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									                                                                        Woodland Joint Unified School District
                                                                               Sample Pacing Guide
                                                                          Traditional Calendar 2009-2010
                                                                        Grade: _10_ Subject Area: English__
                                                                           Block of Time: ____________

Major Concept     Week                                                                                               Instructional         Suggested         Assessments
                         Concept or Skill   Standards Based                                       Academic
(Unit/             or                                                    Essential Questions                         Strategies            Resources         (Essential
                         (Chapter)          Objective                                             Language
Theme)            Days                                                                                                                                       assessments are
                                                                         How does the writer      Plot               Small and Large       “Contents of a
                                                                         use foreshadow and       Exposition/        collaborative group   Dead Man’s
                                                                         flashback in the         Basic Situation    work                  Pocket”
                                                                         literary piece?          Climax             Independent           “Into Thin Air”
                                                                         What is the plot of      Rising Action      practice              To Kill A
                                                                         the literary piece and   Complications      Mini lectures         Mockingbird
                                                                         how is it developed      Resolution/        Models                Holt grammar
                         Plot Diagram
Plot                                                                     through cause and        Denouement         Scaffolding           worksheets/
                         Cause and                                                                                                                           Comic strip (plot)
Setting                                                                  effect?                  Setting            SDAIE strategies      textbook
                         Effect- ch. 1                                                                                                                       Cause and effect
Purpose/                                                                 How do the literary      Conflict           Vocabulary
                         Purpose/                                                                                                                            chart (“Contents of A
Theme                                                                    terms and setting        (internal/extern   flashcards and
                         Theme-ch. 4        Students will be able to                                                                                         Dead Man’s Pocket”)
Literary                                                                 affect the author’s      al)                charts
                         Foreshadow/        analyze and trace                                                                                                Quiz (Holt)
Devices                                                                  purpose, tone, and       Theme              Direct instruction/
                         Flashbacks         author’s time and                                                                                                Plot structure chart
Basic Parts of                                                           mood?                    Literary Purpose   review
                         Basic Parts of     sequence, including use                                                                                          (identify parts of
Speech                                                                   How is the theme         Cause and effect
                         Speech-ch. 1       of foreshadow and                                                                                                plot)
Parts of a                                                               represented through      Foreshadow
                         Parts of a         flashback (3.6)                                                                                                  Sequencing timeline
Sentence           2                                                     plot and literary        Flashback
                         Sentence- ch 2     Students will be able to                                                                                         (First, Next, Then…)
Writing simple,   wks.                                                   devices?                 Chronological
                         Writing            analyze the relevance                                                                                            Paraphrase/Summari
complex and                                                              How does suspense        order
                         Effective          and purpose of the                                                                                               ze (plot and setting)
compound                                                                 enhance the author’s     Suspense
                         Sentences- ch.     setting in a text (3.4)                                                                                          Describe setting in
sentences                                                                purpose?                 Noun (all types)
                         18                 Students will be able to                                                                                         literature
Commas                                                                   How does the writer      Pronoun (all
                         Punctuation-       evaluate the aesthetic                                                                                           Analysis of a Short
Independent                                                              correctly use the        types)
                         ch. 11             qualities of theme (3.11)                                                                                        Story
clause                                                                   parts of speech in a     Antecedent
                         Phrases and                                                                                                                         Holt Grammar
Subordinate                                                              sentence?                Adjective
                         Clauses- ch. 4                                                                                                                      worksheets
clause                                                                   What are the three       Verb (all types)
                                                                                                                                                             Quick writes
                                                                         criteria for a           Verb phrase
                                                                         complete sentence?       Adverb
                                                                         How does the writer      Direct object
                                                                         create a compound        Indirect object
                                                                         and complex              Object of a
                                                                         sentence by using a      preposition
                                                                         conjunction or a         Prepositional
                                                                         prepositional            phrase
                                                                      Woodland Joint Unified School District
                                                                             Sample Pacing Guide
                                                                        Traditional Calendar 2009-2010
                                                                      Grade: _10_ Subject Area: English__
                                                                         Block of Time: ____________

                                                                       phrase?                 Subordinate
                                                                       How does the writer     clause
                                                                       correctly use           Independent
                                                                       subordinate and         clause
                                                                       independent clauses?    Conjunctions
                                                                                               and correlative)
                                                                                               Singular/ Plural
                                                                                               Simple sentence

                         Characteriz-      Students will be able to    What does the reader    Characterization   Direct instruction/                       Good Samaritan
Character                ation ch. 2       determine character         learn about the         (Direct/           review                “Everyday Use”      activity (research
Comparing                Character         traits about what           character(s) through    Indirect)          Mini lectures         “Interview w/       nonprofit
Theme                    interations ch.   characters say about        narration, dialogue,    Theme              Small and large       Alice Walker”       organization and
Parts of a               2                 themselves in narration,    actions, and inner      Genre              collaborative group   “Ode to My Socks”   write an essay)
Speech                   Comparing         dialogue, dramatic          thoughts? How does      Dialogue           work                  “Two Kinds”         Generic graphic
Writing simple,    3     theme across      monologue, soliloquy        the reader’s            Dramatic           Independent           To Kill A           organizer used for
complex and       wks.   genres-ch. 4      (3.4)                       interpretation of the   monologue          practice              Mockingbird         various pieces
compound                 Parts of a        Students will be able to    character(s) affect     Soliloquy          Models                “And of Clay Are    (indirect/ direct
sentences                Speech- ch. 1     analyze interactions        his/ her                Flat character     Scaffolding           We Created”         characterization/
Quotations               Writing           between main and            understanding of the    Round character    SDAIE strategies      “Ill-Equipped       different types of
                         effective         subordinate characters      text?                   Static character   Vocabulary            Rescuers Dig Out    characters)
                         sentences- ch.    and how those               How do the              Stock character    flashcards/ review    Volcano Victims”    Diamond Poems
                         18                interactions affect the     interactions between    Dynamic            Socratic seminar      “The Man in the     Quiz/ Test
                                                              Woodland Joint Unified School District
                                                                     Sample Pacing Guide
                                                                Traditional Calendar 2009-2010
                                                              Grade: _10_ Subject Area: English__
                                                                 Block of Time: ____________

