

                                                         Guatemala                    3 months or less

                                                          Honduras                    3 months or less
                Suriname       3 months or less

                 Uruguay       3 months or less

                Barbados       90 days or less

Middle East       Israel       3 months or less

                  Turkey       3 months or less

 Oceania        Australia *    90 days or less

               New Zealand     90 days or less

  Africa         Lesotho       3 months or less

                 Mauritius     3 months or less

                 Tunisia       3 months or less

  Europe          Austria      6 months or less

                Germany        6 months or less

                  Ireland      6 months or less

               Liechtenstein   6 months or less

               Switzerland     6 months or less

              United Kingdom   6 months or less

                 Belgium       3 months or less

                 Croatia       3 months or less

                  Cyprus       3 months or less

                 Denmark       3 months or less

                 Finland       3 months or less

                  France       3 months or less

                 Greece        3 months or less

                 Iceland       3 months or less

                   Italy       3 months or less

               Luxembourg      3 months or less

                Macedonia      3 months or less

                  Malta        3 months or less

               Netherlands     3 months or less

                 Norway        3 months or less

                 Portugal      3 months or less

               San Marino      3 months or less

                 Slovenia      3 months or less

                  Spain        3 months or less

                 Sweden        3 months or less

                 Andorra       90 days or less

                 Bulgaria      90 days or less

               Czech Rep.      90 days or less

                 Estonia       90 days or less

                 Hungary       90 days or less

                  Latvia       90 days or less
                                    Lithuania              90 days or less

                                    Monaco                 90 days or less

                                     Poland                90 days or less

                                    Slovakia               90 days or less

                                Please note:

   In the case of the waiver of visa requirements of up to three months or 90 days,
    foreigners are granted upon landing a temporary visitor status for a period of
    90 days (15 days for Brunei).
   Nationals of countries and regions that have taken measures concerning the
    waiver of visa requirements with Japan for stays of up to six months in principle
    are granted permission to stay in Japan for 90 days at the time of landing.
    Nationals of these countries and regions who wish to stay in Japan for more
    than 90 days must apply at their nearest immigration authority in Japan for an
    extension of their period of stay.
   In the case of Australia, Japan adopts a unilateral measure, not a bilateral
    waiver of visa requirements.
   In the case of Bangladesh, Pakistan and Iran, the waiver of visa requirements
    is temporarily suspended.
   In the case of Malaysia, Peru and Colombia, it is recommended to obtain visa.
   In the case of China, visas are not required only for students of elementary,
    junior and senior high school in China for the purpose of school excursion
    staying in Japan less than 30 days.

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