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									Deduction/Benefit Codes         Definition
            AFLCAT              AFLAC-after tax deduction
            AFLCBT              AFLAC-before tax deduction
             ASP-R              ASP Roth - John Hancock Financial
             ASP403             ASP 403 - John Hancock Financial
             ASP457             ASP 457 - John Hancock Financial
              BASIC             MPSERS-Basic Plan
             DCEBA              Union Dues-CEBA
              DFAC              Union Dues-Faculty
            DFACPT              Union Dues-Part-time Faculty
              DLOP              Union Dues-ESP-Local
             DOFCP              Union Dues ESP - MEA
             DPOLC              Union Dues-Campus Police
         F(county name)         Friend of the Court according to county
              FIXED             MPSERS-Fixed plan
              FLEX              Flex Spending Account
            FNDCAM              GRCC Foundation Campaign
              FOUN              GRCC Foundation
              FORD              Ford Fieldhouse Membership
            GARNIS              Garnishment
            GRADED              MPSERS-Graded plan
            GRPLUS              MPSERS - Graded Plus Plan
              GVHP              Grand Valley Health
            HORACE              Horace Mann
            HORC-R              Horace Mann - Roth
            LEGEND              Legand Group
            LEGN-R              Legand Group - Roth
              LEVY              Tax Levy
  LIFESP,AD,BT,CP,FA,OP or AP   Life Insurance accourding to employee grp
             LINCLN             Lincoln National Life
             LINC-R             Lincoln National Life - Roth
            LMC403              Lake Michigan Credit Union-403b
            LMC457              Lake Michigan Credit Union-457b
            LMCU-R              Lake Michigan Credit Union-Roth
             LSUP5              Life Insurance Supplemental 5,000
            LSUP10              Life Insurance Supplemental 1,000
            LSUP20              Life Insurance Supplemental 20,000
            MCAP-R              Midwest Capital Advisors - Roth
             MEA-R              MEA Financial - Roth
            MEAFIN              MEA Financial
            MEBSAT              Mebs-after tax deduction
            MEBSBT              Mebs-before tax deduction
              MESP              Michigan Education Savings Program
             MESSA              MESSA Health
            MIDCAP              Midwest Capitals Advisors
              MISC              Misc Charges
               ORP              Optional Retirement plan
              PARK              Parking
            PLAN-R              Plan Member Services - Roth
            PLANMS              Plan Member Services
            PRELEG              PrePaid Legal
             PRIOR              Priority Health
              RBUY              MPSERS-buying service credit
             RBUY2              MPSERS-buying service credit-#2
             RBUY3              MPSERS-buying service credit- #3
               TIAA             TIAA CREF
            UNWAY               United Way
              VAL-R             Valic - Roth
             VAL403             Valic-403b
             VAL457             Valic-457
            WADDEL              Waddell & Reed
            WADL-R              Waddell & Reed - Roth

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