                   Quotation       text (3.3)                  the characters affect   character          Jigsaw            Water”                 Textbook questions/
                   marks- ch. 13   Students will be able to    the plot and theme?     Compare and                          “The Parable of the    story embedded
                                   compare and contrast a      How is a theme          contrast                             Good Samaritan”        yellow boxes
                                   similar theme across        represented across      Noun (all types)                     “Catch the Moon”       Interactive Reader
                                   genres (3.2)                various genres?         Pronoun (all                         “The Bass, The         Venn Diagram
                                   Students will be able to    How does the writer     types)                               River, and Sheila      Character logs w/
                                   explain how the             correctly use the       Adjective                            Mant,”                 quotes from reading
                                   selection of genre          parts of speech in a    Verb (all types)                     “It’s Raining in       In-class comparative
                                   influences the theme or     sentence?               Verb phrase                          Love,”                 essay
                                   topic of text (3.3)         How does the writer     Adverb                               “R.M.S. Titanic,”      Abstract Drawing w/
                                   Students will be able to    create a compound       Direct object                        “A Fireman’s           written explanation
                                   compare works that          and complex             Indirect object                      Story,”                to create a symbol
                                   express a universal         sentence by using a     Object of a                          “From A Lifeboat,”     Projects
                                   theme, and provide          conjunction or a        preposition                          “Into Thin Air,”       Analysis of a Short
                                   evidence to support the     prepositional           Prepositional                        “Explorers Still Say   Story
                                   ideas expressed in each     phrase?                 phrase                               There is Lots to       Holt grammar
                                   work (3.5)                                          Conjunctions                         Look for,”             worksheets
                                                                                       (coordinating                        “Through the
                                                                                       and correlative)                     Tunnel,”
                                                                                       Commas                               “Coming of Age,
                                                                                       Quotation marks                      Latino Style,”
                                                                                       Sentence                             “Vision Quest,”
                                                                                       combining                            and “Crossing a
                                                                                       Modifier                             Threshold to
                                                                                       Preposition                          Adulthood,”
                                                                                       Subject                              “Call of the Wild,”
                                                                                       (understood                          “Night Calls”
                                                                                       subject)                             Holt worksheet/
                                                                                       Predicate                            Holt Handbook
                                                                                       Singular/ Plural
                                                                                       Simple sentence

Narrator and   2   Point of View   Students will be able to    How do voice,           Point of view      Two Bad Ants by   “Typhoid Fever”        Reading Essential #1
                                                                          Woodland Joint Unified School District
                                                                                 Sample Pacing Guide
                                                                            Traditional Calendar 2009-2010
                                                                          Grade: _10_ Subject Area: English__
                                                                             Block of Time: ____________

Voice             wks.   Voice/Diction/     explain how voice,             diction, and point of    Omniscient         Chris Van Alsberg       “An Ancient Enemy     (ch. 1 and 3)
Parts of Speech          Tone- Ch. 3        diction, and point of          view affect              First person       The True Story of       Gets Tougher”         Recreate story from
Subject/ Verb            Evaluating         view affect                    characterization,        Second Person      the Three Little Pigs   “The Storyteller”     different perspective
Agreement                credibility of a   characterization, tone,        tone, plot, and the      Third person       Journal entries         “Cold Equations”      (create narration and
Apostrophes/             text- ch. 3        plot and credibility of the    credibility of a text?   limited/           Small and Large         Selected editorials   detailed illustrations)
Parenthesis              Punctuation-       text (3.9)                     How do these             unlimited          collaborative group     “If Decency           Textbook questions
                         ch. 11                                            elements affect the      Credibility        work                    Doesn’t, Law          Quiz/ Test
                                                                           reader’s                 Voice              Independent             Should Make Us        In-class comparative
                                                                           understanding of the     (Passive/Active)   practice                Samaritans”           and analytical essay
                                                                           text?                    Diction            Mini lectures           “Good Samaritans      Character logs
                                                                           Did the author           Tone               Models                  USA Are Afraid to     Recreation of any
                                                                           achieve his/ her         Mood               Scaffolding             Act”                  given story from a
                                                                           purpose?                 Persona            SDAIE strategies        To Kill A             different point of
                                                                           How does the writer      Satire             Vocabulary              Mockingbird           view (acted out)
                                                                           correctly use the        Allegory           flashcards and          Julius Caesar/        Perspective journals
                                                                           parts of speech in a     Main idea          charts                  Taming of the         Analysis of a Short
                                                                           sentence?                Noun (all types)   Direct instruction/     Shrew                 Story
                                                                           How does the writer      Pronoun (all       review                  Holt Handbook         Holt grammar
                                                                           create a compound        types)             Socratic seminar        Holt grammar          worksheets
                                                                           and complex              Adjective                                  worksheets
                                                                           sentence by using a      Verb (all types)
                                                                           conjunction or a         Verb phrase
                                                                           prepositional            Adverb
                                                                           phrase?                  Direct object
                                                                           How does the writer      Indirect object
                                                                           demonstrate              Object of a
                                                                           subject/ verb            preposition
                                                                           agreement?               Prepositional
                                                                                                    and correlative)
                                                                   Woodland Joint Unified School District
                                                                          Sample Pacing Guide
                                                                     Traditional Calendar 2009-2010
                                                                   Grade: _10_ Subject Area: English__
                                                                      Block of Time: ____________

