Report - Alex Rodriguez Used Steroids by anamaulida


									Sports Illustrated is reporting that New York Yankee superstar Alex
Rodriguez failed a steroid test in his Most Valuable Player season of
2003 while a member of the Texas Rangers. Given the events of the past
half a decade nobody should be surprised.Any sports reporter or pundit
who expresses surprise, dismay, incredulity, etc. in response to the
latest info that Alex Rodriguez should be ignored and ridiculed. Ever
since the BALCO Labs story broke legitimate journalists should have been
on their guard and assumed the worst whenever any baseball player put up
big numbers. ARod is no exception.As baseball players grew to look like
football players - before the BALCO wake-up call - it was apparent that
it was "medicine," not medicine balls, pharmaceuticals and not biceps
curls that were responsible for massive physiques in major league
baseball. The details that were revealed about the workout programs of
these players made the claims of the baseball players and their train
more suspicious.Workouts that would be substandard for your average
junior varsity baseball player were given the credit for building
massive, adult physiques. Baseball players were working out five or six
days per week, during the season and during the off-season, and people
thought this was a reflection of their superhuman genetics and work
ethic. ARod had a reputation of being a weight room animal and kept up a
prodigious pace during the season, including an extensive, pre-game
medicine ball routine.Now we know it has all been nonsense, lies and
cheating. Since ARod has been such a target of fan hatred over the years,
it will be interesting to see if all of the "no-big-dealers" - fans who
say that they love home runs and that baseball is just entertainment -
will change their tune.The body has a finite ability to grow and there
are limits to how much natural energy people have, no matter how
genetically gifted. Baseball players - and other athletes - have been
pushing an envelope that couldn't be budged without the aid of banned,
performance-enhancing drugs. There's no way a natural athlete could keep
up a pace where they could exercise with the same frequency and intensity
during a competitive phase - during the season - as they could during the
non-competitive phase. These athletes were able to maintain size and
strength during the season while keeping up this off field pace, which
raised more red flags.Since the Radomski confession I've been saying and
writing that federal investigators have known much more than they were
telling the rest of us, and this latest revelation gives credence to my
belief. There are over 100 names on this list of drug test failures but
these guys will have a lot of cover since ARod will garner the most
attention and derision.The ARod failed drug test is just another reason
to be suspicious of any great individual sports achievement and
unfortunately this story won't be the last of its kind.

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