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					Date         Location       Attackers                Defenders                 Turrets /   Notes
10th April   Atlantica      Tinder, Dalen, Cutter,   A few. Lots of blue       20/4        First stop of the tour. And the first entry for this was lost. So I‟ll be brief. An organised group by wapu.
             Naboo          Getabeer, Wapu(L)        dots that did not overt               We were very successful in taking out a lot of pvp bases in Atlantica. While boskos, sakai and troops
                            About 20 imperials at    up to even attempt                    were held up in the ghetto it was ample distraction as we molestered their bases. We made one hell of a
                            peak                     taking us                             mess. Mind you Atlantica has about 13 bases or so as I found out during a scout a day or so later. Bases
                                                                                           destroyed were not replaced.
13th April   Freehold       Zsnake, Tinder,          Nil                       1/0         Fighting in the dark in Naboo at the moment is a bit of hit and miss. Lots of PvP bases are on Naboo and
             Naboo          Dalen                                                          PvE. Problem is that the concentration of turrets is a lot larger. Me and Snake took it to a base in
                                                                                           Freehold that I was unsure was a pvp or pve base. After a death with tinder by getting mushed by the
                                                                                           turret we were fighting I lost him again after getting rebuffed trying to hold out to a turret while snake was
                                                                                           in the shit through loss of his quickness buff. Dalen bit the bullet and I cracked the shits. Back to freehold
                                                                                           another time. At this point Snake suggested we should try some more bases so out come the list of
                                                                                           Corellian bases. Now time was against us even though we were buffed to buggery. Tinder was ready to
                                                                                           go once more snake and I had arrived at one of the bases without turrets and began work and the server
                                                                                           shutdown timer started. Most irritating. We needed to move fast to have 10 minutes for that base. But
                                                                                           after I stuffed the slice on the smuggler terminal that was it. That base was bugged.
16th April   Legion Keep,   Sakai(L), ethlebert,     A few rebels              5/4         It started well I joined late with the raiding party fortunately we had Sakai and the rest of the troops from
(AM          Dantooine      Dalen, Sol, Dark         Arloch                                VNV along for the ride. This meant we were able to smash the snapping duckshit out of their turrets.
session )                   Phenix                                                         Some Sith hunters spawned from one of the bases that took out Dark. This was the beginning of the end
                                                                                           as then some rebels showed up and a Jedi sentinel, a shame too as I began work on taking down a PvP
                            Points go to Sol. He                                           base. Now outnumbered Sakai and the rest of his troops headed for the hill. So I followed and watched
                            was working hard on                                            Sakai get into real dire straights. I know that Dalen is not cut out for pvp at all. So I decided if I could try
                            base take down           Fact that Arloch is a                 and lure out some of the attackers on Sakai I would lay down to stall them and buy Sakai some more time
                            before I rocked up.      dickhead to many he                   to move his arse as quick as he could out of there. So I lured Arloch who got a bit upset as I ran into the
                            Apparently he took 3     will get some props                   water ( a ploy to keep his attention as long as I could ) then after he bitched at me yelled at him to come
                            down before I            in overting up. To                    back and id fight him ( again another time stalling ). By this time I had about 2 or 3 of them on me and
                            showed up                take us on.                           Sakai was heading for the hills. Sakai Survived. Legion keep thumped.
16th April   Middle of      Tinder, Dalen            Nil                       0/5         After finally completing Dalen‟s Build to Inv II, I decided that I would start work on Corellia as I don‟t
( PM         nowhere                                                           2 Middle    have any solid leads on bases. I have realised that a member of the rebel alliance might well be able to aid
Session)     Corellia,                                                         of          us with some locations. That or an allied guild can supply me with a list from Naboo. Anyways this
             Gold Beach,                                                       nowhere     session was a thumping of some of the PvE forward outposts that existed on Corellia. With Tinder‟s 900
             Corellia                                                          3 Gold      damage PH I got for him he sure makes a hell of a mess of the rebels. Each PvE forward outpost is worth