                                                                                           Singular/ Plural
                                                                                           Simple sentence
                                                                                           Subject/ verb

                                                                    How do irony and                                                 “Lamb to the
                                                                    ambiguity affect the                       Small and Large       Slaughter” (irony)   Reading Essential #2
                                                                    author’s purpose?                          collaborative group   “Into Thin Air”      (ch. 2 and 5)
                                                                                           Dramatic irony
                                                                    How do irony and                           work                  (irony)              Graphic organizer
                                                                                           Situational irony
                                                                    ambiguity affect the                       Independent           “Notes from a        Embedded yellow
                                                                                           Verbal Irony
                                                                    tone, voice, and                           practice              Bottle”              boxes/ textbook
                       Interpret and                                                       Theme
                                                                    mood of the text?                          Mini lectures         (ambiguity)          questions
Irony and              evaluate the                                                        Mood
                                                                    How do these                               Models                “An Ancient Enemy    Quiz/ Test
Ambiguity              impact of                                                           Allusion
                                                                    elements affect the                        Scaffolding (“The     Gets Tougher”        Irony chart (identify
Pronoun/antec          irony-ch. 5                                                         Cause and effect
                                        Students will be able to    reader’s                                   Storyteller”)         (ambiguity)          various types of
edent                  Interpret and                                                       Contradictions
                 2                      interpret and evaluate      understanding of the                       SDAIE strategies      “The Storyteller”    irony, write what
Agreement              evaluate the                                                        Incongruities
                wks.                    the impact of irony and     text?                                      Vocabulary            Animal Farm          they expect, and
Subject/ verb          impact of                                                           Synthesize
                                        ambiguity (3.8)             How does the writer                        flashcards and        Holt Handbook        what actually
agreement              ambiguity-ch.5                                                      Ambiguous
                                                                    correctly use the                          charts                Holt grammar         happens)
                       Subject/ Verb                                                       Analysis
                                                                    parts of speech in a                       Direct instruction/   worksheets           Exit slips based on
                       agreement- ch.                                                      Evaluate
                                                                    sentence?                                  review                Supplemental         class discussions and
                       5                                                                   Interpret
                                                                    How does the writer                        Animal Farm           materials            observations
                                                                                           Subject/ verb
                                                                    create a compound                          Socratic seminar                           Analysis of a Short
                                                                    and complex                                                                           Story
                                                                    sentence by using a                                                                   Holt grammar
                                                                    conjunction or a                                                                      worksheets
                                                                        Woodland Joint Unified School District
                                                                               Sample Pacing Guide
                                                                          Traditional Calendar 2009-2010
                                                                        Grade: _10_ Subject Area: English__
                                                                           Block of Time: ____________

                                                                         How does the writer
                                                                         subject/ verb
                                                                         agreement and
                                                                                                 Literary criticism   Mini-research essay   “Through the
                                                                                                 Symbolism            Graphic Organizers    Tunnel”
                                                                                                 Allegory             Popular textile       (symbolism)
                                                                          How do literary
                                           Students will be able to                              Imagery              symbols               “Night Calls”
                                                                         devices affect the
                                           recognize and                                         Mood                 Family Crests         (imagery/symbolis
                                           understand the                                        Literary devices     Poetry                m)
                                                                         understanding of the
                                           significance of various                               Diction              Small and Large       “The Masque of
                                                                         text and the author’s
                                           literary devices, such as                             Theme                collaborative group   Red Death”
                                           imagery, allegory, mood,                              Synthesize           work                  (allegory)          Reading Essential #3
Symbolism and                                                            Using literary
                                           and symbolism.                                        Compare and          Independent           “The Storyteller”   (ch. 6 and 7)
Allegory                                                                 criticism terms, how
                                           Students will be able to                              contrast             practice              (allegory)          Comparison symbol
Literary                                                                 is the reader
                                           evaluate the emotional                                Paraphrase           Mini lectures         *supplemental Poe   chart
Devices                  Figurative                                      emotionally affected
                                           appeal of style, including                            Pronoun (all         Models                resources           Textbook questions
Parts of Speech          language (e.g.                                  by the diction and
                                           the impact of diction and                             types)               Scaffolding           Holt Handbook       Test/ Quiz
Subordinate              symbolism,                                      figurative language
                                           figurative language on                                Antecedent           SDAIE strategies      Holt grammar        Mini-research symbol
clause                   allegory,                                       in the text?
                   2                       tone, mood, and theme,                                Adjective            Vocabulary            worksheets          essay
Independent              imagery, and                                    How are various
                  wks.                     using the terminology of                              Verb (all types)     flashcards and                            Projects
clause                   mood)- ch. 5                                    pieces by the same
                                           literary criticism (3.11)                             Verb phrase          charts                                    Coffee House Friday
Writing                  and 6                                           author similar or
                                           Students will be able to                              Adverb               Direct instruction/                       Poetry Analysis
compound and             Phrases and                                     different in theme,
                                           synthesize the content                                Direct object        review                                    Quick writes
complex                  Cluases- ch. 11                                 mood, and purpose?
                                           from several sources or                               Indirect object      Socratic Seminar                          Analysis of a Short
sentences                                                                How does the author
                                           works by a single author                              Object of a                                                    Story essay
                                                                         correctly use
                                           dealing with a single                                 preposition                                                    Holt grammar
                                                                         subordinate and
                                           issue; paraphrase the                                 Prepositional                                                  worksheets
                                                                         independent clauses?
                                           ideas and connect them                                phrase
                                                                         How does the writer
                                           to other sources and                                  Subordinate
                                                                         correctly use phrases
                                           related topics to                                     clause
                                                                         and clauses to write
                                           demonstrate                                           Independent
                                                                         effective sentences?
                                           understanding (2.4)                                   clause
                                                                                                 and correlative)
                                                                    Woodland Joint Unified School District
                                                                           Sample Pacing Guide
                                                                      Traditional Calendar 2009-2010
                                                                    Grade: _10_ Subject Area: English__
                                                                       Block of Time: ____________

