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					For Eminem Toy Soldiers is a reflection on the rap beefs that pop up in
the industry, and how some of these beefs have crossed the line from
freestyle battle into street violence. There are numerous examples of
MC's who have met their end violently: Notorious BIG, Tupac Shakur,
Proof, Jam Master Jay, etc. The purpose of Toy Soldiers is to recognize
the stupidity behind most of the escalations (in that no one ever
attempts to be the bigger man) and hopefully call for a truce. In
reference to Ja Rule's remarks about his daughter, Eminem fires
back:"There used to be a time when you could just say a rhymeAnd wouldn't
have to worry about one of your people dyin'But now it's elevated cause
once you put someone's kids in itThe **** gets escalated, it ain't just
words no more is it?"It's this escalation that is causing the toy
soldiers to fall apart, all due to a fundamental lack of respect.Rap
beefs are a double edged sword. As is the case between Ja Rule and 50
Cent, you can see the escalation heading towards violence. Yet rappers,
perhaps most, actually endorse these beefs as a way to earn credibility
and drum up interest. Let's not forget that 50 got noticed because of his
punchlines about various rappers, most notably Jay Z, who came back with
the classic line "I'm worth 'bout a dollar, who the **** is 50
Cent?"Jay Z is certainly no stranger to rap beefs, either. He
purposely went after Nas to build momentum for his new album (and while
most people give the nod to Nas, it certainly helped both their
sales).For Eminem Toy Soldiers also describes the people who are willing
to lay down their lives for guys like him. He compares himself to a
general, and the soldiers on the front lines are out there every day
showing support in hopes of getting mentioned in a rap.  According
to Eminem Toy Soldiers are their for support and nothing else:We still
have soldiers that's on the front lineThat's willing to die for us as
soon as we give the ordersNever to extort us, strictly to show they
support usWe'll maybe shout 'em out in a rap or up in a chorusEminem Toy
Soldiers are there to show support, but in this day and age, that support
can come out in extreme, unexpected ways. Toy Soldiers is an attempt this
difficult issue in the way is was always meant to be: through music.

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