                                                                               beach       1 point to the GCW planetary control. So I figure I should amp up my efforts from these pissweak ones.
             Rebel 120                                                                     See if I can take a field hospital. It‟s possible as I have faith in tinder‟s hammer and Dalen got a level up
             Imperial 17                                                                   with heavy weapons so I should be able to use that flamer a lot quicker. A shame with a slice I got on one
                                                                                           of the bases left in Goldbeach as I bugged the slicing terminal like I did the other night by failing twice.
17th April   Avalon,        Tinder, Dalen, varun     Nil                       0/3         After just about wiping the group on some nasty 50k ham medium armor mobs we took down the first
             Corellia                                                                      base outside of Avalon. Plenty of turrets about to cause some problems. We need to organise the Dark
                                                                                           Jedi Gank squad to pay them a visit. Or gather a sizable force to take them down. The aim was to take
             Rebel 117                                                                     down the hospital PvE base. But due to the 4x300k turrets on him it looked a bit rough. Requested a new
             Imperial 17                                                                   list of bases from Rontor. I don‟t like stabbing in the dark so until I get a list for Naboo I‟m not going to
                                                                                           waste my time fumbling about. As much as I want us to take Naboo we can‟t do it without more Intel.
23rd         Avalon,        Dalen(L), tinder,        Alteran chase, Trill,     1/0         A battle best forgotten. We found it difficult to penetrate the defences of the PvE hospital today in
April        Corellia       sakai, Mickal, gracen,   qutra                                 Avalon. After much hardship we took out a single turret. Sakai bit the bullet when we were standing
                            varun, wapu, wolfkin,                                          around waiting for a few to show up. Trill and qetra appeared to take him out. Since we were all pve we
                             tekeshi                                                could not save him. Although had of we been PvP there is no telling if we would have beaten them
5th June    Atlantica        Aggressor, Boskos,       Ezoh, Dan‟, killkenny   0/6   It‟s been a while since I‟ve made an entry into this log. With the CU and double xp respec and the like it‟s
            Naboo            Yny, Bostawin‟,                                        been flat out. Upon logging in today Kavol reported that the Imperials were taking back Naboo. So as
                             Dalen, Jargum,                                         quick as a flash I was on my way to Kadaara where the group was meeting. Fortunately for me I made it
                             Lunaria, Batou,                                        into the main group with boskos, yny and the rest of the troops. From there we took a very systematic
                             Cybir, chuundar,                                       approach to each base killing the npcs then moving in. It was stressed to people that they do not loot
                             mono                                                   which was a very smart move. Mono for the first part before his own space event was doing the BH job
                                                                                    while I was free to take the other 4. Until the 5th base I didn‟t have any clamps at all which when I told the
                                                                                    troops later got a great cheer and I was directed to go to „Vegas. Since slicing the bases was a fair bit of
                                                                                    luck we got to the 4th base before I had stuffed the slice twice. Luckily Bostawin‟ was about to take over
                                                                                    the 4th base while I proceeded onto 5. With clamps it was a synch. Base 5 blew before 4 and Bostawin
                                                                                    moved onto a seemingly unsuspecting base 6. As luck would have it Base 3 was replaced by a NPC
                                                                                    Imperial base enabling some of our troops to go overt. By this time the first of the PvP rebels were
                                                                                    showing up as before then we seemingly had no resistance. Still it was to little avail Dan ran into the Base
                                                                                    6 which was under countdown and we eagerly awaited its destruction for our troops to zerg onto him and
                                                                                    take him down. At the end we had successfully taken Naboo back and now there is a huge gap between
                                                                                    the rebels and the Imperials on Naboo. A lovely Lightsaber battle erupted with the Imperials taking them
                                                                                    all down. I know there were a lot more people that I had missed in this log as our imperial group was
                                                                                    huge. As too I missed some rebels. Just before base 6 blew up I got killed and was a bit far back to see all
                                                                                    of the action up close. End result: Decisive victory to the Imperials. Indeed we remodelled the country
