; MyReviewsNow Online Shopping Introduces The New Paleo Cook Book
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MyReviewsNow Online Shopping Introduces The New Paleo Cook Book


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									If you are online shopping and interested in weight loss and healthy
cooking, the Paleo Online Recipe E-book offered at MyReviewsNow is the
perfect cookbook for you! This delightful new book can help you prepare
delicious, healthy recipes right from home, and, paired with regular
exercise, can help you lose weight and keep it off.The Paleo Online
Recipe E-Book was written for enthusiasts of the Paleo-style of cooking,
emphasizing the use of whole, naturally occuring foods. It is believed
that the Paleo diet improves skin conditions like acne, while
contributing to heightened physical fitness and significant weight-loss.
The book has over 370 recipes and contains dozens of photographs to help
cooks through the preparation process. It is separated into 18 different
sections such as red meat, soups, and snacks, so that readers can quickly
find the dish they want to make. The recipes include dishes from every
culture, meaning cooks from all over the world should be able to find
both familiar and exotic dishes. Despite the vast array of food, the
Paleo Online Recipe E-book strives to use only pure, inexpensive, common
ingredients that can be found in any local grocery store. Two of the best
breakfast recipes are the bacon and spinach frittata and the apple and
cinnamon omelet. Dinner recieps include Beef roulade, Chicken marsala,
and a delectable rib roast with horseradish and herbs. Desserts range
from traditional pumpkin pies to more exotic chocolate dishes. The Paleo
cookbook has earned accolades from numerous food enthusiasts including
David Csonka of Naturally Engineered, Leigh Garcia from Paleo at Penn,
and Tyson Harker of Start Being Fit. All three recommend the cookbook for
newcomers to Paleo-style cooking as well as experienced chefs.One of the
Paleo cookbook's greatest accolades came from David Csonka of Naturally
Engineered. He was extremely impressed by the extensive herb and spice
guide found in cook book. Oustanding reviews were also received from
Leigh Garcia, a member of Paleo at Penn, a college group that supports
paleo eating because of the health benefits and low-cost ingredients, and
Tyson Harker, founder of Start Being Fit. Tyson particularly liked the
conversion tables and roasting guides the cookbook offers.Many others
have been thrilled with the ease and versatility of the Paleo cook book.
Matt from Chula Vista, California enjoys the great variety of foods.
Laura in Minneapolis recommended the book because of her increased energy
levels and increased satisfaction after meals. She also noticed a
decrease in upset stomachs after eating. Gina from Seeley Lake, Montana
lost over 30 pounds and her husband over 40 pounds by following the paleo
diet found in the cookbook paired with proper exercise. The reviews of
Gina and countless others prove that the paleo diet can lead to long term
weight loss. For a limited time in MyReviewsNow online shopping, the
Paleo Online Recipe E-book is available for only $34. That comes with a
guide for herbs and spices and eight weeks' worth of meal plans, an $81
value. Because this is a limited time only offer, customers should make
their purchase before this outstanding deal goes away.Because the Paleo
cookbook is completely electronic, buyers can begin accessing their
recipes immediately after the payment is received. Buyers do not have to
wait for a shipping company to bring a book to them, but can begin
cooking tonight! Paleo is also providing a money-back guarantee for the
next 60 days. If a buyer should find that, for any reason, they are not
satisfied with the Paleo cook book, they can request a full refund. So,
why wait? Go to the online shopping E-Book section at MyReviewsNow, and
check out Paleo today!

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