                                                                                             Singular/ Plural
                                                                                             Simple sentence

                       Write a           Students will be able to    How do literary         Literary criticism   Pre-writes: Graphic   May choose from a
                       response to       evaluate the emotional      devices affect the      Diction              organizers,           variety of stories
                       literature in     appeal of style, and        reader’s                Tone                 peer edit             that students have
                       which you         analyze how diction and     understanding of the    Mood                 worksheets,           read throughout
                       analyze the       figurative language         text and the author’s   Figurative           Brainstorm            the term/
                       literary          shape the tone, mood,       purpose?                language             charts/webs/etc..     semester. See
Analysis of a                                                                                                                                                Pre-writes: Graphic
                       elements (e.g.    and theme, using            Using literary          Complexity           Small and Large       examples above.
Short Story                                                                                                                                                  organizers,
                       foreshadow,       academic language           criticism terms, how    Ambiguity            collaborative group   Holt grammar
Tense and                                                                                                                                                    peer edit worksheets,
                       flashback,        (3.11)                      is the reader           Nuance               work                  worksheets
voice                                                                                                                                                        Brainstorm
                       diction, theme,   Students will be able to    emotionally affected    Irony                Independent           Holt Handbook
Writing          4                                                                                                                                           charts/webs/etc..
                       tone, mood,       interpret and evaluate      by the diction and      Introduction         practice
Effective       wks.                                                                                                                                         Analysis of a Short
                       figurative        the impact of               figurative language     Body                 Mini lectures
Sentences                                                                                                                                                    Story essay
                       language,         ambiguities, subtleties,    in the text?            Conclusion           Models
Sentence                                                                                                                                                     Quick writes
                       ambiguity,        contradictions, ironies,    How are various         Topic Sentence       Scaffolding
Errors                                                                                                                                                       Test/ Quiz
                       irony,            and incongruities in a      pieces by the same      Explanation/         SDAIE strategies
                                                                                                                                                             Holt worksheets
                       symbolism,        text (3.8)                  author similar or       Commentary           Vocabulary
                       narrator,         Students will be able to    different in theme,     Concluding           flashcards and
                       complexities,     recognize and               mood, and purpose?      Sentence             charts
                       ambiguities       understand the              How are the writer’s    Thesis               Direct instruction/
                       and voice),       significance of various     diction, sentence       Transition           review
                       while             literary devices,           structure,              Quote/ Evidence
                                              Woodland Joint Unified School District
                                                     Sample Pacing Guide
                                                Traditional Calendar 2009-2010
                                              Grade: _10_ Subject Area: English__
                                                 Block of Time: ____________

addressing the     including figurative        organization,             Evaluate
plot and           language, imagery,          grammar mechanics,        Analyze
characters.- ch.   allegory, and symbolism,    voice, and tone           Edit
6                  and explain their appeal    create a coherent,        Revise
Clauses            (3.7)                       analytical essay?         Pre-write
Grammar            Students will be able to    How does the author       Grammar
Mechanics          establish a controlling     use the correct tense     mechanics
Paragraph          impression or coherent      and voice in a text?      Sentence
Structure          thesis that conveys a       How is the voice          structure/
Creating a         clear and distinctive       affective in a piece of   variety
coherent thesis    perspective on the          text?                     Narrator
Tense and          subject and maintains a     How does the writer       Sensory details
Voice- ch. 7       consistent tone and         use effective             Tense
Writing            focus throughout the        sentences to create a     Voice
Effective          piece of writing (11)       coherent essay?           Compound
Sentences- ch.     Students will be able to    How was the essay         sentence
18                 use precise language,       revised after peer        Complex
Sentence           action verbs, sensory       editing?                  sentence
Errors- ch. 17     details, appropriate                                  Phrase
                   modifiers, and active                                 clauses
                   rather than the passive                               Sentence error
                   voice (1.2)
                   Students will be able to
                   demonstrate an
                   understanding of proper
                   English usage and
                   control ofgrammar,
                   paragraph and sentence
                   structure, diction, and
                   syntax (1.3)
                   Students will be able to
                   produce legible work
                   that shows accurate
                   spelling and correct use
                   of the conventions of
                   punctuation and
                   capitalization (1.4)
                   Students will be able to
                   identify and correctly
                                                                       Woodland Joint Unified School District
                                                                              Sample Pacing Guide
                                                                         Traditional Calendar 2009-2010
                                                                       Grade: _10_ Subject Area: English__
                                                                          Block of Time: ____________

                                          use clauses (e.g.
                                          independent and
                                          subordinate), phrases,
                                          and mechanics of
                                          punctuation (1.1)