                                                                                    side a few times. They will need to draw the map again. Don‟t send the bill to me please.
10th July   Former site of   Dalen, Kavol, Kirian,    Nil                     0/5   The event planned for today did not take place. Fortunately for some quick thinking and a touch of
            ORDER city,      Jargum, Kaglaaz,                                       bullshit from the council we had a plan for an event. 4 bases that were placed a long time ago NE of
            Dantooine        Gracen, Mightion,                                      Avatar Metropolis were the target. I must say its been a long time since it felt like a Star Wars battle being
                             Varun, S‟rena….lets                                    in the thick of the gun battle was something else. I feel that for the bulk of our new members that
                             just say a shitload of                                 sensation will spur them on and really provide satisfaction for joining AV & SWG itself. We had Dalen
                             AV members 20 or so                                    on base taking duties with a tough tussle between Gadani and Kag I think for the BH xp you get for the
                                                                                    Uplink Terminal. There was a tense period as I got the correct DNA sequence you could cut the tension
                                                                                    with a knife. After the bases began to fall a serial pest in the form of Mattius Lonestar to take another
                                                                                    swipe at our Dark Jedi. Kavol was able to deal with him in his typical nature. End result for Dantooine
                                                                                    was 4 destroyed bases. We returned to the Rocky Shelter for a victory speech and wind up from Gracen as
                                                                                    it was her event. There were about 10-15 people still keen on taking bases and we progressed to a area
                                                                                    SW of Bestine near the Sands of Tyranny, where we took down the first base without much trouble. Then
                                                                                    a systematic and very precise move against a very tough base took place. We had painstakingly got down
                                                                                    to the bottom when we had jammed the uplink terminal we encounter insurmountable odds in patrolling
                                                                                    veteran sith hunters and other assorted flat out nasty pasties. At one point the sixth base might of fell if I
                                                                                    had the mobs that were on me directed elsewhere so I could do the DNA profile. Had I of gotten that there
                                                                                    was a chance it could have been destroyed. End result: Base taking flavour seems to of been sweet to the
                                                                                    palette and AV will press on in an attempt to tip the balance once more. Jargum and I will organise some
                                                                                    possible targets next week and begin to systematically disrupt the rebels. At this stage our threat to AVM
                                                                                    should not have escalated, but I feel it will be inevitable once it is known that we are taking bases.
11th July   Middle of        Jargum, Kaeal,           Brandom                 0/4   Thanks to some awesome Intel from Jargum we have been able to compile topography of Rebel infestation
            bloody           Kennatsu, Makyo,                                       on Tatooine. The information will be released to the various Imperial agencies A.S.A.P. Starting at Mos
            nowhere,         Tinder, Dalen and                                      Espa Tatooine there was a single forward PvE outpost about 1k from the city. Initial action allowed us to
            Tatooine         Scoricco                                               enter the base and begin destruction. We however ran into a snag once they began to spawn on us, we
                                                                                 eventually wiped and that‟s when I decided to bring out the heavy artillery in Scor. Whilst the rest of the
                                                                                 group overted once more (for some reason I could no go combatant in the field with tinder with how we
                                                                                 previously were allowed that was irritating) I arrived with Scor to find a hoard of rebels merrily roaming
                                                                                 the Tatooine sand. So a few minutes of wildly thrashing around a Lightsaber soon sorted those guys out
                                                                                 and Dalen was able to re-enter the base and finish the destruction. Jargum jammed the uplink and Dalen
                                                                                 was able to slice the security terminal and provide the DNA profile before wiping. Fortunately Kaeal was
                                                                                 able to overload the power terminal. After that a quick action to overload the main terminal provided a
                                                                                 lovely 10 minute countdown.

