Flo Rida Interview by anamaulida


									What's going on Flo-Rida?Flor-Rida: I'm just cooling, I'm in the UK for
the first time I'm enjoying it?How you enjoying the UKFlor-Rida: The
ladies out here are beautiful, I had a chance to go to the club and
perform my song 'Low' and it was all good.So your first single 'Low' has
that exceeded expectations? I know it's been number one in the US for a
countless number of weeks.Flor-Rida: Yeah definitely, it's been number 1
for like ten weeks now, I didn't set out to do no goal or nothing like
that cos I do music for the love, at the same time I knew the record
would be big but not to this same magnitude.So with your album 'Mail on
Sunday' that's obviously upped the anti for that now with the success of
'Low', has that put added weight on your shoulders?Flor-Rida: Not at all
because I do it for the love, whatever happens will be no regrets. If you
check out the charts right now I got this next single 'Elevator'
featuring Timbaland on Itunes and it's creeping up the charts, 'Low' is
number 1 and I think 'Elevator' is at number 4, look for Flo-Rida to be
around for a long time.Speaking about the album, what's the title 'Mail
On Sunday' about?Flor-Rida: In the States we only get mail six days a
week, but I felt for my fans this is like a special delivery, I have to
give them that seventh day. if you check out my first record 'Birthday' I
say I don't want cake on my birthday I want it everyday. So I feel like I
want that everyday. I've got Rick Ross on the album, Lil Wayne, Young
Joc, Trey Songz, Will I Am, Timbaland, T Pain, the late great Roger
Troutman, the last time you heard him was on 2pac's 'California Love' so
this is definitely gonna be a classic album, I look forward to not only
have a number 1 single, I look forward to having a number 1 album real
soon.A lot of people are casting of the Dirty South as Ring Tone rap
what's your opinions on that?Flor-Rida: I come from a universal approach,
if that wasn't the case I wouldn't be in the UK right now so I don't just
focus on being a local artist, I try to please everyone. First and
foremost I do it from the heart and I love my music . I've had the chance
to live both on the East Coast and the West Coast so I think I've learnt
what type of music people likeSo the name Flo-Rida it's obvious to some
but break down the name?Flor-Rida: The name Flo-Rida, I'm definitely from
Florida but at the same time I broke it down into two syllables Flo and
Rida cos with every type of record I try to give it a different Flo, the
Rida part is for when I speed it up and give it double time sometimes.So
I hear you were the youngest of seven sister and some of your sisters
formed a gospel group?Flor-Rida: Yeah early on they performed a Gospel
Group. My Dad played a lot of instruments, he sang himself but the
advantages of having seven sisters is I know a lot about women and at the
same time I never had to wash my dishes, or my clothes or that nature.I
can level with you I got three sisters myself.Flor-Rida: (Laughs) OK
that's what it is. Right now I definitely have to fend for myself or
sometimes a lovely young lady may be around to help me but for the most
part I'm a neat freak.With your sister forming a gospel group, did you
ever feel like you wanted to do Gospel Rap?Flor-Rida: Nah not at all, but
shout everyone who's out there doing Gospel Rap, my focus was always
towards Hip Hop Rap.On your first single you've got T Pain who's killing
it with the hooks right now and on your second single you've got
Timbaland on the beats you got some serious formulas right there man.
Break down the single second 'Elevator'?Flor-Rida: The second single came
about through E Class who's the CEO of Poe Boy Entertainment, he's great
friends with Timbaland, normally you'd need a 100,000$ to get into the
studio with Timbaland but I found out he's a fan of me and he had to a
favour for his brother E Class, so we were in the studio for four days,
for a first time artist that's unheard of, the first two day's I
acquainted with him and got to vibe with him and he has a love for music
but at the same time me and him have in common that we put God first, the
last couple of days we came up with 'Elevator' and then we shot the video
about a week and a half later you got cameos in the video with Rick Ross,
Cool and Dre, Lil Boosie, Brisco, Triple C. Working with Timbaland on
Elevator was a dream come true, we were both out of the same camp Devante
of Jodeci, he was apart of that movement early on and for three years
I've been working with Devante also we have a lot in common.So with your
album what can people expect from it?Flor-Rida: I'm inspired by dudes
such as Jimi Hendrix, I've got him tattooed on my arm, for not only his
music but his persona, at the same time I love Marvin Gaye, Aretha
Franklin, Otis Redding, when it comes to Hip Hop LL Cool J, Run DMC, Eric
B and Rakim, Fat Joe, people like Outkast, Ludacris, Nelly, Lil Wayne, so
in order to be a great leader you have to be a great follower so I've
done my homework on these people. My flow is not just great lyrical
content from left field, but at the same time my flow is melodic which
set's me apart from a lot of artists so look forward to copping an album
that has not just one subject matter from realism to just partying in the
club, or being with that significant other and showing love so this album
to me is definitely to be considered as a classic album.

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