                                          Students will be able to                                                Small and Large       “For the third
                                          critique the logic of                                                   collaborative group   time” from The
                                          functional documents by                                                 work                  Vietnam War: An
                                          examining the sequence                                                  Independent           Eyewitness History
                                          of information and                                                      practice              “Vision Quest”
                                          procedures in                                                           Mini lectures         “Brutus’ Funeral
                                                                        How is the author’s     Thesis
                                          anticipation of possible                                                Models                Speech”
                                                                        credibility conveyed    Attention
                                          reader                                                                  Scaffolding           “The Child’s View
                                                                        through his/her         Grabber/ Hook
                                          misunderstandings (2.7                                                  SDAIE strategies      of Working
                                                                        diction, voice, tone,   Topic sentence
                                          Expository Critique)                                                    Vocabulary            Parents”
                                                                        logical and emotional   Explanation/
                                          Students will be able to                                                flashcards and        “An Ancient Enemy
                                                                        appeals?                Commentary                                                     Reading Essential #4
                                          evaluate credibility of an                                              charts                Gets Tougher”
                                                                        How does the author     Quote/ Evidence                                                (nonfiction
                                          author’s defense of a                                                   Direct instruction/   “The Parable of the
                                                                        achieve his/her         Purpose                                                        literature)
                                          claim by critiquing the                                                 review                Good Samaritan”
                                                                        purpose by using        Concluding                                                     Pre-writes: Graphic
                      Analyzing the       relationship between                                                    Socratic Seminar      “From A Lifeboat”
Expository                                                              rhetorical devices,     sentence                                                       organizers,
                      credibility of an   generalizations and                                                                           “As I fell” from The
Critique        3                                                       structure, primary      Credibility                                                    peer edit worksheets,
                      author’s            evidence, the                                                                                 Vietnam War: An
(Response to   wks.                                                     and secondary           Tone                                                           Brainstorm
                      purpose- ch. 3      comprehensiveness of                                                                          Eyewitness History
Nonfiction)                                                             resources, and          Diction                                                        charts/webs/etc..
                      and 6               evidence, and the way in                                                                      “The Black Death”
                                                                        organization?           Voice                                                          Response to
                                          which the author’s intent                                                                     from When Plague
                                                                        How is the reader       Syntax                                                         Nonfiction essay
                                          affects the structure and                                                                     Strikes
                                                                        affected by the         Evaluation                                                     Quick writes
                                          tone of the text (e.g.                                                                        “The Fear and the
                                                                        author’s use of         Analysis                                                       Test/ Quiz
                                          professional journals,                                                                        Flames”
                                                                        rhetorical devices,     Connotation
                                          editorials, political                                                                         “Dear Folks”
                                                                        structure, and          Denotation
                                          speeches, primary                                                                             “Thanks a lot”
                                                                        organization?           Elaboration
                                          source materials) (2.8                                                                        from The Vietnam
                                          Expository Critique)                                                                          War: An
                                          Students will be able to                                                                      Eyewitness History
                                          extend ideas presented                                                                        * and other
                                          in primary and                                                                                selected articles
                                          secondary sources                                                                             from pages A27-
                                          through original                                                                              A28
                                          analysis, evaluation, and
                                                    Woodland Joint Unified School District
                                                           Sample Pacing Guide
                                                      Traditional Calendar 2009-2010
                                                    Grade: _10_ Subject Area: English__
                                                       Block of Time: ____________

                           elaboration (2.5)

                                                     How does the writer                         Jigsaw                To Kill A
                                                     use foreshadow and                          Literature Circles    Mockinbird
                                                     flashback in the                            Small and Large       Night
                                                     literary piece?                             collaborative group   Ethan Frome
                                                     What is the plot of                         work                  Barrio Boy
                                                     the literary piece and                      Independent           A Separate Piece
                                                     how is it developed                         practice              Animal Farm
                                                     through cause and                           Mini lectures
                                                     effect?                                     Models
                                                     How do the literary                         Scaffolding
                                                     terms and setting                           SDAIE strategies
                                                     affect the author’s                         Vocabulary/
                                                     purpose, tone, and                          character
                                                                              Genre                                                       Test/Quiz
                                                     mood?                                       flashcards and
                                                                              Purpose                                                     Projects
                                                     How is the theme                            charts
                                                                              Main idea                                                   Discussion Questions
                           See Literary Response     represented through                         Direct instruction/
                                                                              Quote                                                       Logs/ Journals
                           and Analysis standards    plot and literary                           review
                                                                              Literary Devices                                            Quick writes
                           and Vocabulary and        devices?                                    Chapter plot maps
          6                                                                   Historical                                                  Character Analysis/
                Analysis   concept development       What does the reader                        Reading Packets
Novels   wks.                                                                 Background                                                  Historical Research
                           standards (e.g.           learn about the                             Film
                                                                              Style                                                       essay
                           connotative and           character(s) through
                                                                              Voice                                                       Graphic organizers
                           denotative meanings)      narration, dialogue,
                                                                              Diction                                                     Posters
                                                     actions, and inner
                                                                              Tone                                                        Literature Circles
                                                     thoughts? How does
                                                     the reader’s
                                                     interpretation of the
                                                     character(s) affect
                                                     his/ her
                                                     understanding of the
                                                     How do the
                                                     interactions between
                                                     the characters affect
                                                     the plot and theme?
                                                     How is a theme
                                                     represented across
                                                     various genres?
                                                                    Woodland Joint Unified School District
                                                                           Sample Pacing Guide
                                                                      Traditional Calendar 2009-2010
                                                                    Grade: _10_ Subject Area: English__
                                                                       Block of Time: ____________

                                                                     How do irony and
                                                                     ambiguity affect the
                                                                     author’s purpose?
                                                                     How do irony and
                                                                     ambiguity affect the
                                                                     tone, voice, and
                                                                     mood of the text?
                                                                     How do these
                                                                     elements affect the
                                                                     understanding of the
                                                                     How do literary
                                                                     devices affect the
                                                                     understanding of the
                                                                     text and the author’s
                                                                     Using literary
                                                                     criticism terms, how
                                                                     is the reader
                                                                     emotionally affected
                                                                     by the diction and
                                                                     figurative language
                                                                     in the text?
                                                                     How are various
                                                                     pieces by the same
                                                                     author similar or
                                                                     different in theme,
                                                                     mood, and purpose?

