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					When it comes to buying jewelry, the modern consumer is bombarded with
plenty of metal choices. And one of the metal comparisons that one may
come across is measuring the benefits of platinum alongside palladium.
While both are very similar and even related, only one can be considered
the premium metal for jewelry. So should you ever face the platinum to
palladium comparison, be sure to be well versed about the important
characteristics for each. After all, an educated consumer is the jewelry
industry's best customer!      Platinum should be thought of as the
superior metal choice for both men's and women's jewelry of all kinds.
Yet for each individual, the same metal can also be symbolic of very
different things. For her, platinum represents the pure expression of
love shared. It is precious, rare and eternal. For him, platinum is a
magnificent, distinguished and resilient mineral that separates the man
wearing it from those that do not. No other precious metal offers the
same level of excellence.

  Love lasts a lifetime, and so should your platinum engagement ring,
wedding bands or jewelry. With the inflated costs of nearly everything
associated with throwing a proper wedding (the cake, music, ice
sculpture, cuisine, etc.), platinum is one of the few items that may
actually increase in value as time passes. Your platinum jewelry can
potentially become an heirloom, so you can pass it down to future
generations. Imagine the face of your child, grandchild or great-
grandchild lighting up as they inherit a genuine piece of family history.
Also consider the following information when considering platinum:      ·
Quite simply, platinum is one of Earth's rarest elements.       · Its
naturally white color will not oxidize or decay over time. Platinum
jewelry will never turn yellow. It also ages very well.      · Scarcity
makes platinum highly prized, but its demanding nature also means that
only the most skilled artisans can work with it. A single ounce of
platinum not only requires exceptional effort to mine and refine, it
involves weeks of expert handling to craft into a piece of jewelry.
Palladium is also a naturally white precious metal that is a member of
the family of the platinum group metals. It is mined in some of the same
places as platinum and shares similar scientific qualities with the other
metals in this group. It stays white, is durable, and as time goes on,
even more new jewelry applications for this metal are inevitable. Yet,
the most exciting thing about palladium is that it is precious and pure,
so you can make a fair comparison of its relation to platinum. Jewelry
created from palladium can possibly stand the test of time.
Here are some additional palladium facts that you should keep in mind:
· Palladium is one of Earth's great white precious metals.        ·
Palladium jewelry offers some of the finer qualities of platinum but
currently costs less. It even costs less than gold. Palladium is a great
value if you are looking to buy precious metal jewelry, yet still save
some money.      · While platinum will always remain the hallmark for
white metal jewelry, palladium is a close relative that can step in and
get the job done.       · Palladium is hypo-allergenic.       · Palladium
is naturally white, so rhodium plating is not necessary. Rhodium plating
is used on white gold jewelry, and eventually it wears off and exposes
white gold's yellowish hue.      · Palladium is also fairly durable, so
wedding rings made of palladium will stand the test of time.        ·
Palladium's purity and preciousness make it an extremely attractive value
when compared to the lesser non-precious jewelry metals, like titanium
and tungsten.          To sum up the platinum to palladium comparison, it
can be stated that palladium is the better choice over white gold if
platinum is simply not an option due to its price. However, also keep in
mind that palladium is not necessarily an equal substitute for platinum,
but another reasonably affordable metal choice that is also very suitable
for jewelry. Platinum represents the pinnacle of all metals used in
jewelry manufacturing; it is the premium metal choice. And since jewelry
has meaning and value, you may wish to consider the most durable metal on
the market today. Sure, you pay more for platinum now, but the benefits
may last beyond your lifetime. Platinum is a worthy investment.

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