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					The DaVinci Code
 “Nothing New Under the Sun”
    How Big is The DaVinci Code?
   As of May 20th There were
    over 600 current news
    stories active.
   There are over 9.65 million
    web sites with some
    material on the DaVinci
   The book has sold over 60
    million copies worldwide.
   The Movie was viewed by
    nearly 10 million people in
    the first two days of
   Several dozen books about
    the DaVinci Code have
    been produced.
What Are The Issues?
          The DaVinci Code is
           simply the continuation
           of the attack on
           Christianity that began
           in Matthew 28:11-15.
          Although novel in its
           presentation, there is
           nothing in this novel
           that has not been
           presented in the past.
But Isn’t This Book Just a Novel?

   Yes, it is a novel, a
    work of fiction,
    more specifically
    historical fiction.
   However, very few
    novels are written
    with the sole
    purpose of telling a
    good story.
Why Write a Novel?
       TO MAKE A POINT!
       From Miguel de Cervantes and his classic
        Don Quixote de la Mancha to
        Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, Toilers of
        the Sea, and The Hunchback of Notre


        Modern works by Steinbeck,
        Hemingway, Vonnegut, and a host of
        others. All have used the vehicle of the
        novel to advance their personal views,
        beliefs, perspectives, and solutions.

        And, There is Nothing Wrong With That!
           Who is Dan Brown?
   Born June 22, 1964, oldest of three children.
   His father was a noted mathematician and his
    mother a teacher of sacred music.
   Educated at Phillips Exeter Academy and
    Amherst University. Double major in Spanish
    and English.
   Moved to California and Dabbled in Music and
    Taught at Beverly Hills Preparatory School.
   Married in 1997 to Blythe (Newlon), 12 years
    his senior, they have no children.
   Was a moderately successful writer before the
    DaVinci Code, now has an annual income of
    about $76 million.
   Working on a new novel, The Solomon Key, due
    out in 2007.
   Interested in Ciphers, Keys, and Secret Codes,
    a recurring theme in his works.
   His upbringing was Christian and he was
    somewhat active in church as a youth.
Why is This Book So Popular?
            It is an Interesting, Exciting,
             and Generally Well-Written
            “Conspiracy Novels” tap into
             modern culture’s general
             mistrust of authority.
            The Catholic Church has brought
             some of this upon itself and
             indirectly on us.
            “Occam’s Razor” is not fun!
             entia non sunt multiplicanda
             praeter necessitatem.
What Does the Book Claim?
   The Book Presents Five Major Claims (and
    several minor ones)
   The Overarching Claim in the Book is that
    Historic Christianity and the Essential
    Doctrines, that Make Christianity What it
    is, are a Fraud.
       Brown answers, “Yes” to the Question as to
        Whether or Not He is a Christian.
       But, His Description as to What that Means is
        Entirely Egocentric, not Doctrinally or Biblically
    The Five Issues of the “Code”
   Jesus was not God in the Flesh.
       The Deity of Christ was not believed by the Early Church.
       The Deity of Christ was an Invention of Constantine at the
        Council of Nicea in 323.
   The Bible, in its Entirety, has been Created and Edited, again
    at Constantine’s Direction, to Promote His Version of
       There were several “Christianity’s” in existence and the one we
        have today were the “Winners.”
       There were more than 80 written Gospels of which the Four we
        Have in the Bible Today were edited to reflect the belief system
        Constantine desired to create.
   The Church is Not the “Pillar and Ground of the Truth.”
       The Church (Catholic), while sincere in its desire to help
        people, is nonetheless aware of the above points.
       The Church (Catholic), has been ruthless in its efforts to
        maintain its power and authority and has suppressed the
        knowledge of these important “facts.”
        Five Issues: Continued
   Jesus Was Married to Mary Magdalene and She
    was Pregnant with His Child When He was Killed.
       In the Book a Secret Society Protects the “Living
        Descendants” of Jesus and Mary.
       They also are in possession of the “secret information”
        that has been suppressed.
       The Society, the Priory of Sion, includes many famous
        people in history, including most notably Leonardo
        DaVinci and also, importantly for the story, Sir Isaac
        Five Issues: Continued
   Jesus Intended Mary Magdalene to
    Continue His Work and Be the Leader of
    “The Way,” not Peter and the Others.
       The Male Apostles, particularly Peter, rejected
        this and took over in the absence of Mary (who
        was taken to France after the Crucifixion)
       Since then the “Sacred Feminine” has been
        erased from Christian teaching, Mary was
        recast as a prostitute, sexual relations were
        placed in a “bad light” with Celibacy replacing
        Sexual Union as the optimal “spiritual path.”
            But the Bible teaches that neither celibacy nor sexual
             union (between a husband and wife) are a form of
             godliness; both have their place in God’s economy.
     Where We Are Going in this
   We will examine the Five Claims
   We will examine some of the factual information in the
       Brown claims a list of “facts” in the book.
   We will examine the Catholic Church
       We certainly won’t defend Catholic Doctrine, but Brown has
        made several serious errors about the nature and history of the
        Catholic Church.
   One Note: If you want to understand the DaVinci Code,
    READ the BOOK! Don’t get caught up in the Anti-Code
    Hype! Before you see the MOVIE, you should read the
    book. The movie alters several significant aspects of the
       There is no “conspiracy” here, it’s just what the screen writer
        did to make the book flow better for a movie audience.
The DaVinci Code
 “How Do We Know Anything For
    The Five DaVinci Code Lies
   Jesus was Not God
   The Bible is a Work of Religious
   The Church is Founded on a Lie
   Jesus was Married to Mary
    Magdalene and Had Children
   Mary Magdalene was Supposed to
    Lead the Church
    Plausibility and Certainty
   The Mandate for the Christian is
    to Find Truth in The Scriptures
    (2 Tim 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:3)
   It is Only in the Bible that
    Absolute Truth About God and
    His Plan and Purpose for Each
    Individual Can be Found, not in
    the mythology of man (2 Peter
   God’s Word Cannot Fail (Isaiah
The Bible According to
  The DaVinci Code
           “The Bible is a product of
            man, my dear. Not of God.
            The Bible did not fall
            magically from the clouds.
            Man created it as a historical
            record of tumultuous times
            and it has evolved through
            countless translations,
            additions, and revisions.
            History has never had a
            definitive version of the
                 -Sir Leah Teabing, p. 237
     The Bible According to the
   It is God’s Word to Man
    (Heb 1:1-3)
   It is Inspired (2 Tim
    3:16; 2 Pet 1:21)
   It is Inerrant (Ps 19:7)
   It is Authoritative
    (Isaiah 1:2)
   It is Perspicuous (1 Pet
    2:1-2; Ps 119:105)
Perspicuity = Clarity of Scripture
   Scripture is clear and understandable.
   Scripture does not contain secret
    codes, puzzles, anagrams, or hidden
    meanings; and, in fact, condemns the
    concept that it does and those who
    purport such notions (Titus 3:9; 1 Tim
    6:3-5; 20).
   However, since Origen (ca 185-284),
    many have searched for a “deeper”
    meaning to Scripture.
         How We Got Our Bible
   In the DaVinci Code it is asserted that “the Bible as we
    know it today was collated by the pagan Roman emperor
    Constantine the Great” (p. 238).
   While it is True that Constantine did commission the
    creation of 50 copies of the Bible, the actual books of the
    Bible were, by and large, a settled matter as early as 440 BC
    for the Old Testament and by AD 135 for the New
       Basilides, the Alexandrian Gnostic, directly called I Corinthians
        and Romans “Scripture” and also referred to at least eight
        other New Testament Books.
       The more orthodox: Clement, Ignatius and Polycarp, all left
        writings that quote extensively from the New Testament. They
        wrote from about AD 85-150.
       The Muratorian Canon (ca AD 170) presents a listing of the
        New Testament books (although not complete due to the
        fragmentary nature of the manuscript).
   Church Councils DID NOT Determine the canon of the Bible!
    Facts as a Basis for Fiction

