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CPT Question Papers - Gateway to a Career in Chartered Accountancy


									A lot of practical training is required in the professional course for
becoming a Charted Accountant or a CA. The papers of professional
competence exam and the final exam has questions that are of practical
importance.The candidates who wish to sit for CA examination should
perfect and become expert of their field and not just the one that is
used while working. The CA Question Papers are a must at Professional and
Competence Exam/Integrated Professional Competence Exam and Final
Exam.For entry, one has to crack the CPT that is the Common Proficiency
Test. Students after finishing their 10 + 2 can enter the profession of a
CA through this entrance test.The questions in CPT Question Papers are
objective type with multiple choices.The Question Papers cover the
subjects Accounting/Mercantile Law/General Economics/Quantitative
Aptitude of Common Proficiency Test. Besides, it also includes questions
from Chartered Accountants/Subject experts working in various
Colleges/Universities/Public/Students pursuing Chartered Accountancy
Course, etc. These were originally invited from these experts of the
subject.The questions have four probable options to it. One of the
options is the right answer.Fill in the blanks are there with 4 alternate
answers given from which to choose from.Questions in the form of small
paragraphs containing 3 to 4 lines each, followed by a question having 4
probable answer.In Fundamentals of Accounting, Mathematics and Statistics
The Numericals are there with 4 different answer out of which one is
correct.Case studies are also the part of CA Question Papers. They appear
in simple words and contains multiple concepts in it. The case study is
generally a practical situation taken from day to day corporate life. The
candidate has to understand and answer it. Case study is basically given
so as to check the analytical/logical ability and intelligence.The ICAI
or the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has been set up and
governed by an Act, that is called The Chartered Accountants Act, 1949.
This Act has been taken out in order to govern the profession of
Chattered Accountancy. It is also the second largest accounting body,
globally.It has changed quite a lot since according to the change that
took place in the Indian economy. And over the years it has moved the
quality of accounting and financial reporting, forward.The various
categories of subjects of ICAI Question Papers are --Advanced Accounting
Management Accounting and Financial Analysis
Advanced Auditing
Corporate Laws and Secretarial Practice
Cost Management
Management Information and Controlling
Direct Taxes and Indirect TaxesWith the mighty internet facility
available in every home, everything is easily accessible. So why not
these question papers??? The sample question papers are available online
too. Sites like have uploaded ICAI CPT CA Sample Paper, on
their sites. You just need to log on and download the papers. There is
cost or charge for downloading these question papers. Practise these
samplers as much as you can. A good practise would certainly help you to
score better.Hence, if a thorough preparation is done these exams are not
that tough. Presence of mind and common sense are the things that are to
be used in these papers other than subject knowledge.

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