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Taste truffles


									Truffle can be considered by some people simply as an expensive   mushroom
while others would rather call it the white gold mainly because   of its
price. Taste being something very personal and can be different   from one
to another, some people may not like the truffles if they get a   chance to
try them.

While there were many attempts to cultivate the truffles, few succeeded,
but now most truffles found and sold are wild truffles. In order to
extract truffles from the earth, you need to be well equipped, but not
with heavy machinery or shovels, but with the right animal. People
picking up truffles usually use either a trained pig or a trained dog
that is going to walk around sniffing the earth to find the rare
Truffles cannot be found everywhere on the planet though. Most truffles
can be found in Europe, Japan, North Eastern United States of America,
Australia, New Zealand, and in some places in China and India.
There are hundreds of different varieties of truffles, with the most well
known varieties being the white truffles and the black truffles.

We will not name all the countries from which these truffles come from,
but we can say that most black truffles come from the Perigord region in
France, and a big part of the white truffles can be found in Italy.

The white truffles also known as the Mozart of mushrooms can be found in
northern Italy in Alba, and a few grams of the mushrooms can be quite
expensive. But once you buy these truffles, it is best to buy an
appropriate tool to cut them properly.
It exists truffle shavers that will allow you to cut thin slices of the
precious mushroom and not waste it.
You can also find truffle salt if you find that buying truffles is a bit
expensive and do not really know what you would do with them. Truffle
salt is simply salt with small bits of truffle to give more flavour to
your salt and the dishes you will make with it. This salt is great with
risottos, egg dishes, or red meat for example just to name a few things.
Truffles are great as food gifts.

A lot of Italian food shops selling Italian delicatessen like Panettone,
or Food hampers usually also have truffle based products and truffles. So
if you want to buy Italian food, have a look at these shops, whether on
the shop itself or online as they also offer Italian food online.

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