   The DaVinci Code includes just enough “facts” to make the
    story seem plausible, but for Brown 2+2 often equals 22!
   Some of the assertions are in fact true:
       There was “transmogrification” as some pagan religious
        symbolism did find its way into Christianity.
       Celebrations of Christmas and Easter were intermixed with
        Pagan festivals.
       There were “virgin birth” stories in Egyptian, Greek and Roman
   There have always been Satanic counterfeits to every major
    aspect of Christianity. Both to Cast Doubt or to Substitute.
        “Facts” that Are Fiction
   Here are a few “facts” in The DaVinci Code
    that are Fiction
       The Dead Sea Scrolls do not contain some of
        the lost “gospels” that Constantine tried to
        destroy (242).
       Sunday as the day of worship in Christianity is
        in the New Testament, it was not originated by
        Constantine (1 Cor 16:2; Acts 20:7).
       A “heretic” was not one who “chose” gospel
        accounts outlawed by Constantine, but one
        who causes division in the local church (Titus
        3:10, airetko,j, not the Latin haereticus as on
        p. 242.
    Two Pieces of Trivia for Your
   The “Keystone Arch” long
    thought to have originated
    with the Romans has now
    been discovered to go back
    to at least the time of
    Abraham at Tel Dan. It
    was not the “secret
    knowledge” of the Masons.
   Sir Isaac Newton, who
    Brown makes part of the
    secret society, actually was
    a premillennialist, and
    called his commentary on
    the Book of Daniel one of
    the greatest achievements
    of his life.
The DaVinci Code
 “Who Was Jesus and Who Was
      Mary Magdalene””
    The Five DaVinci Code Lies
   Jesus was Not God
   The Bible is a Work of Religious
   The Church is Founded on a Lie
   Jesus was Married to Mary
    Magdalene and Had Children
   Mary Magdalene was Supposed to
    Lead the Church
Jesus According to the DaVinci
   “Until that moment
    in history, Jesus was
    viewed by His
    followers as a mortal
    prophet. . . A great
    and powerful man,
    but a man
    nonetheless. A
    Mortal” (p. 240)
    Jesus According to the Bible
   The Chester Beatty
    Papryus (P45) of John
    7. Dated in the Early
    3rd Century. About 100
    Years before the
    Council of Nicea.
   The New Testament
    repeatedly and clearly
    affirms the Deity of
         The Deity of Christ
   Proven by What He is Called (Heb 1:8;
    Matt 16:16; 22:43-45; Rev. 19:16)
   Proven by What He is Like (Matt 28:18;
    John 1:48; Heb 13:8)
   Proven by What He Does (John 1:3; Col
    1:17; John 15:26)
   Proven by What He Receives (Heb 1:6;
    Matt 14:33; Phil 2:10)
   Proven by What He Accomplished (Rom
    Who Was Mary Magdalene?
   She was an early follower of Christ after
    He had cast out “Seven Demons” from
    here (Luke 8:1-3)
   One of Five different “Mary’s” in the N.T.
   A Woman of Means who provided
    financial support (Luke 8:3)
   Was Present at the Crucifixion, Burial and
   Two Gnostic Texts (Gospel of Philip and
    Gospel of Mary Magdala) add room for
    speculation but little substance.
   The traditional Catholic view that she was
    a prostitute originated with Pope Gregory
    the Great (ca. 591) and was clearly
    erroneous and was repudiated by the
    church in the 20th Century (an
    inconvenient fact that the DaVinci Code
Were Jesus and Mary Married?