                                                                                 Proceeding to our next targets that we picked appeared to be strategically the sweetest to take. Miles from
                                                                                 any known city or outpost was 3 bases in a tri-angle setup and a single house with “rebel base” written as
                                                                                 the sign. If this wasn‟t an instruction for destruction I‟ll go boil my bottom in a pot of lard. Anyways.
                                                                                 With Scor in toe this time we proceeded to take on the rebels. Tough bastards too before the CU the mobs
                                                                                 were easy enough for Tinder and Dalen to take on with the forward outposts. Thus the destruction you see
                                                                                 back in April. But today I would recommend that you have a solid group of 8 members to keep things
                                                                                 under control. As the rebels that we faced had about 20k health. Which in numbers demands respect from
                                                                                 attackers. So we were able to take them out and I then switched to Dalen. At the time of the switch a blue
                                                                                 dot appeared out of know where. First instinct was that I was a BH after Scor but after examining the blue
                                                                                 dot a bit further it revealed a CL 16 Fledging pilot. Our next thoughts were correct. Brandom was the
                                                                                 owner of the 3 bases and the house in the centre. Kaeal & Jargum with their quick wit and sense of RP as
                                                                                 able to convince the rebel the error of his ways. What happened next I would have never believed nor
                                                                                 expect to see ever again in my days of online play.

