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                      Quotation for Computer Maintenance
Dear sir/madam,
      It is our pleasure to submit the quotation for computer maintenance. We
provide mainly three types of maintenance service i.e.
           Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
           Monthly Maintenance Contract (MMC)
           Pay as you go (PAY)
 Types       No. of System                            Rate
  AMC Single                                     4500/- per PC
           Upto 5 PC                             3000/- per PC
           6-10 PC                               2500/- per PC
           11-15 PC                              1800/- Per PC
           16 above                              1200/- Per PC
  MMC Single                                    500/- per month
  PAY      Per visit per system 500 – 1000 depending upon the time consumed
Functionment: At specified date, a QuickTech technician will visit your office.
He will resolve each problem met with your machines and will control their
stability. Also,
     Perform PM (Preventive Maintenance i.e. Dust Cleaning, checks Fans
      Speed and sound, cleans drives)
     Check for Virus Updates.
     Check for Windows Updates.
     Load Latest Service Packs.
     Clear Temporary Internet Files.
     Check Firewall Security.
     Check General System Operation.
     Determine Network Speed and Connectivity.
     Perform Diagnostic Checks.
     Provide Written Reports.
     On-site visit within few hours on call when face a problem with
Advantages of this system: The computers are carefully followed-up monthly,
each machine is controlled and information logged regarding the maintenance
enabling a greater stability and working order. The contracts save your company
money as they include the call out fee.

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