; Gourmet Chocolate Truffles and Slates
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Gourmet Chocolate Truffles and Slates


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									Do not think of chocolate as just another type of junk food. Rather,
think rich, indulging and mouthwatering. This food of the gods was meant
to be pleasing, and not just to mouths, but eyes alike.Rich and created
with skilled preparation to include characteristics chocolate does not,
gourmet chocolate is of high quality. Why so? It is a piece of art.
Elaborately prepared to fancy all, gourmet chocolate comes in assortments
of milk, dark and white chocolate. Two popular types of gourmet chocolate
are truffles and slates, both of which are delicately hand crafted to
present an edible work of art at your fingertips. Made from soft
chocolate and shaped into a ball, truffles are coated with different
types of chocolate and carefully decorated. Although typically filled
with chocolate, truffles may also be filled with cream, caramel, coconut,
nuts, cherries or mint, for example. No wonder the truffle is the diamond
of the kitchen. Of course, if you are not sure which one to try, just buy
an assorted box. The word "slate" does not sound too appetizing, but
attracts any pair of eyes because of its sweet and creative appearance.
Slates are usually pieced together with barks, which are melted baking
chips. Most slates are coated with melted chocolate, but another popular
coat is caramel. Slates are easy to make and once you coat them, add what
you prefer to bite into. Most slates are mixtures of chocolate and nuts,
such as pecans and almonds. Be sure to mix the melted coat and topping
together and let sit to harden. Then, take a bite and be the judge of
your own art.Chocolate is not just a processed food to be sold at snack
bars. Real chocolate is gourmet chocolate, so cautiously arranged that
eyes take a more than just a moment to look before biting into such

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