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        Elks Newsletter                                                                                      Organization
                                                                                                              U.S. Postage
Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
   Big Rapids Elks Lodge No. 974
203 E. Pine St., Big Rapids, MI 49307 (231)796-5451
                                                                                                             Big Rapids, MI
           NOVEMBER, 2009                                                                                    Permit No. 42

                                                               Birthday? Anniversary? Wedding? Retirement?
                     Lodge Officers
                      2009 – 2010                                    Need a place to hold your special event?
Chad Currie                        Matt Currie
                                                                  CONTACT THE LODGE AT (231) 796-5451 to
LOYAL KNIGHT                       LECTURING KNIGHT             reserve the Lodge facilities for your special event!!!
Nick Kaye                          Tom Stellard                           Your help would be appreciated.
ESQUIRE                            CHAPLAIN
Blain Adams                        Doug Rehkopf                                 Rental Rates & Deposit
INNER GUARD                        TILER
Charlie Siegert
                                                                              Lodge Members is $75.00,
SECRETARY                          TREASURER                             + $100.00 refundable fee for cleaning.
Carl Boroff                        Lynn Cook                                  Sound System Available
        Trustees               Governing Body                                   GUESTS & VISITORS
Susan Johnson-4 Dan Wanink-3 Four Elected Officers             All guests must be accompanied by a member, and
Greg Johnson-1 Jim Lindsey-2       and                         they must be signed in. Visiting Members are asked
Joyce Sonntag-5                  Trustees
                                                               to display their membership card.

Spring Valley Golf Course                                                          Lodge Meetings – 8:00 pm on the second
                                                                                     and fourth Thursday of each month
 2 Miles East of Reed City on US 10
 Don Semeyn, Owner & Elk Member
                                              FUNERAL HOME, INC.                      except July & August meetings for
                                               Big Rapids, Michigan 49307           second Thursday. The Club Room of
 18 Holes w/Cart Plus Lunch at Turn                                                the Lodge is open at 4:30 pm Monday --
                                                        (231) 796-3611              Fridays. Closed Saturdays til further
     2 players $52 / 4 players $100
                                                                                      notice except for special functions.
                                                      Fax (231) 796-7335
  Bring this ad—Phone 231-832-5041
                               Greetings from your Exalted Ruler
                                                   November, 2009
                       October was a busy month. Steve Stellard and myself delivered some Drug
                       Awareness material to the now Mecosta County Youth Center. I believe what they
                       started there will be major asset to our community.

Ribfest III was a success. Dan Wanink and his crew did a wonderful job. Many people raved about the
ribs Kraig Snyder cooked to perfection.

We also now have WIFI so you can come down and surf the net from the Lodge. Also, Steve Stellard put
together a web site for us at Upcoming events and the newsletters will be updated
often. Those who would like to receive their newsletter via email, please give us your address or tell us if
you can read it via let us know.

Looking ahead we have the Feather Party on Monday, November 2nd. The raffles start at 5:00 with dinner
to follow at around 7:00. Remember, this is to fund our Christmas Charities for the needy families in our
area. If you know any families that we could help, give us their names and we will try to help those close
to us. Anyone interested in helping shop and wrap or delivery, please contact Matt at 629-7365.
Shop on Dec 13 and deliver on Dec 19.

On Tuesday, November 10th we are having a Yooper Night from 6-8pm. Come and enjoy Cudighies and
Pasties and Euchre and “Da Yoopers”. Lynn Cook and Dan Wanink are looking to see you.

A little further ahead is Diamonds in December. Last year was a good time, so this year is sure to be
bigger and better. Look for more information next month.

                                                    Don’t forget to stop in for your birthday drink.

Chad Currie -- Exalted Ruler

              November 2, 2009
                Feather Party

             November 10, 2009
               Yooper Night

   “A Night to Remember…Diamonds In December”

   Wednesday December 2nd we are starting off the
   Holiday Season with a special evening. From 6pm to
   8pm we will have Martini Night with special hors
   d’oeuvres, music and vendors displaying items for

   A perfect time to share some Holiday cheer, and get
   some shopping done. There will be something for
   everyone and special prizes………see you then!

                                      Proposed for Membership
                 Scott Myers        Reinstatement -- Proposed by             Chad Currie
                                           November 2009
Sun          Mon                  Tue             Wed                Thu                 Fri                 Sat

1            2                    3               4                  5                   6                   7
             Feather Party                                           Margarita Nite      Charlie’s fish
             5pm Raffle starts

8            9                    10              11                 12                  13                  14
             Taco Nite 5:30-8pm   Yooper Nite     Lodge Meeting      Lodge Meeting       Currie’s fish
                                  Cudighies &                                            crew
                                  Pasties 6-8pm

15           16                   17              18                 19                  20                  21
             Taco Nite 5:30-8pm                                      Martini Nite        PER fish crew

22           23                   24              25                 26                  27                  28
             Taco Nite 5:30-8pm                   Lodge Meeting      Lodge Closed Carl & Lynn
                                                                     Thanksgiving fish crew

                                                  Dec 2                                  Dec 4 Trustee
29           30                                                                          Dec 11 Gals
             Taco Nite 5:30-8pm                   Diamonds in                            Dec 18 Iltis

      Upcoming Activities                                                   Yooper Night
                                                                                November 10th
                                                                             6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Nov 2       Feather Party
Nov 10      Yooper Nite                                           Try something New and Tasty
Nov 26      Thanksgiving, Lodge closed
Dec 2       Diamonds in December                                         Enjoy Cudighies and pasties
Dec 5       Hoop Shoot
Dec 6       Memorial Service                                      Play euchre and listen to “Da Yoopers”
                                                                         You’ll get a kick out of their UP humor
Dec 13      Shopping for Christmas
Dec 18      Tom & Jerry Party & Santa visit                          Cudighi – spiced sausage made into patties.

Dec 19      Deliver Christmas                                 A cudighi sandwich consists of a cudighi patty, served
                                                                 with tomato-based sauce, and melted mozzarella.
Dec 24-25   Lodge closed — Christmas
Jan         Mexican Nite                                     Pastie - The perfect blend of beef, pork, potatoes, rutabaga
                                                         and onions, seasoned to perfection, wrapped in a thin buttery crust.
Jan         Italian Nite                                                Amounts: LIMITED, come early…
                                                                                Cudighi - $ 4.00 each
                                                                        Pasties - $ 3.50 half or $ 7.00 whole
     MEMBERS                              ANNIVERSARIES
03   Michael Butler
05   David Newcombe                  02    Robert & Sandy Pagel
08   Troy Hunt
10   August Anderson, Bill Taylor
11   Bernard Johnson                 10    Bert & Marjorie Lindback
13   David Stader
14   Doyle Brown                           William & MaryJo Peppler
15   Michael Welch
19   Edward Houk
21   John DeJonge                    14    Robert & Ruth Henderson
24   Joyce Sonntag, Ralph Wallace
26   Dave Krug, Tom Stellard
27   Bill Poppe                      21    William & Carol Horner
29   Nicholas Boerma
30   Dan Wanink                            Lewis & Beth Wendrow

       SPOUSES                       22    Richard & Rebecca Kowalkoski
07   Mary Blakely
08   Mary Emerich
09   Susan Fisher                    23    Bill & Lynne Scheible
     Sueann Walz
12   Paula Foreman
15   Ann Mitchell                    30    Todd & Susan Fisher
16   Emily Wallace
23   Linda Fessler
24   Margaret Gingrich              ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
     Cindy Hull
28   Phyllis Jacobs