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        <p><strong>A great product sells itself.</strong> Does that sound
like a lot of hooey? <strong>Let's take a look at a brilliant
organization that's doing it really, really, well. How about the team
that won the World Series, the San Francisco Giants</strong>? The Giants
keep their fans coming back every season because they are about so much
more than a ball and bat.</p>
<p><strong>It doesn't seem to matter whether we are on a winning streak
or stuck in an agonizing slump, that it's a school night or that we have
a 7am meeting--Giants fans stream into AT&amp;T Park from every region of
the Bay Area</strong>. Kids clutch their baseball gloves and dream about
catching a fly ball. There's a guy in our section who kicks off the
evening with garlic fries and tops it off with a sundae. He's probably
put on ten pounds over the summer, but doesn't seem to mind.</p>
<p>There's the seventh-inning stretch, Lou Seal and 42,000-strong soldout
audiences raising their voices to sing the national anthem, sending
shivers up your spine. Baseball is about the promise of spring and warm
summer evenings, the smell of freshly cut grass, memories of little
league, the taste of 'dogs and beer and the sense of community.</p>
<p><strong>It wasn't so long ago that I thought baseball was a total
snooze</strong>. When my friend Jim took me to my first game in 30 years,
I thought there were seven innings. When I realized that I had to suffer
through two more innings in freezing SF summer weather, I remember
thinking that this was sheer torture. That was April, and then came
November; <strong>I've become a diehard fan and torture has taken on a
whole new meaning--it's the way we play baseball here in San
<p><strong>The SF Giants are a group of men that evolved over a long
grueling season to become more than a bunch of overpaid jocks--they are a
team</strong>. This is not Barry Bonds baseball; this is about a bunch of
guys who play their hearts out every single night. These are the guys who
were perpetual underdogs, ignored and underrated by East Coast sports
writers. <strong>This is the team that squeaked into the playoffs and
walked away with the World Series.</strong></p>
<p><strong>It's a new season, and it's every bit as emotional as last
year's. We've lost Brother Buster for the season to an agonizing injury;
the Panda slimmed down and got his mojo back, but he's out on the
DL.</strong> We celebrated Miguel Tejada's joining the team, but wonder
if this 36-year-old is too old to be playing ball. Freddy Sanchez should
never be taken out of the lineup, and Cody Ross is back to playing superb
baseball after a turn on the DL.</p>
<p><strong>Our bullpen soars, with a roster of pitchers that is the envy
of the league, but we can't seem to hit. It's agonizing to watch former
homerun kings standing at the plate watching strikes go by. We roll our
eyes and groan, "what are they waiting for?" </strong>We've brought up a
few rookies, but lost one to injuries. Hometown Nate the Great has turned
into an extraordinary defensive player, but he struggles at bat. We
continue to win games, but it's always by the seat of our pants.
<strong>One sportscaster commented, "this team really doesn't seem to get
going until the seventh inning."</strong> And so it goes. Another season
of torture baseball.</p>
<p>The Giants are running some very clever and expensive advertising
campaigns, but they have little effect on people like me or tens of
thousands of other fans because we've caught the fever. We span ethnic
groups; we are young and old, male and female, straight and gay.<strong>
We are united by our love of Giants baseball and the endless
possibilities of the 2011 season</strong>.</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF--

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