                                                                                 I had to log Scor back in as we were having trouble once again with agros. While there was a shitload of
                                                                                 them on top of me and Kaeal we were in more shit than a sewerage farm duck, and looking almost certain
                                                                                 to wipe with the metric tonne of rebels on us when Brandom destroyed all 3 bases from the mission

                                                                                 I know I was shocked too when the ground changed to reveal the previous terrain. With the RP hat on
                                                                                 once more we were able to convince him the error of his ways. And promised that the Empire would let
                                                                                 this transgression slide for removing the bases. So we all mounted up and road off into the dual Tatooine
                                                                                 sunset, dazed somewhat but successful none the less of making an inroad into Tatooine huge rebel
14th July   Middle of   Jargum, Kennatsu,        Nil                      0/3    Fairly straight forward raid. Beat 3 down before attempting to fight a turret. Jargum brought up a good
            bumfuck     Lunaria, Athao,                                          point for Dalen‟s progression. If she was to drop the BH requirement it would allow for mastering a
            nowhere,    Kaeal, Dalen                                             profession or two or make a bit more of an improvement than lvl 35. Options include: Smuggler,
            Corellia                                                             Commando, pistoleer or Squad Leader.
7th         Atlantica   Dalen, Mickal,           Resputin, Garvin, lots   12/1   Initially there was a massive PvP battle going on out front of the base on Naboo. Tough Martha too
August      Naboo       Batou, Danger-           of jedi, ect                    especially with the npcs. Upon getting into a group I assumed Squad leader command to give us some
                        Mouse, Jargum, iron                                      added bonuses and the effective volley fire. Drastically outnumbered we fought hard and successfully had
                        chef, Kil, loch, raxoe                                   the rebels on the run for about 20 minutes as they hid inside their doomed base. If it wasn‟t for a push of
                                                                                 npcs that were dispatched upon us we would not of pulled back and exposed a flank for which the rebels to
                                                                                 approach upon. After the overts wiped we commanded that they come back as combatants that way we
                                                                                 could work to a degree unhindered from the rebel players defending. So upon entering the base we found
                                                                                 that the uplink terminal was right down the bottom of the second floor Batou was the one that got a
                                                                                 successful slice. I got within range and activated the security terminal slice. At this point the rebels began
                                                                placing more turrets and we systematically engaged them outside of the range of the npcs so with a few
                                                                healers doing their bit we were able to take the turrets without too much trouble. Massive faction loss for
                                                                those poor saps that placed them. Next came the hard job of the BE slice. After systematically picking off
                                                                the npcs out the front we were able to gain entry and started slowly working down towards the bottom.
                                                                Fortunately I was able to get down to the second level where the override terminal was to begin work on
                                                                providing a DNA sequence for it without being agroed by the npcs. Success, but at a cost of wiping yet
                                                                again. Then began the tedious run of going for the power terminal and the heartbreaking reality of getting
                                                                onto it agroed by npcs that could not be pulled off. After getting killed we regrouped and began to zerg
                                                                the base. Danger-mouse pulled the npcs away allowing for a clear run on my behalf. Luck was with us as
                                                                I was able to get to the power terminal and activate it leaving the last terminal right up the top to be
                                                                activated. Upon activation we pulled back outside of range allowing for us to sit back and enjoy our
                                                                handy work. There was rumour that since this base was bugged that it might have been possible for a
                                                                rebel to deactivate the sequence. But just as the rebels showed up the base went boom. Leaving some
                                                                very puzzled and upset rebels crying about how they could do nothing to defend their base. They did, and
                                                                we took it out. So a very successful end to a lot of hard work. Perhaps there will be more to come shortly.
                                                                At the end of the day I suppose we‟ll have a box of tissues about for Resputin.
14th     Stoneware   Dalen, Jargum,           Nil   16/2        Starting in the sands of tyranny cantina on Tatooine troops began to assemble for a raid against an
August   Ranch,      Gadani, P‟ter, Oirish,                     unknown location. Sporting many members from AV it was fortunate for P‟Ter to get hold of this Intel as
         Tatooine    Toolak, Sigmar,                Total 37    we were looking a little short for our weekly event. Troops from ROT made up the bulk of the attack
                     wobio, slaid &                 bases       force. Some low level people mostly melee with some ranged professions in there for good mix.
                     Inuyashamanga ( how            destroyed   Leadership from ROT I must say took me by surprise. Although I think it has discipline it lacks logic in
                     you can send a tell to         to date     some cases. I can see the flip side of people not following instructions from people they have never met or
                     this bloke is beyond                       outside of their guild but something that happened a bit later would stun me being totally devoid of logic it
                     me and spell his               55          was not funny. Overall we were successful in taking 2 bases when it could have been so easily 3. 3 would
                     name right )                   Turrets     have been a gift to the now resurging empire across the galaxy. As planets are returning to the order of the
                                                                empire an extra base would have been cream on the pikita pie. Asserting myself in order to get the most
                                                                out of Dalen and the now working SL abilities that I thought were not came to a bit of crying “no no no
                                                                but I am the leader” and a response of “chill man 35 base destruction veteran here trust my judgement”.
                                                                By the end we had people following the lead outside of my group which was good as internally our group
                                                                was focused and on the mark. First base with 4 turrets went down decisively if not for a bit of “hurry up
                                                                with that Override terminal slice, we don‟t have time to wait” from Inuyashamanga (yes I copied and
                                                                pasted it) To me this bloke was so unexperienced at taking bases it was clearly visible. As a field
                                                                lieutenant no one was following his lead and of all things requested to join AV at the end. If he wasn‟t
                                                                such a numbskull it might be an option. Moving on second base faced was a little more challenging before
                                                                finally we came to the situation of having 2 bases one HQ and one Tactical facing in towards each other
                                                                with large turrets all around. First of all Inuyashamanga ( yes I pasted again ) didn‟t want to take the
                                                                turrets on the second base but after a little coaxing and me pushing attack on the second bases defences he
                                                                changed his mind. Due to the fact that the HQ had tougher npcs and turrets on it if we could deal with the
                                                                turrets and their increased agro range it would allow for us to slip into the 3 rd base on a reduced angle so
                                                                we were not able to agro the mobs. Once turrets were down we then began to engage the npcs which were
                                                                more challenging than the last 2. The angle we had meant that we were going to agro mobs a lot easier
                                                                than our game plan. A few deaths occurred at this point including myself ROT suffered significant
                                                                casualties at this point due to the agro range of the super nasty npcs and how we were pulling them. I will
                                                                concede how we were pulling them was not the best as we were agroing too many at a time. Line of sight
                                                                was a problem I suppose there. It was at this point where ROT decided to pull the plug on their troops
                                                                whilst the AV members were inside the base this of course meant that we fell down as there were only a
                                                                             few AV members. Taleo who was a bloke that I didn‟t see on the battlefield issued the order for their
                                                                             troops to return. I let him know just what I was thinking when he told me that they were pulling out.