   There is nothing in any text of any kind that
    states clearly that they were. All of the “proof” in
    the DaVinci Code amounts to nothing more than
    random pieces of data (2+2 does not equal 22).
   But if they were, do the dire consequences that
    the DaVinci Code portrays really come into play?
   Not Really! There is no Biblical or Theological
    reason that Jesus could not have been married or
    even had children.
The DaVinci Code
“What is the Catholic Church, Really?”
     The DaVinci Code and “The
   When Dan Brown refers to
    “the Church” in the DaVinci
    Code, he means The Roman
    Catholic Church.
   However, He does not mean
    the Catholic Church of
    history, but rather, the
    church as modern
    Catholicism has defined
      What the Catholic Church
       Teaches About Itself
   That the Catholic Church has existed from
    the beginning. Catholicism is Christianity.
   That Peter was the first “Pope”
   The Pope is the “Vicar of Christ” on earth.
   The Councils and the Popes are essentially
    inerrant in matters of faith and practice.
   Only the Church can properly interpret the
   Those who do not recognize the Pope as
    the leader of Christianity are “errant” or
   There is no salvation outside the church.
    When Did the Catholic Church
           Really Begin?
   The Modern Catholic Church
    really was developed by
    three important Popes:
       Gregory the Great (540-604)
       Gregory VII (1073-85)
       Innocent III (1198-1216)
   Even Catholic historians
    admit that Catholicism did
    not really exist until Gregory
    the Great.
   Papal Supremacy, Priestly
    Celibacy, and most other
    distinctive feature of
    Catholic practice and
    theology is traced to these
    Some DaVinci Code Errors
   The key problem with the DaVinci Code is
    that it takes the Catholic Church’s view of
    itself as truth and begins from there.
   A main DaVinci Code premise is that the
    male dominated Church always had a
    celibate priesthood.
       Celibacy for the priesthood has a long and
        complicated history, but it was not put into full
        force until Gregory VII.
       The famous Council of Nicea, so central to the
        DaVinci Code story, actually voted against
        mandatory celibacy for clergy as unbiblical.
    Other DaVinci Code Errors
   “The Vatican” or Vatican City
    did not exist as such until after
       The church buildings denominated
        the area, which the church taught
        was where Peter had been buried.
   It was not official until 1929
    under a treaty crafted by Benito
    It is the smallest nation
    (geographically and population)
    in the world. It also has the
    largest crime rate of any nation
    in the world.
The Key to the DaVinci Code
   It is a story, a novel; however a story with a
    theological agenda.
   The agenda is:
       Traditional Christianity (Catholic) is simply untrue.
       By assumption, Biblical Christianity is also untrue (but
        Brown never actually deals with the Bible other than to
        say it is not what it claims to be).
       All religions have something to offer.
       Worshipping the Feminine Goddesses (nature, fertility,
        sex, etc.) is the only way to have harmony brought back
        into society.
   It claims to be based on “fact” but the “facts” are
    often either simply wrong or used in a selective
    and incomplete manner.
    Our Reaction to the DaVinci
   Unfortunately people are
    believing that the book is
   When discussing the
    DaVinci Code we must
    center on:
       The Reliability of Scripture
       The “Biblical” Person of Christ
       The Need for Salvation, not in
        the church, but by “grace
        through faith”

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