                         Generate        Students will be able to    How is the author’s     Analysis       Pre-writes: Graphic   Pages 212-219       Prewrite: Graphic
                         research        generate relevant           credibility conveyed    Evaluation     organizers,           “If Decency         organizers,
                         questions;      questions about readings    through his/her         Pro/Con        peer edit             Doesn’t, Law        brainstorm
Problems and             parallel        on issues that can be       diction, voice, tone,   Audience       worksheets,           Should Make Us      webs/charts/ etc…,
Solutions Essay          structure and   researched (2.3)            logical and emotional   Purpose        Brainstorm            Samaritans”         research, peer edit
                         subject/verb    Students will be able to    appeals?                Counterclaim   charts/webs/etc..     “Good Samaritans    worksheets, MLA
                         agreement       demonstrate use of          How does the author     Rhetorical     Small and Large       USA Are Afraid to   works cited
                                                                Woodland Joint Unified School District
                                                                       Sample Pacing Guide
                                                                  Traditional Calendar 2009-2010
                                                                Grade: _10_ Subject Area: English__
                                                                   Block of Time: ____________

                                   sophisticated learning        achieve his/her         Devices              collaborative group   Act”                   Problems and
                                   tools by following            purpose by using        Biases               work                  “Call of the Wild-     Solutions essay
                                   technical directions (e.g.    rhetorical devices,     Call to action       Independent           Save us!
                                   using the internet) (2.6)     structure, primary      Conclusion           practice              “Brutus’ Funeral
                                   Students will be able to      and secondary           Thesis               Mini lectures         Speech” pg. 902-
                                   understand sentence           resources, and          Body                 Models                903
                                   construction (e.g.            organization?           Topic Sentence       Scaffolding           Various research
                                   parallel structure,           How is the reader       Quote/ evidence      SDAIE strategies      topics and
                                   subordination, proper         affected by the         Explanation/         Vocabulary            supplemental
                                   placement of modifiers)       author’s use of         commentary/          flashcards and        resources
                                   and proper English usage      rhetorical devices,     elaboration          charts                (editorials, opinion
                                   (e.g. consistency of verb     structure, and          Transition           Direct instruction/   articles, etc.)
                                   tenses) (1.2)                 organization?           Conclusion           review
                                                                 How are various         Attention            Library Research
                                                                 primary and             grabber/ hook        Guided Practice
                                                                 secondary sources       Edit                 Socratic Seminar
                                                                 (e.g. encyclopedia,     Pre-write
                                                                 internet, magazines,    Research
                                                                 letters, etc) helpful   Background
                                                                 in explains and         information
                                                                 solves the presented    MLA
                                                                 issue?                  parenthetical
                                                                 Using Bloom’s           citation
                                                                 Taxonomy, what          Works Cited
                                                                 various relevant
                                                                 questions can be
                                                                 generated from
                                                                 brainstorming and
                                                                 researching the
                                                                 presented issue?
                                                                 How will the reader     Figurative
                                                                 understand the          language/
                                   Students will be able to      significance of the     literary devices     Humanities            “Sea Fever”            Coffee House Friday
                                   read and respond to           historical and          (simile,             Research              “Ode to My Socks”      Poems
                                   historically or culturally    cultural context in     metaphor,            Small and Large       “Same Song”            Textbook questions
Poetry    2     elements/
                                   significant works of          his/her                 alliteration, etc)   collaborative group   Shakespeare            Test/Quiz
         wks.   Poetic devices/
                                   literature that reflect       interpretation of       Iambic               work                  sonnets                Posters identifying
                analysis - ch. 7
                                   and enhance their             literary elements and   pentameter           Independent           “Remember”             elements of poetry
                                   studies of history and        stylistic devices in    Rhythm               practice              “We Real Cool”         Poetry analysis
                                                   Woodland Joint Unified School District
                                                          Sample Pacing Guide
                                                     Traditional Calendar 2009-2010
                                                   Grade: _10_ Subject Area: English__
                                                      Block of Time: ____________

                        social science. They        the work?               Rhyme             Mini lectures         “Jazz Fantasia”     presentations
                        conduct in-depth            How is a theme          Blank verse       Models                   *selected        projects
                        analyses of recurrent       represented across      Tanka             Scaffolding              poems from ch.   Graphic organizers
                        patterns and themes         various genres?         Hyku              SDAIE strategies         7 and/or other   Scavenger Hunt
                        (3.0)                                               Poetic license    Vocabulary               areas of text    Metaphors of Me
                                                                            Mood              flashcards and           Julius Caesar    Humanities Research
                                                                            Imagery           charts                   Taming of the
                                                                            Theme             Direct instruction/      Shrew
                                                                            Main idea         review                *supplemental
                                                                            Speaker           Write poetry          resources
                                                                            Audience          Reader’s Theater
                                                                            Lyrical Poetry    Oral readings
                                                                            Sonnet            Jigsaw
                                                                            Metrical poetry
                                                                            Free verse

