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Handmade Chocolate Truffles 1


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        <p>I was attempting to keep my children busy the other day. I
walked in to find my boys had decided to do a bit of spring cleaning,
toddler style, and had removed every piece of clothing from their shelves
in the wardrobe and promptly scattered them all over the floor along with
the even spreading of their toys on top to boot, there was no visibility
of the bedroom carpet to be seen. Just as when you are at primary school
and teacher tries to tell you to fill all parts of the paper without
leaving and traces of white left!</p>
<p>In an attempt to keep their frantic little minds from wandering any
further and to at least keep the house in some what orderly fashion, I
decided it was time to strap them in the car, leave the mess behind and
head for town in search of some amazing new discovery to keep my little
angels busy!</p>
<p>Walking through the shops and viewing all the pre-packed items it was
getting clear to me that the quality of most items these days are simply
not built to last.</p>
<p>I continued up the high street where I ventured, with children in tow,
into a quaint little bookshop where I made a great discovery, how to make
<a rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview',
href="">handmade chocolate
truffles</a>! What a beauty and what a great genius idea. Upon reading
the contents of this book and viewing the delightful photos of what the
end product should look like after production, it was a great way to keep
the little monkeys busy and out of trouble, I won't mention about the
thoughts that ran around my head about the newly decorated kitchen that
would have a lovely coating of chocolate and strands once the children
had finally finished.</p>
<p>We paid for the book and rushed over to the supermarket to purchase
the ingredients for the first recipe. The staff at the supermarket were
all rather lovely and gave me a look of sincere admiration as the
contents of the shopping basket made it clear as to the activity that
would shortly take place. At this time the children were starting to get
slightly restless, this is when I took the opportunity to advise them
what the task of the day was going to be, their little faces lit up with
sheer delight, while mine frowned at thoughts of what lay ahead!</p>
<p>We arrived home, ok deep breath, is worth skipping this part and
getting straight to the cup of tea? Needless information, however, I was
pleasantly surprised, the boys took the job at hand rather maturely, and
enjoyed mixing and being ever so gentle attempting to make each of their
<a rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview',
href="">handmade chocolate
truffles</a> look so professional!</p>
<p>Unfortunately the taste was not as welcoming as they would have hoped,
after clearing up and juices all round the boys were absolutely shattered
and decided it was time to have a nap. This is the point where I sank
into the sofa with what seemed like the best cup of tea ever, moral of
the story? Leave the chocolate truffle making to the professionals!</p>

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