Chocolate Truffles Sheer Luxury by anamaulida


									Always a lover of chocolate I was recently was bought as a present a
selection of hand-made chocolate truffles from Prestat. Naturally I tried
them with the urgency only a true chocaholic can understand and savoured
each one with only the pure dedication such an afficionado can
muster.Superlatives escaped me then and escape me now when I think about
them whilst eagerly awaiting the next delivery.The real winner for me was
the banoffee truffles. A lover also of bananas which go so well with so
many things and chocolate being no exception, they were made for each
other. A delicate, if a little sweet, blend of two of the best flavours I
have yet discovered, I wallowed in sheer luxury in total bliss and
completely unaware of the snow falling outside. If you've got a sweet
tooth, you'll die for these. White chocolate truffles are filled with
soft caramel infused with real banana. The truffles have been spun with
dark chocolate lightly flavoured with coffee which has been decaffeinated
to keep the health-conscious brigade happy.Then I moved on to the
Champagne truffles, yet another perfect combination allowing for total
self-indulgence.In fact it was only when I thought of re-ordering did the
horror of a delay in delivery through bad weather come to mind. But the
horror soon passed and the new delivery duly arrived.Only delivered in
mainland Britain they remain a secret not yet discovered by the rest of
the world.For over 100 years Prestat's chocolates and truffles have been
enjoyed by everyone - from royalty, stars of the stage and screen,
families and children around the world, from as far flung places as
Singapore and Australia.The company's roots begin in 1902 in London by
Chocolatier extraordinaire Antoine Dufour, following his family's
creation of the chocolate truffle in Chambery, France, in 1895. Antoine
saw an opportunity to bring his skills to London, where chocolate cafes
and shops known as Refreshment Rooms were growing in popularity. With
Antoine's flair for creativity and perfection, Prestat became an instant
success.What enables Prestat to be so creative is that unlike many
chocolatiers - focusing purely on profit - Prestat has managed to
withhold the growing trend of the ready-made product. They ensure all the
chocolates are hand-crafted and filled and gift wrapped under the same
roof, and more importantly under the same watchful gaze of their
qualified and talented chocolatiers. Find out more about this fantastic
range of unashamedly English Chocolates (Please note deliveries are only
made to the UK mainland)

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