The Best Urbani Truffles In The World by anamaulida


									Urbani family has been a prestigious - and respected - name in the
truffle business for generations. From its inception, in 1850, under the
guidance of Carlo Urbani, the Urbani reputation for excellence has been
carefully and faithfully handed down from one generation to the next.
As a result, the passage of so many years has served only to strengthen
the Urbani name and heritage, as each newer generation blends the
traditions, customs and knowledge of the previous one, and adds its own
unique sense of enrichment.

  Thus the Urbani name maintains its esteemed reputation of pre-eminence,
and continues to represent the best in truffle sourcing and processing.
Today, the Urbani Group is proudly and effectively directed by Paolo and
Bruno Urbani, direct descendant brothers of the Urbani founders.
Each one of these highly dedicated and trusted men serves as the primary
conduit through which all Italian and foreign associates make their
initial contact with the Urbani Tartufi company.      In addition, Paolo
and Bruno Urbani represent the assurance that there will be a constant
supply of truffles. The success of Urbani Tartufi, in great measure, has
been made possible by the unique charisma and profound knowledge of the
Urbani brothers. For both Paolo and Bruno, their greatest pleasure is
seeing their truffles, which are found and picked in fertile woodlands
thousands of miles away, being served on tables in some of the most
prestigious restaurants in the world, or as stunning exhibits in famous
shop windows, where they entice shoppers who know - and long for - the
exotic taste and pleasures of a truffle.      Paolo and Bruno Urbani
understand that because of the Urbani legend and legacy, they have become
an integral part of a highly successful and fascinating world that for
centuries has revolved around the delicate truffle.      By providing the
world with this rarest of delicacies, the Urbanis understand the economic
contract that exists between them and their workers, and between them and
their clients. These are contracts that they take with the utmost
seriousness and sense of moral obligation. They not only acknowledge the
benefit of hard work; they celebrate it.      For this reason, Paolo
Urbani received the highest sign of honor - the "Cavaliere del Lavoro" -
from the President of the Italian Republic. This prestigious title is
reserved only for those special (and rare) entrepreneurs who have made a
huge economic impact on Italy.      Find tips about rubrum lily and
resurrection lily at the Types Of Lilies website.

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