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The best chocolate truffles around


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        <p>There are lots of pretty skilled chocolatiers in London, who
make great chocolate trufles. a minotiry of them put that extra bit of
attention in, and only produce hand made truffles . Others go the extra
mile and refuse to put any preservatives in. <br><br>Unless you've
treated yourself to handmade, fresh chocolate triff;es, you won't quite
believe the difference. chocolates made by hand mean they've had that
extra bit of attention put in. They are not processed buy a machine that
is the size of your house, but slowly made by a trained oompa loompa's
hands, caring about each and every chocolate truffle that is made.
<br><br>Who would you rather have making your chocolates? A very
expensive piece of machinery that just consumes electricity and doesn't
know if your final truffle is good or bad, or do you want someone that
cares about your finished, someone who understands just how good they
taste, and quite how good they can be, and also exactly what to do if you
have a problem. <br><br>Chocolate truffles are very hard to work with and
no amounts of investment in fancy machines called 'Bertha' can tell a
superb chocolate better than a highly skilled chocolatier.<br>The other
very important part about real chocolate is learning what the ingredients
are. Buy a chocolate bar from any high street shop (or even from some
'chocolatiers' on the high street) and you'll find ingredients such as
vegeatable oil! E-numbers, or flavourings, or preservatives. Trust me,
great tasting chocolate truffles does not contain vegetable
oil.<br><br>Why do chocolate truffles contain vegetable
oil?<br><br>Because they don't give a monkeys about taste, and really
only care about costs. They want to sell to you the cheapest chocolates
they can at the most expensive price they can.<br><br>Vegetable oil is
used instead of cocoa butter - which is naturally found in real
chocolate. The very big and very rich chocolate company will have worked
out that they can remove cocoa butter out of chocolate, and sell that for
use in cosmetics and face treatments at 4 or 5 times the price of the
cheap oil they put back in the chocolate. So removing cocoa butter and
replacing with oil is just a way to get more profit for these massive
companies. Do chocolate truffles taste any better with vegetable oil in?
(I'll let you decide) if you aren't sure, then mix a spoon of vegetable
oil into a plate of cocoa Taste fantastic? I think not.<br><br>Why do
fresh, handmade <a rel="nofollow"
href="">chocolate truffles</a> taste
amazing?<br><br>handmade chocolates taste better because there is less
inside them, and less is better. For a similar comparison, try a cake,
freshly made by your aunt that came out of the oven a few hours ago, and
compare that with one you bought from a shop - like the ones that you buy
in a box, with plastic packaging inside, and a list of ingredients longer
than the Sunday Times. I've never found a food which is better with
stacks of preservatives in, and I doubt you can - nothing can beat home-
made fresh food, and I really want you to seek out the best of any food
you find - if it's bread, cakes, doughnuts or fresh
chocolates.<br><br><br></p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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