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Chocolate Truffles - What Are These Delectable Desserts


									If you've ever watched any of the food channels, you may have seen
segments on how chocolate truffles are made. The truffles made with
chocolate mirror those that are found in the wild.What is a truffle?
Basically a truffle originates from the tuber family and is considered a
fungus. It is found mostly beneath the surface of the ground and can only
be sniffed out by dogs. Some truffles have also been found by pigs as
well. Traditionally, there are two types of truffles: black and white.
The white truffle is the most expensive.Let's face it; chocolate is high
on most every women's list and men as well. But giving a gift of
chocolate truffles is worth its weight in gold. Go to any premium
confectioner's store and you may be able to get an inside peek as to how
fresh chocolate covered truffles are made.In fact, there are a myriad of
chocolate truffle recipes which you can print out from a multitude of
websites as well. You can make chocolate truffles at home providing you
purchase the very best chocolate, such as Ghirardelli's.By the way,
making chocolate truffles at home is quite easy. Don't worry; you won't
be reliving the scene from the "I Love Lucy" episode wherein she and
Ethel are on the chocolate assembly line.Moreover, the food channel
sometimes has segments wherein not only chocolate truffles are made from
scratch, but you have the opportunity to see how real truffles are often
used in Italian cuisine. The shavings are used quite sparingly as the
cost is prohibitive.Nonetheless, chocolate lovers go absolutely mad over
these decadent delicacies, and no wonder. With the recent reports that
dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolates, now you can purchase a
box of dark chocolate truffles from such notable companies as Russell
Stover. For example, a 17.5 ounce box costs approximately $12.00.What
makes truffles covered in a chocolate ganache so appealing is that they
can be modified to include pecan or hazelnut toppings, coconut, or the
more traditional cocoa powder.If you've never had the opportunity to
taste a chocolate truffle, it has a deep, rich smooth flavor that you
will not forget anytime soon.With Easter soon approaching, why not pick
up a sample box of chocolate truffles? They are like potato chips; bet
you can't each just one!

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