                                                                             Looking at this raid in context gave me an opportunity to see how a different guild ran a raid such as this.
                                                                             For this Galactic tour of destruction log it‟s been AV or VNV at the forefront of running these things. For
                                                                             the most part I took a step back as we were joining another raid that had originally set out to just kill
                                                                             rebels. It is important that people follow a lead. If that lead is not good however the most logical thing is
                                                                             to sit back and thing does what this fella make sense if it doesn‟t you need to do what you have to do in
                                                                             order to make it right. If that means to step up then do it. People will follow you and understand logical

                                                                             Secondly this thing boils down to experience. Melee players do an awesome job in melee against all
                                                                             things. If they can‟t engage turrets they don‟t do so well. To me anyone that is Lvl 54 or higher should
                                                                             spare a spot in their 160 personal inventory spaces for an Advanced laser rifle. Sure 270 dps in the hands
                                                                             of someone without a point spent in marksman is not going to be super with it. But the point of this is that
                                                                             they will be good enough. Having 4-5 people with marksman skills shooting at a turret is going to sure as
                                                                             hell take longer than 4-5 good people and 10 not so flash people shooting at a turret. I would recommend
                                                                             that anyone that reads this should pick up that little tip.

                                                                             Finally Gadani warrants a Best on Battleground mention due to the healing skills. 0240 in Medic made a
                                                                             huge difference as far as healing was concerned. Congratulations.
19th     Middle of      Dalen, -Drex-           Nil               4/4        A short entry today for a standard base raid. Due to the size of our group Forward outposts were on the
August   nowhere 2k     Jamuss, Shkik, Kaeal,                                menu. The group formed in Bestine consisting of a few AV members and the rest were made up by
         NW Mos         Anat, Rhile, Glorius                                 joiners. 8 Strong we took off to deal with the first of the cluster of bases located -5300, -2400 roughly on
         Springfield,   & Xenophor                                           Tatooine. It‟s a good thing that the SL specials seem to be working again as they are useful. For the most
         Tatooine.                                                           part of it people followed my lead which was handy. I had to keep switching from master looter to free for
                                                                             all or lottery as some people could not understand the concept of not looting until the base had commenced
                                                                             countdown. One last thing that got my goat was a fella from ROT again. Everyone that was following my
                                                                             lead would attack a painted target while this one bloke proceeded to get himself into trouble for the entire
                                                                             session just about.

                                                                             Best call for the session was mine I feel when I mentioned when is this base going to blow up and we were
                                                                             under intensive attack from the rebels when it then started to blow up and took half of them with them.

                                                                             Positive result Imperials 183 Rebels 414
20th     Shady Sands,   Dalen, gracen,          Lublub, Stealth   6/6        Forming in Bestine on Tatooine we were greeted as we were ralling by Darth Vader. While pleased with
August   Tatooine       Kirian, varun, e-tec,                                our work so far instructed us that much more was to be done. So after accepted his mission to bridge the
                        Kaeal, Batou,                             47 bases   gap and push on to have Tatooine back under Imperial control. Starting our efforts had gone Imperial 177
                        Daberat, Bio, Lock,                       55         Rebel 410 overnight. Starting in Shady Sands we were met with a hot landing zone. Starting off with a
                        Danger-mouse,                             Turrets    forward outpost we stepped it up to a field outpost and then onto a Tactical centre. The full group we had
                        xenophor, sakai                                      was enough to take the Tactical centre down without much trouble. At this point we had a BH come for
                                                                             Sakai and we watched him beat the suitcase out of him. The next part would have insured a mention in
                                                                             this galactic tour of destruction. All day the cards were in our favour. Our next step was bold and
                                                                             thoroughly enjoying. We had half of our troops SF and our presence was known to what we believe to the
                                                                             rebels inside of shady sands. So the pressure was on to take bases quickly. After the destruction of the 4 th
                                                                             base we proceeded to Shady sands and headed directly to their shuttle port to where we had found earlier
                    overts when we touched down. It was an absolute bloodbath. 6-8 Rebels and BARCs and Swoops were
                    all laying dismembered in the sun. Knowing that we just dished out a huge beating to them we expected
                    swift resistance. But sadly DW could not muster a counterattack. Stealth was keen as well as a few
                    people with him but they did not go overt. Kudos to these guys that were prepared to defend. As much
                    trouble as we had in Atlantica on Naboo taking one of these bastards. But it was systematic and we had
                    more backup this time. Successful we were about to call it a night when someone mentioned that a small
                    forward outpost existed near Shady sands. On the way we found a Detachment HQ and I would say that a
                    1 in 10 chance of running across a PVP base when it was vun. A beautiful cherry this was and a lot of
                    tougher npcs were in store for us. Luck was really with us today as a small imperial npcs base was nearby
                    for us to overt at. Inside we fought our way down to the bottom terminals and began slicing. After all
                    were sliced the nervous wait of any reinforcements showing up could have spoiled our toil. Potentially
                    there could have been people turn up as a Master artisan was possibly broadcasting to their guild chat that
                    we were there. The death rattle sounded and the result was
                    Imperial 177 Rebel 377 33 point difference from our efforts.

23rd     Imperial   News in today that The Empire has gained the upper hand on controllable worlds.
August   Space
                    There has been a lot of hard work put into the offensive over the last 6 months since i have recording the
                    base destructions on the 3 planets, in our galactic tour of destruction campaign. AV would like to claim a
                    small credit for only the work that we have done in making this possible. Big marks to my mates from
                    VNV that i have assisted in my capacity with my skills to make it happen.

                    We expect that our hold over these planets will only be for a short time as the Rebels would no doubt be
                    planning swift and thorough retaliation. But for the moment it is nice to be a Imperial.

                    The biggest step for the rebels to take to ensure that they remain in command would be to establish PvP
                    bases as they will remain for a lot longer than what PvE ones. Im sure a few people will say that they
                    were unhappy with not being able to defend bases they had placed. There is your chance to defend the
                    PvP ones. I think that the current incarnation of GCW with the controllable planets will be far more
                    enjoyable for both parties with pvp bases.

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