                        Students will be able to    How are various         Research/credib   Pre-writes: Graphic   Grolier online      Pre-writes: Graphic
                        reflect appropriate         primary and             le search         organizers,           School library      organizers, peer edit
                        manuscript                  secondary sources       engines           peer edit             Public library      worksheets, rough
                  6     requirements, including     (e.g. encyclopedia,     Analysis          worksheets,           Noodle tools        drafts, research, note
Research essay
                 wks.   title page presentation,    internet, magazines,    Evaluation        Brainstorm            Clusty              cards, interviews,
                        pagination, spacing and     letters, etc) helpful   Audience          charts/webs/etc..     Surfwax             MLA works cited
                        margins, integration of     in explaining the       Purpose           Small and Large       Example essays      Research essay
                        source and support          topic?                  Introduction      collaborative group   Interview           Presentations
                            Woodland Joint Unified School District
                                   Sample Pacing Guide
                              Traditional Calendar 2009-2010
                            Grade: _10_ Subject Area: English__
                               Block of Time: ____________

material (e.g. in-text       Using Bloom’s            Thesis             work                  The Writer’s           Test/ Quiz
citation, use of direct      Taxonomy, what           Attention          Independent           Handbook in Holt
quotations,                  various relevant         Grabber/ Hook      practice              textbook
paraphrasing) with           questions can be         Background         Mini lectures         Writing a Research
appropriate citations        generated from           information        Models                Paper pages 690-
(1.5)                        brainstorming,           Body               Scaffolding           708
Students will be able to     researching, and         Topic sentence     SDAIE strategies      *supplemental
use clear research           formatting a             Transition         Vocabulary            Holt materials (e.g.
questions and methods        structured expository    Evidence/ quote    flashcards and        graphic organizers,
(e.g. library, electronic    essay?                   Concluding         charts                peer edit
media, personal              What evidence and        sentence           Direct instruction/   worksheets,
interview) to elicit and     explanations support     Commentary/        review                grading rubrics
present evidence from        the thesis and topic     elaboration        Library Research      etc.)
primary and secondary        sentences?               Conclusion         Guided practice
sources (1.3)                How are certain          MLA format         (MLA)
Students will be able to     primary and              citation           Socratic Seminar
develop the main ideas       secondary sources        (parenthetical
within the body of the       more or less             citation)
composition through          credible?                Works Cited
supported evidence (e.g.     Why is MLA citation      Primary/Second
scenarios, commonly          (e.g. parenthetical      ary sources
held beliefs, hypothesis,    citations, Works         Direct quotation
definitions) (1.4)           Cited page, format)      Paraphrase/
Students will be able to     essential in writing a   summary
synthesize information       research paper?          Chronological
from multiple sources,       After revising the       order/ order of
identify complexities and    essay, how do the        importance/
discrepancies in the         revisions impact the     logical order
information and the          final result?            Edit
different perspectives                                Pre-write
found in each medium
(e.g. almanacs,
microfiche, news
sources, in-depth field
studies, speeches,
journals, technical
documents) (1.5)
Students will be able to
integrate quotations and
                                                                     Woodland Joint Unified School District
                                                                            Sample Pacing Guide
                                                                       Traditional Calendar 2009-2010
                                                                     Grade: _10_ Subject Area: English__
                                                                        Block of Time: ____________

                                         citations into a written
                                         text while maintaining
                                         the flow of ideas (1.6)
                                         Students will be able to
                                         use appropriate
                                         conventions for
                                         documentation in the
                                         text, notes, and
                                         bibliographies by
                                         adhering to those in
                                         style manuals (the MLA
                                         handbook, the Chicago
                                         Manual of Style) (1.7)
                                         Students will be able to
                                         design and publish
                                         documents by using
                                         advanced publishing
                                         software and graphic
                                         programs (1.8)
                                         Students will be able to
                                         revise writing to improve
                                         the logic and coherence
                                         of the organization and
                                         controlling perspective,
                                         the precision of word
                                         choice, and the tone by
                                         taking into consideration
                                         audience, purpose, and
                                         formality of the context
                                         Students will be able to     How will the reader      Biographical and   Myth about Myth       Selected works for   Myth about Myth
                                         analyze the way in which     understand the           Historical         Small and Large       chapter 9            Graphic organizers
                                         a work of literature is      significance of the      Literature         Collaborative group   *Supplemental        Compare/contrast
Biographical             Understanding
                                         related to the themes        historical and           Greek              work                  resources            chart To Kill A
and Historical           a variety of
                 1 wk.                   and issues of its            cultural context in      mythology          Mini lectures                              Mockingbird with
                                         historical period (3.12)     his/her                  Elizabethan era    Class Discussions                          Scottsboro Trial
                                         Students will be able to     interpretation of        Depression era     Compare and                                Greek Mythology
                                         identify Greek, Roman,       literary elements,       Jim Crow laws      Contrast charts                            posters
                                         and Norse mythology          stylistic devices, and   Scottsboro trial   Independent                                Vocabulary
                                                              Woodland Joint Unified School District
                                                                     Sample Pacing Guide
                                                                Traditional Calendar 2009-2010
                                                              Grade: _10_ Subject Area: English__
                                                                 Block of Time: ____________

                                  and use the knowledge        theme in the work?      Roman Empire/      practice                                  flashcards
                                  to understand the origin     How has Greek,          political and      Film                                      Test/ Quiz
                                  and meaning of new           Roman, Norse            cultural history   Mini-Research                             Exit slips
                                  words (1.3)                  mythology influence     Depression era     topics                                    Class Discussions/
                                                               the modern day          World War II       SDAIE strategies                          Observations
                                                               vocabulary?             Vietnam            Modeling
                                                                                       Civil Rights       Socratic Seminar
                                                                                       movement           Jigsaw
                                                                                       ary sources

                                  Students will be able to     What does the reader    Dramatic           Jigsaw                 Julius Caesar
                                  identify and describe the    learn about the         monologue          Oral readings          Taming of the
                                  function of dialogue,        character(s) through    Soliloquy          Film                   Shrew
               Identify and                                                                                                                         Oral presentations
                                  scene designs,               dialogue,               Aside              Small and Large        Shakespeare
               describe the                                                                                                                         Test/Quiz
                                  soliloquies, asides, and     monologues,             Scene design       collaborative groups   sonnets
               affect of                                                                                                                            Projects
                                  foils in dramatic            soliloquies, asides,    Protagonist        Mini lectures          “The Masque of
               dialogue,                                                                                                                            Myspace Character
        3-4                       literature (3.10)            stage directions, and   Antagonist         Audio Cds              the Red Death”
Drama          asides, and                                                                                                                          Profiles
        wks.                      Students will be able to     character foils, and    Plot               Vocabulary charts      Poe poems
               foils in                                                                                                                             Graphic Organizers
                                  synthesize the content       how does this affect    Dialogue           and flashcards         The Brute
               dramatic                                                                                                                             Interactive Reader
                                  from several sources or      the reader’s            Figurative         Paraphrase/            *supplemental
               literature.- ch.
                                  works by a single author     interpretation of the   language           Summarize              resources
                                  dealing with a single        text?                   Audience           Frontload dramatic     Inherit the Wind
                                  issue; paraphrase the        How did the             Elizabethan era    literary terms and
                                  ideas and connect them       historical era          Drama              historical setting
                           Woodland Joint Unified School District
                                  Sample Pacing Guide
                             Traditional Calendar 2009-2010
                           Grade: _10_ Subject Area: English__
                              Block of Time: ____________

to other sources and        motivate the author   Tragic hero         Reader’s theater
related topics to           to write the piece?   Tragic flaw
demonstrate (2.4)           How does the author   Stage directions
Students will be able to    use the dramatic      Comedy
articulate the              form to express       Tragedy
relationship between the    his/her purpose?      Historical
expressed purposes and                            Symbolism
the characteristics of                            Foreshadow
different forms of                                End-stopped
dramatic literature                               lines
(comedy, tragedy,                                 Run-on lines
drama, dramatic                                   Character
monologue) (3.1)                                  motivation
                                                  / character foils
                                                  Fate v. free will
                                                  Roman politics/
                                                  Roman history
                                                  Irony (dramatic
                                                  and situational)
                                                  Blank verse
                                                  Scopes Trial (in
                                                  addition to era
                                                                           Woodland Joint Unified School District
                                                                                  Sample Pacing Guide
                                                                             Traditional Calendar 2009-2010
                                                                           Grade: _10_ Subject Area: English__
                                                                              Block of Time: ____________

                                                                                                       Troubleshooting      Mini lectures             Selected works
                                                                                                       Logical              Direct instruction        from ch. 11
                                                                                                       sequencing           Models                    *supplemental
                                                                                                       Product review       Guided practice           resources
                                                                                                       Instructions/        Independent
                                                                                                       directions           Practice
                                              Students will be able to
                                                                                                       Contracts            Guest Speakers
                                              analyze the structure
                                                                                                       Functional           Self assessment and
                                              and format of functional       How does the use of
                                                                                                       document             peer assessment                                   Workplace
                                              workplace documents,           graphics, headers,
                                                                                                       Technical            Small and large                                   documents
                                              including graphics,            fonts, format, diction
                          Critique                                                                     documents            collaborative group                               (technical, business
                                              headers and explain how        sentence structure
                          consumer,                                                                    Collaboration                                                          letter, resume, cover
                                              author’s use features to       and grammatical
                          workplace,                                                                   agreement                                                              letter, etc)
Workplace                                     achieve their purposes         structure help to
                 1 wk.    technical, and                                                               Font style                                                             Pre-write: graphic
documents                                     (2.1)                          achieve the author’s
                          business                                                                     Headers                                                                organizers, peer edit
                                              Students will be able to       purpose?
                          documents- ch.                                                               Graphics                                                               worksheets, rough
                                              prepare a bibliography of      What is the
                          11                                                                           Legally binding                                                        drafts)
                                              reference materials for a      importance of a
                                                                                                       document                                                               Quilt square how-to
                                              report using a variety of      diverse bibliography?
                                                                                                       Main idea                                                              directions
                                              consumer, workplace,
                                              and public documents
                                                                                                       Other technical
                                                                                                       (URL, IP
                                                                                                       website, etc.)

     Note 1: Possibly include 3.12 Literary Criticism How the theme relates to the historical period with Analysis of a Short Story, To Kill A Mockingbird, Problems and Solutions essay, or all?
     Note 2: Supplemental materials, especially standard 2.4? E.g. Poems, essays, nonfiction pieces, etc.
     Note 3: Feelings about poetry? Necessary to teach unit in English 10?
     Note 4: Preteach rhetorical devices (see pages 294-300) and read pages 284-285 (“If Decency, Doesn’t Law Should Make us Samaritans” and/or “Good Samaritans U.S.A. Are Afraid to Act”) to
     frontload information before teaching the Problems and Solutions essay
     Note 5: A list of assessments used by faculty?
     Note 6: See The Writer’s Handbook pages 955-956
     Note 7: Reduce weeks? 3-4 weeks?
     Note 8 Do we need to clearly identify grammar rules in the essential essays? Too much grammar in the first 9-10 weeks.

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